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Kent Lookup Requests / Re: Ashton in Woolwich & Erith, can anyone help please?
« on: Tuesday 18 March 08 12:15 GMT (UK)  »
That's great - thanks, Dmartin!  :D

The Common Room / Re: Dee's Scavenger Hunt Part 2 (Everybody welcome to join in)
« on: Monday 17 March 08 12:35 GMT (UK)  »
Hi Deb!  :D

Ooh...I wonder what Charlotte's calling herself?   ???

Great stuff Dee, I'm thrilled to bits for you... :D :D :D

Here you go - not from a visit to SRO, but a pretty reliable source in any case -

Stogursey, 26th February 1794,  by Licence

John Bishop, Bachelor otp m. Jane Rich, Spinster otp
Witnesses E Honeyball, Jos. Millard

Hi Pat ..

It's great ... glad you have figured it out!  ;D sometimes I use just surmanes and the area; with the Phillips family ...I would put in ...

* Phillips, Spitalfields
* Phillips, Whitechapel
* Phillips , Middlesex
*Phillips , dealer, London

Hope you find a will ... :D


If you find a Will and it's in rotten old handwriting, let me know - I do that for a hobby, goodness knows why... ;D ;D ;D


Witnesses :- Aaron Hendricks. Mark Mark, Simeon Oppanheimer  for the Gt. Synagogue    somthing smothing which I cannot read.

Hi Patrish,

I'm not bad at handwriting - would you like me to give it a go?
my visitor's late, but due any second - see you later  :)

Got a visitor coming soon, I'll try and get back later - just to finish off with for now, remember the Caroline Phillips 1841 & her children, sharing a household with a Rebecca Phillips age 40 b. county and a Mary age 80 b. county? (HO107/710/3/45/18).

Rebecca was also a Fruiterer, same as Solomon (he of the weird address).

I wonder if Mary age 80 is the last surviving common link of the 1841 Phillips contingent, if we could find out anything about her?


so  we know that  Abraham b 1856 is Emmanuels brother.

I'm lost now! I thought Abraham b. 1856 was Emanuel's son - did Emanuel also have an Emanuel?

Added: Samuel & Hannah had an Abraham 1852 and an Emanuel 1855, but I've only got an Abraham 1856 for Emanuel & Susan

Could this be Samuel in 1841, possibly also not son of the head of household, but a nephew or some such?

1061/2 (no, really  ;D) Curtain Road, Shoreditch

Solomon Philips 40 Fruiterer
Mary 30
Susan 15
Samuel 11
Mary 15
Clara 7
Joseph 11/2


is it a coincidence that Michael Phillips (s/o Abraham)  married Abigail Martin in 1854 and Abraham Phillips , s/o Samuel Phillips married an Abigail Martin in 1874!


Good grief! well spotted, Deb...

Another thought - Samuel Phillips & Hannah m. c 1850, had a son Michael in 1869.

Hannah was a Levy;  and Michael Phillips son of Abraham m. Abigail Martin in 1854, witnesses D. Levy and Moses Levy.

I know Levy is not an uncommon name, but it could connect Samuel to Michael if Michael's witnesses are connected to Hannah? and Samuel named a son Michael...

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