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Buteshire / Re: Old Cemetery Rothesay
« on: Today at 17:23 »
ďThe Rachael McFadden mentioned probably is the daughter of Lexy Walker and Peter McDonald and sister to Annie, James's wife
You mentioned a Peter McDonald was illegitimate.Was that Lexy's husband?Ē

Yes, there were 6 siblings, Mary (1), Rachel, Ann, Mary (2), Flora & Margaret.

Yes, Peter husband of Alexandrina/Lexy.

ďAt first glance the Agnes Hamilton connection looks good.Ē

There were a few contenders for the birth of James Lyon(s) in the Glasgow area (not too many if discounting the ones with a middle name), nothing in either Dumbarton or Rothesay but I havenít checked for him possibly being Hamilton?


Buteshire / Re: Old Cemetery Rothesay
« on: Today at 14:56 »
Looks like there were 2 marriages & this may have been your James' mother hence the reason he said she was deceased on his marriage?

503/ 71 Row or Rhu

Matching ref. for surname Hamilton.


Crossed posts.

Buteshire / Re: Old Cemetery Rothesay
« on: Today at 14:34 »
I'm so glad I had the patience, frame of mind & time yesterday to follow that lot through...

Persistence does pay dividends!

I'm not sure if James married twice or whether 2 different people or if either are your James' father but...

503/ 35 Row or Rhu

Hamilton was the surname of g/parents where a James Leon 6 Grandson was in 1881 which I posted earlier.

644/12 378 Gorbals

644/12 378 Gorbals

I felt there were too many coincidences to ignore.

However, your James was b c1875 from census' i.e. may be the son of the 1st marriage I posted?

Those marriages will give all mothers maiden names as it's been a conundrum with the name Bell?

Hope this helps in some way?


Fife / Re: Jane Ann Healds/Martin from Kirkcaldy
« on: Today at 00:29 »
In all the paperwork I have seen for Frederick his name is spelled Healds and not just on official Government papers. Do you perhaps have his birth certificate?

442/ 112 Kirkcaldy and Abbotshall

442/ 112 Kirkcaldy and Abbotshall


Buteshire / Re: Rothesay records
« on: Yesterday at 23:49 »
SP Index (1841) all same ref. no. (one household) 558/8/15 Rothesay, Bute

All Campbell

George 60
Margaret 55
Charles 50
Rosina 25
John 15
Hendry 8
Margaret 3
Catherine 2

Of course no way of telling relationships


Buteshire / Re: Rothesay records
« on: Yesterday at 23:42 »
1841 has him as Chas, a Gardiner (sic) but some of the family are missing from the page.


Buteshire / Re: Rothesay records
« on: Yesterday at 23:23 »
Many records are missing from many parishes as statutory records only began in 1855.


A possible for 1841

558/8/15 Rothesay, Bute

What was Charles' occ. on his sons marriage & death?


Buteshire / Re: Old Cemetery Rothesay
« on: Yesterday at 22:57 »
I know you said you were happy with the MacDonald info. to date but I checked through my own S/Uist records of marriages in 1872 & found the marriage of Peter & Alexandrina/Lexy on the same page as one of my own!

Peter was illegitimate so I checked through other info. & found a substantial amount & a possible father but no proof.


Buteshire / Re: Old Cemetery Rothesay
« on: Yesterday at 22:39 »
Treat with CAUTION as this family are a challenge indeed!

I've set this out the best I can so as not to confuse matters as it's been a wee bit tricky to say the least.

The info. you gave on Jamesí 1899 marriage to Annie states his parents as deceased (can you please check whether his mother was deceased) Ė reason given later but what was his age, occ, address, fatherís occ. & who were witnesses? Did he sign or was it his mark X?

Do you know of any siblings he had if any as checking them out would help i.e. BMDs as to motherís m/s?

Iím of the opinion James may have made an error with his motherís m/s which would throw everything depending on how questions were asked?

Hereís what Iíve found so far, which may not be the correct family & Jamesí birth place (if itís him) differs between Rothesay, Dumbarton & Glasgow but there are various similarities, coincidences etc. I thought worth considering?

James & Annie Lyon

1901 - 41 Watergate, Rothesay (Transcription)

John Mcfadden 30 Head Occ Lorogman (sic) b Ireland
Rachael ď 25 Wife b Dalybury, Invernessshire (should read Daliburgh)
William ď 1 Son b Rothesay
James Lyon  25 Visitor Mason's Lab b (c1876) b Rothesay
Annie ď 24 b Dalbury, Invernessshire (should read Daliburgh)
James ď 1 b Rothesay
Robert Dum 45 Lodger Shoemaker b Invernessshire (Dunn on SP index)

Parish: Rothesay ED 13 Page 31 Line 7 Roll CSSCT1901_187

SP entry - LYON JAMES 25 - 558/ 13/ 31 Rothesay Bute

1891 Ė (Possible family) 18 Watergate Street, Rothesay

James Lyon 32 Stone Hewer b (c1859) Glasgow, Lanarkshire
Agnes ď 41 Wife b (c1850) Glasgow, Lanarkshire
James ď 16 Son Mason b (c1875) Glasgow, Lanarkshire
Susan ď 14 Dau b Helensburgh, Dumbartonshire
Agnes ď 6 Dau b Rothesay
George ď 4 Son b Rothesay
Catherine Lyon 3 Dau b Rothesay

Parish: Rothesay; ED: 15; Page: 7; Line: 10; Roll: CSSCT1891_175

1881 (Possible for James Snr)

James Lyons 25 Mason (Lodger) b (c1856) Glasgow
Address 11 Graeme St, Blackfriars, Glasgow
Parish: Glasgow Blackfriars; ED: 46; Page: 1; Line: 10; Roll: cssct1881_227

1881 Ė (Possible for James Jnr.) 22 James St, Row, Helensburgh, Dumbarton

Alexr Hamilton  68 Mason b Ireand
Mary I Hamilton  61 Wife b Ireland
Lilias Hamilton 11 G/dau b Helensbro
James Leon 6 Grandson b (1875) Helensbro, Dumbarton (Possibly Lyon)
Mary McDonald 27 Hawker (Lodger) b Luss, Dumbarton
William Bonnar 42 Coal Miner (Lodger) b Glasgow
Parish: Row; ED: 9; Page: 43; Line: 15; Roll: cssct1881_14

Possible death James Snr;

LYONS JAMES 38 1896   
597/ 135 Kilmarnock, Ayr (this would almost fit with his age on censusí)

Was the mother really deceased in 1899 as this is worth looking at even if they never actually married as this Agnes was previously married?

Possible death for mother Agnes;

LYONS AGNES 50 1901 558/ 38 Rothesay   
MCKECHNIE    AGNES 50 1901 558/ 38 Rothesay   
KEDZIEN AGNES 50 1901 558/ 38   Rothesay   

This is a bit of a shortcut & speculation as this Agnes married in Glasgow but died in Rothesay as Lyon(s) which seems a big coincidence (to me). Itís something I would investigate if only to find out who husband Lyons was, his occ. & who registered her death although I may be way off track?

Agnes Mckechnie Marriage Date 31 Dec 1866 Bridgeton, Glasgow, Lanark
Spouse William Caydzien
FHL Film Number 6035516

Agnes 1881 (Not with hubby)

Address 29 St Andrew Sq, Blackfriars, Glasgow (Same area James Snr. was in 1881)
George McKechnie 24
Agnas Caydzien 31 Sister b (c1850) Glasgow
James Caydzien 12 Nephew b Glasgow
William Caydzien 6 Nephew b Glasgow

Parish: Glasgow Blackfriars; ED: 56; Page: 25; Line: 6; Roll: cssct1881_227

McKechnie was this Agnesí m/s & Iím wondering if her mother or James Snrís motherís m/s may have been Bell i.e. a genuine error on James part?
If asked for James (fatherís details) then asked for motherís details, he may have given his fatherís motherís details rather than his own motherís details?
Anything is possible I think?

Sometimes we need an open mind & explore possibilities even if to eliminate them.
Iíve found many errors in my research as Iím sure others have too but itís a great feeling when you have enough evidence to ďcrack ití.


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