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New Zealand / Re: christchurch??
« on: Yesterday at 22:11 »
You can search here for children born to Cordelia Frances and James JACKSON >

 ... although they are all named in one of the trees at ancestry.

   ~ Lu

New Zealand / Re: christchurch??
« on: Yesterday at 21:54 »
"Mary SHARPE"  ( Ursula Mary SHARP ) :

Hi Margaret

This is the inquest into the death of "Mary" (Ursula Mary) SHARP -- shown in this report as "Mrs Mary SHARPE".

... there is mention of "deceased's son"  (do you have his name ??  Not sure if he was NZ-born ? )

    ~  Lu

New Zealand / Re: christchurch??
« on: Yesterday at 21:44 »
Ursula Mary SHARP (nee RUSSELL) :

Had trouble finding her at first - her death is recorded on the New Zealand Index as "Mary".

1867 / 7578  - SHARP - Mary - 35 years

Noting also ... as deduced from the NZ online Death Index, Mary's date of death is given as
4* September 1867, (rather than 3 September 1867) .

    ~  Lu

Added:  On re-reading the Inquest into death of Mary SHARPE (sic) [Mary SHARP - aka Ursula Mary SHARP] seems she died during the night of Tuesday - which was 3 September 1867.]

New Zealand / Re: christchurch??
« on: Yesterday at 21:39 »

New Zealand / Re: christchurch??
« on: Yesterday at 21:28 »
Hi Margaret

From FindaGrave - photo of headstone Ursula Mary SHARP (Charles Walter SHARP)

If you click on the link for Charles Walter SHARP, you'll find burial for James Walter SHARP (b. 1876) -- he was the son of Charles Walter SHARP by his second wife  Sarah WATTS.

    ~  Lu

New Zealand / Re: christchurch??
« on: Yesterday at 21:08 »

New Zealand / Re: christchurch??
« on: Yesterday at 21:05 »
Hello looking for imfo on two sisters both were married in kent u.k.
usular russell married 1847 to charles walter SHARP/E  in kent.
cordelia russell married 1840 in kent to  John Pankhurst,  ???
thankyou margaret.

Hi Margaret

The Cordelia RUSSELL you seek, was actually married in New Zealand.

NZ Marriage Index

1855 - Cordelia Frances RUSSELL -- James JACKSON

As advised by CaroleW there is a "tree"  [trees] at  (search on Charles Walter SHARP - m.  Ursula Mary RUSSELL. )

There are also a number of trees (@ ancestry) for Cordelia Frances Clarence RUSSELL / James JACKSON.   [At least one of these trees was supported by her New Zealand Death Cert. which confirmed names of her parents. ]

     ~  Lu

edit - to correct information


William Leonard WILKINSON -cont'd

Before you start searching for his arrival in New York ...
just noting that on Image 1 of his WW1 Army record, on the yellow page there is a stamp "Medal Action Complete" and date "28 March 1924".    His contact address has been struck through but reads "C/- West Side YMCA, New York City".   
I think it's a good idea to go through the file and hunt out all other clues before looking for his arrival in USA.

   ~   Lu

Still haven't had time to properly read through WW1 record for William Leonard WILKINSON.

This is his return to NZ - Suez to Port Chalmers, Dunedin per "Willochra".

[  In the notes on his Army Record it suggests that he was "invalided" back to NZ.  ]

Also on Image 2 of his record, where there is provision to indicate whether his death was a result of "wounds" or "sickness" - wounds has been struck out, leaving sickness.  ???
        ~   Lu

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