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No, no sign of a burial.   We found her son Gordon buried at Crookes via Sheffield Indexers but he does not come up when searching Find a Grave.   There could well be others in there and we are looking to see if there is a local group with an interest in Crookes.  We have also sent for Sarah's death cert.
Thanks again

Hi Suzard

I understand that Sarah was born in Leeds in 1854 and had no connection with Leeds following her marriage and I'm the 1861 and 71 census was at Holme Lane.   We will have a look at John and also Jane's parent's.
Thanks again

Hi All Thank you so much for yr efforts.  Plenty to get stuck into.  Sarah is my friend's ggm.  Her final resting place is still a mystery.  Any ideas ?

I am looking for the burial of the above whose death was registered in Wortley.  I am not sure of where Sarah was living at the time or in fact where she died.  I do know that as a child and when she married she lived on Holme Lane, Sheffield.  Can anyone help?
Many thanks

Ancestral Family Tree DNA Testing / Re: My DNA results make me 48% Italian
« on: Saturday 26 September 20 21:11 BST (UK)  »
I do feel for you in this predicament.  I'm wondering if the local Kelly's or Whites Directories of the time will give any clues both to the residential address and Toni's place of work.  I wonder if he had his own business or was employed.  In the 1950s people didn't travel far from home to go to work and I bet he probably only had a short distance to go. 
Another thought I had was that why was Toni in the UK.   Had he been a POW?  If that is the case there may well be records somewhere.  I wouldn't know where to look but there are some experts on this forum who would. 
I understand that there was back in the 1950s, and also today, quite a large Italian population and in many areas they would have social clubs etc for their ex pats.  I wonder if there's one in yours / Toni's area now.  They could possibly throw some light.
I do wish you luck in your search.  I will keep an eye on this thread with crossed fingers.

Ancestral Family Tree DNA Testing / Re: DNA match
« on: Monday 17 August 20 12:30 BST (UK)  »
There's no 'gadget' as such on Ancestry to do this.   I have taken advantage of the coloured markers which I use when there's even a suspicion of a member being from a particular branch.  This can be easily changed or a 2nd colour added.

Shared matches are helpful.   You can narrow things down when you get a definate shared match together with ones you are unsure of. 

I have also some colour marked matches as 'unknown' where I get a list of shared matches with no clues at all.  Then once one of these is revealed as being from a particular branch you can be fairly confident that the rest will follow suit.  (Hope you are not more confused )

Its a great pity when members do not acknowledge messages and there are those who reply just to harvest information then ignore you. 


My 3 x GGF b 1814  William Gillman Keeley (Marylebone) married Caroline in 1842 St Pancras.

Firstly, I am having trouble in confirming Caroline's surname - I have attached part of a parish record which is not very clear.  Any ideas?

Caroline died in 1845- I have no details of her birth-  and William remarried  Eizabeth Allensby - they went on to have children of their own.

My second problem is that I am wondering if William and Caroline had any children during their 2/3 years of marriage.    Matters complicated a bit in that the name Keeley was prolific in the area where they lived and plenty of Williams as well. 

Has anyone come across Caroline in their research?

There's a Greggs shorthand page on Facebook.   Looks like they might be experts.   I'll have a look anyway but nothing is jumping out at me and I just realised that the 2nd photo is complete - just needed moving along.(I'm not with it today)

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