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Hertfordshire / Re: may florence duke. oxhey.
« on: Wednesday 21 February 18 19:26 GMT (UK)  »

She died at  bushey cottage hospital in 1920. Her name appears on the war memorial but I cant find anything about her adult life. Is there anyone who is related or has photographs of her and her family.  It would be lovely to bring her story alive and commerate her.

thank you,


Hertfordshire / may florence duke. oxhey.
« on: Wednesday 21 February 18 18:49 GMT (UK)  »
hi everyone,

I am trying to find out about  May Florence Duke born 1899 in walthenstow, baptized in bushey in 1905 and died in 1920. Her name appears on the war memorial but nobody seems to know why. I am going to be doing a village trail around oxhey in June and I would like to be able to commerate her full story as part of the walk. Any information / decendants would be fantastic.

Leicestershire / Re: union workhouse, st margarets. leicestershire
« on: Tuesday 04 August 15 23:06 BST (UK)  »

Julia Meadows (sparks) married James King in 1871 in st margarets Leicestershire.  I also saw there was an Isaac Sparks  who died in Lutterworth. I have just ordered Elizabeth`s marriage certificate to see who she has put down as her father. I have a feeling it is going to be blank, as I am starting to think that Julia was her mother and Elizabeth is the girl that is alone in the workhouse on the 1841 census and that it fits in with my great grandmother using Meadow Sparks on her marriage certificate.

Thank you for your help,



Leicestershire / Re: union workhouse, st margarets. leicestershire
« on: Monday 03 August 15 22:51 BST (UK)  »
Hi Jomot,

Where did you obtain all of your information, I have looked on findmypast and found the two marriages but not all the in depth info you have. Are you by chance related to this line? The idea that Julia could have been Elizabeth`s mother is possible,she could have been born before the  marriage to William Meadows, so hence the  use of Meadows Sparks. Elizabeth had Emma out of wedlock so again she could have used the same surnames again. It is only on Emma`s wedding certificate that she uses the Meadow Sparks surname and then names her father as being James Gray. Family history is certainly full of fun, I was just looking at a census return for Julia, it says that she is `on a mission at sea`. I wonder what she was upto?

I  look forward to hearing from you soon,



Leicestershire / Re: union workhouse, st margarets. leicestershire
« on: Tuesday 28 July 15 21:05 BST (UK)  »

Thank you for your help. Emma was born in the workhouse in October 1857 and then by 1871 her mother Elizabeth had moved to Hertfordshire and married James Gray. She had Emma baptized in 1871and that's where she has put the father as Henry Sparks.

On your workhouse disc does it give any in depth information about why the persons had entered the workhouse.



Leicestershire / union workhouse, st margarets. leicestershire
« on: Monday 27 July 15 22:47 BST (UK)  »

Does anyone know if the workhouse records have survived for the years 1850-1865. Today I received my gt gt grandmother`s birth certificate and it says that she was born in the work house and there is no father`s name. In 1871 her mother has married and living in chipping barnet, she has her baptized and says that Emma`s father was Henry Sparks and she was born in Laude Lodge near Oakham in Rutlandshire. Then when Emma gets married she puts her name as Emma Meadows Sparks. I am hoping that the work house records will give a clue as to whom her father really was, as I cant find a Henry Sparks from Rutlandshire/Leicestershire.

Is there anyone who is related to Emma Sparks that has further information or even photographs of her and her mother Elizabeth Sparks. I think she herself was in the same work house at 10 years old.

I look forward to hearing from you all soon,



Hertfordshire / bushey during the great war
« on: Saturday 18 July 15 23:17 BST (UK)  »
Hi everyone,

The exhibition at the Bushey Academy last August too commerate the start of WW1 has now been put into a book. If you would like to purchase a copy it is available from Bushey Museum that is open Thursday - Sunday, 11-4pm for 11.95 or it can be ordered via the museum`s web site for 15.95(including postage and packing).

This book by Dianne Payne, Coordinator of the Bushey First World War Commemoration Project, is about the men and women of Bushey & Oxhey who served abroad and on the Home Front during The Great War. It includes the 50 panels from the exhibition held at The Bushey Academy in August 2014, a selection of biographies of local servicemen who gave their lives for their country and chapters reflecting on the years before and after the war. With 100 pages and fully illustrated in colour and monochrome, it provides both a souvenir of the exhibition and a colourful and poignant record of the social history of Bushey and Oxhey during the period.

An excellent read as well as a good piece of social history. The autobiographies of the 370 soldiers that names are on the War Memorials in Bushey and Oxhey will be put online later this year on the Bushey during the great war web site.

This book would make a lovely Christmas present, please consider visiting the museum and see what else we have available in our shop.



Hertfordshire / Re: WW1 commemoration exhibition for Bushey in Hertfordshire.
« on: Tuesday 16 June 15 23:21 BST (UK)  »
Hi Everyone,

On July 12th 2015, at Bushey Rose Gardens, there will be a book launch for the  book that has been put together to commerate the excellent exhibition  from last August, plus much more.  Some of the soldiers autobiographes are in the book and then all of the ones that have been researched will be going online later this year on our web site, busheyduringthegreatwar.

I hope that anyone with a relative or two on the war memorials will look to buy a copy which will be signed by the author Dianne Paynne on the day. It  can also be obtained from Bushey Museum during their opening hours of Thursday- Sunday, 11-4pm after the Rose Gardens event.

I look forward to seeing you there, i will be dressed up in my ww1 nurses uniform and our scottish canadian soldier will also be there.


Hertfordshire / william augustus ward
« on: Saturday 23 May 15 23:38 BST (UK)  »
Hi Rootchatters, (Please look at my previous posting)

I have just had a big break through with my dad`s side of the family history. maddie if you are still awake, i have just found the link to William Augustus Ward  grandparents on his mother`s side.
1891 England, Wales & Scotland Census Transcription
Great Barlow Street, St Marylebone, Marylebone, London,

First name(s)   Last name   Relationship   Marital status   Gender   Age   Birth year   Occupation   Birth place   
Gus   Landon   Head   Married   Male   42   1849   Coster Monger   Marylebone   
Eliza   Landon   Wife   Married   Female   40   1851   -   Marylebone   
Elizabeth   Landon   Daughter   -   Female   11   1880   Scholar   Marylebone.   

9, Paradise Place, St Marylebone, Marylebone, London, 1901.

First name(s)   Last name   Relationship   Marital status   Gender   Age   Birth year   Occupation   Birth place   
Augustus   Landen   Head   Married   Male   54   1847   Costermonger   London, Middlesex, England   .
Catherine   Landen   Wife   Married   Female   45   1856   -   London, Middlesex, England.
Alfred   Landen   Son   Single   Male   21   1880   Labourer   London, Middlesex, England   
James   Landen   Son   Single   Male   14   1887   -   London, Middlesex, England   .

My grandfather was born at Paradise Place as recorded on his father`s army papers.

I have just purchased some certificates as well. William Ward aged 42 married Jessie Frost  on the 1st February in 1919.He gave his address as 65 Ashworth st, Marylebone and that he was a widower and his father was James Ward.(deceased). The wedding took place in the parish church of Oxhey and that Jessie lived at 7 Roseberry Road , Oxhey. This is strange as the road is actually in Bushey.

I also got William Augustus`s death certificate and that confirmed he was born in london in 1904.

I still cant find the death  date for Elizabeth,. William Augustus`s mother. Also why did William Ward come from London to Bushey to get married?

I now think that James Ward and John Ward, the father of Bridget Dorr(nee ward) who were both General dealers  are brothers and thats why Bridget was a  witness at William`s wedding to Elizabeth Landen.

It is so good to have a break through every now and then. There is still the  problem to solve of where was William, Elizabeth and their first child Bridget in 1901.

Look forward to hearing from you .



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