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Wicklow / Re: Sutton and Manning, Rathdrum.
« on: Saturday 04 March 17 15:15 GMT (UK)  »
Hi LH,

Thanks for your input. I do have a fair bit of information on the Suttons from Rathdrum and Calgary but nothing much on the recent generations who left Ireland.
I have marriage record (1852) for Richard (born 1827) and his father was another Richard (farmer) with a witness name of John.
 I appreciate your help, thank you.

Wicklow / Re: Sutton and Manning, Rathdrum.
« on: Saturday 04 March 17 08:07 GMT (UK)  »
Hi Joss,
Not sure that I can help much but I'll do my best.
Sadly, I don't know very much about the more recent generations of the Sutton families despite having tried to obtain information on them. Some of my line went to Canada and England in the early 1900s. The closest I have to a William born 1919 is one born in Rathdrum in about 1910. I'm assuming this is too early.

Sussex / Re: Blacksmith, Thomas Robinson in Lewes, around 1800.
« on: Thursday 16 February 17 15:17 GMT (UK)  »
Firstly ... apologies for not getting back to this board about the previous message. I got a bit sidetracked with another branch of my family and then forgot!
I have resumed my quest once again to establish the correct line of Thomas Robinson (who married Mary Ann Richards). I now think he was the one born 2 Jan 1783 to William and Susanna Fox.
He may have been one of the Quaker family who were in Charlwood but had originally came from Yorkshire at the time of George Fox (possibly when William Penn was in Lewes). I understand that many Quakers were Blacksmiths by trade.
His daughter Mary Ann ( born in 1806) was married in 1827 to George Henry Wiseman, it seems both in Lewes and in St Peters Brighton. I've also read that childrens baptisms often took place in a totally different place (often County) from their birth. I believe this happened in non conformist situations at that time.
I do remember seeing their marriage record at the Lewes Record Office many years ago but no longer have the record.
So, hopefully someone may kindly be able to offer I a little more advice?
Many thanks

Dublin / Re: Location of Jessie Hawkins Will (Dublin Pricipal) 1874
« on: Friday 05 December 14 18:24 GMT (UK)  »
Tha you both for those replies.
I do have lots of information on Ralph Thornbury and Frances Maria and their children, as they are GT x 2 Grandparents.
 It's really Jessie Elizabeth Hawkins that I'm unable to pinpoint. Her birth doesn't seem to show up in Irish Church Records.
I haven't had much joy with Family Search either and had a fruitless search on the Glasnevin site. Perhaps I did something wrong!
Is there any more detail elsewhere on her burial?
Llij   :(

Dublin / Location of Jessie Hawkins Will (Dublin Pricipal) 1874
« on: Friday 05 December 14 12:17 GMT (UK)  »
Hoping to find that the Will ( it is in the Index) of Jessie Elizabeth Hawkins who died 27 Mar 1874 in Dublin may still exist and not sure where I may find it. Also hoping that it may be available to read online. I'm trying to establish how she may have been related to the Thornberry name mentioned in the Index.
Her address was 119 Lower Baggot Street which in later years I believe to have been a notorious abode.

Could someone advise please.
Many thanks
Llij :) :)

Wicklow / Re: Jones and Sharp of Baltinglass/Hackettstown
« on: Tuesday 18 November 14 20:08 GMT (UK)  »
Thought this may be of interest?

Boston Times 1845

OF ROBERT JONES, from Holinstown, Baltinglas, (County Wicklow).
Landed New York 6 years last February, he was at Oak Mill 4 years since.
Information will be thankfully received by Hannah Jones of Rockville, Ct.

Hope it may help someone. I came across it while looking for my Wicklow Hawkins families.

Derbyshire / Re: Peaches Workhouse, Ashbourne ... Unwin born 1857
« on: Wednesday 24 April 13 08:18 BST (UK)  »
If he was born in the WH - then the WH address would be shown as his birthplace but it would not make any specific mention that it was a WH birth

I can find no likely relatives living in Union Street who may have taken Annie in at that time

Why would you assume that she would stay with relatives - Union St may have been lodgings

Thanks both of you, for your response.
I do have the birth certificate and the Work House is NOT mentioned on it. Just, Union Street.
As Annie is from Werrington ( a fair distance from Ashbourne) and quite young, I guessed that she may be with relatives but yes, she may have been a lodger.
I'll keep on looking!

Derbyshire / Peaches Workhouse, Ashbourne ... Unwin born 1857
« on: Tuesday 23 April 13 08:42 BST (UK)  »
I am still trying to obtain more information on my great grandfather CHARLES HENRY UNWIN.
I know that he was born (father unnamed) on 23 Sept 1857, address given as UNION STREET, ASHBOURNE. His mother Annie Unwin of Werrington, Caverswall.
I can find no likely relatives living in Union Street who may have taken Annie in at that time. However, there does seem to be a workhouse  (Peaches Workhouse) in Dig Street at around the time of Charles's birth. Maybe she gave birth here?
Does anyone know if records exsist that may be helpful to me please?
Kind regards

Derbyshire / Re: where is Litchurch
« on: Tuesday 16 April 13 09:58 BST (UK)  »
Just wondered if the researcher who has an UNWIN link may have come across any UNWIN graves in the Litchurch area?  My UNWIN line were living in Litchurch Street in the later part of the 1800s. My Great Grandfather, CHARLES HENRY died in Boundary Road workhouse on 27 May 1924. His last occupation was Shop Keeper at Railway Works. His address  (daughter and son in law's, Jeffries) given as 81 Carrington Street.
Many thanks,

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