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Essex / Re: Thomas OUNKLE absent father
« on: Monday 13 January 20 13:50 GMT (UK)  »
Hyphen, interesting to hear from you.

Thomas Ounkle is my 6th great-grandfather, who was your 6xgg? I'd be interested to know if you are related to anyone else on this branch.
I've attached a descendant chart.

Essex / Re: Thomas OUNKLE absent father
« on: Monday 13 January 20 13:43 GMT (UK)  »
Hi Trish
Thanks very much for the info, I'm not sure how it fits in at the moment, but hopefully i'll find the connection eventually. It certainly shows that there are more around with this surname.
Thanks again

Antrim / John James Belfast marriage
« on: Tuesday 06 August 19 13:25 BST (UK)  »
John James 1779-1875 married a Catherine who was born in Belfast.
He was in the 50th regiment of Foot, they were posted to Ireland May 1802 and their first child, that I'm aware of, was born in 1810 in Welshpool, Montgomeryshire.

Therefore I assume that they were married between 1802 & 1810

I haven't been able to find any records online and am hoping that someone can help me out.

Northumberland / Re: Adam Winter marriage
« on: Sunday 28 October 18 09:17 GMT (UK)  »
Iíve just read the article that was suggested by Selden, very interesting, although frustrating for ancestor hunters.

Northumberland / Re: Adam Winter marriage
« on: Sunday 28 October 18 09:06 GMT (UK)  »
Thanks very much to all of you.
I had looked for other births, but not on FreeReg, so thatís a great find.
Iíll have a look at the information on irregular marriages, but it does sound likely, especially as they were nonconformists.

Thanks again rootschatters always amaze me.

Northumberland / Adam Winter marriage SOLVED with great thanks
« on: Saturday 27 October 18 16:34 BST (UK)  »
Adam & Alison Winter had three children baptised in Berwick Upon Tweed between 1787-1794 at the Golden Square Presbyterian.

However I'm unable to find a marriage, I've tried Scotland as well.

Adam was a shoemaker and had a couple of apprentices and what may be his birth in Berwick, so I would expect their marriage to be there as well.
Any ideas?


Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / Re: 17th C deed of sale, more queries
« on: Friday 17 August 18 16:33 BST (UK)  »
Thanks to you both
As this is in Devon and the only other mention I found was from Bideford the devenish variant makes sense. Muniments, also as spellings are variable.
Thanks again

Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / 17th C deed of sale, more queries
« on: Friday 17 August 18 15:28 BST (UK)  »
I'm still plodding through this document & have come across a couple more words that I can't make sense of.

The first I believe is "courflages" which when I google it only produces a couple of other old docs, but no meaning. It appears to be describing a building or area of land, as the rest of the list is barns, stables, gardens & plots of land.

The second i think is "escripts", which i also can't find, but the second word looks to me like "minuments" I assume that this is some sort of charge against land as it's part of a list viz: fines, recoveries, counterparts of leases.

I'd be very grateful for any assistance, thanks in advance.

Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / Re: 17th century deed of sale
« on: Monday 13 August 18 17:39 BST (UK)  »
Thanks again, that's brilliant

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