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1910 Census Amber Street Philadelphia Ward 31, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

James Hurl 57   Head
Genevieve Hurl   59   Wife
William Hurl 29   Son

Could Genevieve/Jane - theN become Jean Hurl who died in 1923  ? - FIND A GRAVE

North Cedar Hill Cemetery Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania
PLOT   Section Q Lot 844


New York Passenger List :-

Jane Hurl - 1851 Ireland / Castledawson Co Derry - aged 70 years - widowed. housekeeper.  medical certificate senility.
Last Known Residence Magherafelt Co. Derry, Ireland
Departure Port Londonderry - Arrival Date:   8 Jan 1921 New York. SS Columbia.
Final Destination Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Years in US Permanently 1898 - 1914 Philadelphia -   - Citizenship Intention Yes
Height 5 Feet - Hair Colour Grey - Eye Colour Grey- Complexion Sallow
Money in Possession:   $18
Person in Old Country Mrs. Sarah Watterson. Sister.  Aughrim, Castledawson. Co. Derry
Person in US William Hurl - Person in US Relationship Son - 2045 East Firth Street.



A little information here :-

William Hurl - 28 August 1873  - Residence Date 1917-1918
Street Address 2045 E Firth St Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Draft Board 28 - Physical Build Medium - Height Medium
Hair Color Dark Brown - Eye Color Blue
Relative Mrs Jane Hurl.


Canada Lookup Request / Re: Lena Heywood
« on: Yesterday at 18:14 »

Would be interesting to find Harry Heywood Jnr and Edna Whissler - so far they have evaded me.  :-\


Canada Lookup Request / Re: Lena Heywood
« on: Yesterday at 18:12 »
I'm still not too sure the 1929 arrival is the same Lena Heywood, birth c.1904 according to her age.

No I think you have to forget that information - the age was incorrect and we have the first marriage of Lena (of the correct age- with the right parents) to Frank Winfield.

Reply 9 shows Lena with parents on the Canadian 1911 and 1921 census


Canada Lookup Request / Re: Lena Heywood
« on: Yesterday at 17:47 »

Not if the information you gave was correct because everything matches.

Looking for descendants of Lena Heywood (b. 1910) Toronto area. Parents were Harry and Alice.


Canada Lookup Request / Re: Lena Heywood
« on: Yesterday at 17:39 »

The Whissler parents Charles and Maud are buried Sundridge, Parry Sound District, Ontario.



Canada Lookup Request / Re: Lena Heywood
« on: Yesterday at 17:31 »
It was worth having another look at the original 2008 thread  :)

Wife of Harry Heywood Jnr. This is Edna Whissler (as spelt on transcription) 1921 census Main Street Sundridge (village) Incorporated, Parry Sound Ontario.

Charles Whissler 43   Head
Maud Whissler 38   Wife
Yordon Whissler 9   Son
Myrtle Whissler 12   Daughter
Edna Whissler   1   Daughter


Canada Lookup Request / Re: Lena Heywood
« on: Yesterday at 17:26 »

RK did you proud with the marriage and obit info.

At Toronto on Friday, January 8, 1988, Lee Heywood, beloved wife of William Edwin Menendez; sister of Harry Heywood..................


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