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Europe / Re: Sweden - John Olsen (c.1838-1881)
« on: Saturday 03 February 18 23:10 GMT (UK)  »
Hi Caren,

I've sent you a personal message  ;D


Caernarvonshire / Re: Registrar
« on: Sunday 26 November 17 21:04 GMT (UK)  »
Hi Lauren,

My understanding is that registrars were the people who obtained information of the death from the informant in your case the father John, and they were the ones who maintained a record and have done since 1837 of all births-marriages-deaths in their district (the information from those records were then indexed into quarters).  So finding the registrar most likely won't help you find information about your family.

It looks like John Roberts informed the registrar that his son died at home.  Not sure whether you have this information but the family are listed on the 1861 Census at Mount Pleasant, Conway -

John Roberts (Head) - b. 1812 - Engine Driver - Looks like Amlwch, Anglesey
Mary Roberts (Wife) - b. 1815 - Caernarvon, Caernarvonshire
Thomas Roberts (Son) - b. 1845 - Butcher - Bangor, Caernarvonshire
William Roberts (Son) - b. 1847 - Tailor - Bangor, Caernarvonshire


Flintshire / Re: Birchenald Township
« on: Saturday 05 March 16 16:44 GMT (UK)  »
I've solved the mystery - Birchenald township seemed to be the western side of what is now just Mold, above what was the Broncoed township, and east of Gwernymynydd.

Hopefully this is helpful for others too.


Flintshire / Birchenald Township
« on: Friday 04 March 16 23:21 GMT (UK)  »

I have some ancestors born late 1700s and their baptisms list place of birth as "Byrchanillt."
I think this refers to Birchenald which genuki states was a township of ancient Mold.  I would be interested to know what modern day area Birchenald township covered?


Caernarvonshire Lookup Requests / Re: Llandegai Baptism - 1770 - 1780
« on: Monday 22 February 16 15:19 GMT (UK)  »
 :) Thank you Maggsie for your help and confirming that it's Llandegai.  Unfortunately Dulcinea is my 'brick wall' for now, as it seems as though Llandegai Parish for this period is missing from the Caernarvonshire records available online...

I've noticed that genuki advises that there are a lot of places of worship in the area which is my worry.  The parish church records appear to be held at the records office in Bangor so I do have the option to contact them to enquire if need be.

However, an index of baptisms covering the period I'm after has been produced by Gwynedd FHS so I am hoping that somebody has a copy of that index to check whether there is a record of Dulcinea for me.  If the family are actually recorded in that, then I'll be buying some of the publications or making a trip to Bangor to do more research on the family.


Caernarvonshire Lookup Requests / Llandegai Baptism - 1770 - 1780
« on: Sunday 21 February 16 17:55 GMT (UK)  »

I'm wondering whether some kind person may have access to the baptism records for Llandegai for around 1770 - 1780, and would possibly do a quick look up for me?

I have an ancestor by the unusual name of Dulcinea (also known as Dulsary/Dulcey) Roberts born approximately 1776 and who died in 1859.  She married in 1796 to a Williams and 1815 to a Young.  Both times she married in Flintshire, and her parents were listed as William & Cath Roberts.

In 1841 she's still living in Flintshire but listed as born out of county; and in 1851 she is listed as being born in 'Llandigas, Caernarvonshire' - The closest I can find to this is Llandegai parish.

Thank you in advance,


Yorkshire (West Riding) / Smiths from Sheffield
« on: Monday 14 December 15 21:12 GMT (UK)  »

I'm searching for a Smith family from Sheffield.

James George Smith would have been born in Sheffield, Yorkshire in around 1838.
He married Sarah Ann Fox in Aston, Warwickshire in 1865 and named his father as a John James Smith.  I'm not sure of his father's occupation listed on the marriage certificate, and have attached a copy of the record below - any help on what this occupation is would be appreciated.

I can't find James George in the 1861 census, but I believe that he may be listed on the 1851 census with his family in Ladywood, Warwickshire, and his father John is listed there as a Britannia Metal Smith Worker.
(Class: HO107; Piece: 2051; Folio: 259; Page: 8)
In 1841 that family are listed as living on Burnt Tree Lane in Sheffield (James is listed as Jas.)
(Class: HO107; Piece: 1335; Book: 14; District: 33; Folio: 21; Page: 2)

If this is the correct family that I think I've found, I know that John James' wife would have been called Eliza Midgley born 1814 from North Leverton in Nottinghamshire (I ordered one of the other children's birth certificates to verify).

Unfortunately I can't find a marriage betwen a John Smith and an Eliza Midgely...
Also, I would love to find John James Smith's birth which would have taken place around 1814 in Sheffield, Yorkshire and to somehow verify James George's birth.

Any help with this family would be appreciated, and if you're also related to either this Smith family or the Midgley line please get in touch.



Europe / Sweden - John Olsen (c.1838-1881)
« on: Monday 19 November 12 13:13 GMT (UK)  »
Hi all

Searching for information regarding a John Olsen, from Sweden.  Never researched Swedish Genealogy before.

I know that he was born in Sweden, around 1838 from the census, and married in February 1870 to a Catherine Williams (However, his age on his marriage certificate is 26, which would make him born 1844...).  He's on the 1881 census, and described on this marriage cert as a Sailor.  He gives his father's name as Olof Olsen, a farmer, but no further information.  On the 1881 census, he's Candace ship, at Caernarvon, described as a mate.  Looked at mariners records and can't seem to match one up to him.  Also, he died in 1881.

Him and his wife lived in the Caernarvon area (Nevin/Porthmadog).  Had children;  Annie Cathrine, Laura Mary, John Henry, John, Harriet Jane.

Can somebody point me in the right direction or haven't I a chance?  I've no idea which parish, or area of Sweden he came from....


Caernarvonshire / Re: Anne Jones dau of Rev. Robert Evans Trefriw c.1815 lookup please?
« on: Thursday 01 November 12 20:33 GMT (UK)  »
Hi Darren,

I thought I had replied, sorry!

I'd love to see a photograph of Roberts' grave.  Shall I pm you?  It's interesting that you say there's a connection with David Jones.  I have a copy of a memorial card in rememberance of David Jones that I could send you if you're interested, and a photograph of Caergai.

I've always thought family history can be slightly addictive. ;)

I'll have a look for your information on the LDS site, I admit I haven't really used it for family trees in the past.  My trees are on ancestry and GenesReunited.

Thank you for the information regarding Evan and Sarah. Just to add to what I've already told you - Rev. Robert ap Evan's father was Rev. Evan Foulk who I believe married an Irish woman, possibly.  I don't have her name though

And that's about as far as I have got, well, the bits that I'm pretty sure about.


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