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But could just as easily be the child whose birth was registered in Camberwell.

Are you sure that is his birth registration? Why do you think the birth was registered in Greenwich and not Camberwell for intance where Violet Louisa's death was registered in 1918?

both sydney and violet got married at lambeth 1909
i think they may have had their first child in 1910 got no proof
douglas dec quater 1912 camberwell
ida m born june quater 1914 think  died sept quater 1914
ella may born may 1915 .......lived to her 60` grandma she was born in greenwich
charles march quater 1918 greenwich 1d 1248.

im not sure about douglas when he died yet with my gran being born at greenwich im just thinkin that charles might of been born there but there isa a3 yr difference



think i will send for that death certificate of violet liousa and check if its her.

he was born jan feb march  1918 so yes the first one maybe is him.

well my gran born 1915 never mentioned a brother so i persume he died before he was 4 or gran would of had some memorys.

Thank youvery much for your help.

sorry yes i got it as 1880 how many times have we been had by wrong spellings.
thank you for your help.

any chance of finding out for me if the last grandmas brother, charles smith no middle name born jan feb march 1918 can you find a death for him ? i think maybe at birth but not possitive.....thank you

Ive just found that death and yes was wondering if it was her good idea about ordering the certicate just dont want to order the wrong one done that before lol

He was in the army but came out after 9 months i found his papers and thats how i found out he had more children that just my grandma which was a shock, i been lookin between march 1917 and 1923 which i bielve he died my gran was born 1915 and she told us she was orphaned by teh age of 6 1921 and then she went to live with 2 aunts but theres nothign to say he did die maybe he couldnt cope and left..........thank you Helen

London & Middlesex Completed Lookup Requests / Any help ?? smith in london( camberwell)
« on: Sunday 13 September 09 15:17 BST (UK)  »
I wonder if any kind person there could help me out,im lookin to trace my great grandparents off my mums side.
MY mums mum was an orphan , orphaned around 1921 she was born ella may smith 1915 in weptford london. Her parents were violet louisa smith nee randall born 1891 in peckham, father was sydney christopher smith born around 1890 wakefield yorkshire.
Im desperatly lookin for either of there deaths i have been unable to find them, i have found to my surprize they had a son called charles smith born 1918( who i carnt find a death) in greenwich so i know violet louisa was alive then but no luck finding eitehr her or sydney christopers death.

Thank your for anyone who helps x

One Name Studies: A to G / Dasey
« on: Thursday 25 October 07 21:22 BST (UK)  »
Im inconnection with the Dasey family from London if anyone can help

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