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Marriage index...

685/2 52 St Andrew (Edinburgh)

Scottish marriages & deaths (if known to the informant) give both parents names including mother' maiden name


I think unless you can find something relating to who 'Captain' Innes of the era was, this is a dead end as neither parent of Christian has been given a name.


Technical Help / Re: Trouble signing into IGI
« on: Yesterday at 15:38 »
If it's not recognising your details, is it possible to 'join' again with those details?


I access my brothers DNA account but for ease I'm referring to it as my DNA.

I have a DNA link to a father 4th cousin & his son 3rd cousin

We all have the exact same Paternal Haplogroup

The strange thing is, I have a closer match in terms of g g/parents & more segments with the son.

Father - AM - 4th C - Shared DNA 0.71% - 53cM - 2 Segments (we share 3 x g g/parents)

Son - SM - 3rd C - Shared DNA 0.68% - 51cM - 3 Segments (we share 2 x g g/parents)

I'm hoping someone can explain the above please?


I'm wondering if you've checked GRO for a daughter you might not have known about as all the info. does point to the 1929 death?

Same age/yr of birth, same occ. 1894, 1911, the 1929 death & same area known...

"His second marriage was to Sarah Elizabeth in 1894, he was listed as Frame Work Knitter"

"The last definite mention of John was the 1911 Census, he was listed as FWK aged 48"

"John Hall died 31/12/1929 age 67 (1862) Framework Knitter  grave B190" Barrow on Soar

"BTW my John Hall was born 1862"

"Had a look at the 1929 info on line, John as widower and Hannah Darby his lawful daughter"


The Common Room / Re: Fold 3 lookup request please.
« on: Yesterday at 10:53 »
If you know the person to be deceased can you post her name for people to look for her even if not the one you found?

Have you tried

There may be enough info. on someone to be able to tell whether it's the correct person?

My father is on an entry with his date & place of birth although the image isn't downloadable but can be ordered?


Not sure if you missed it but I enquired when the will was written?

The way it's worded isn't the norm for a couple still together in my view.

I'm of the belief they were separated & his whereabouts unknown or whether he was alive unknown as if he'd disappeared?


Family Bibles / Re: Unwanted Family Bible - Thorp/Parke
« on: Yesterday at 10:23 »
It looks lovely but is it possible for you to transcribe some of the info. to here with names/dates/places which should come up on a search but would otherwise go unnoticed?


Cavan / Re: Francis McGaverin
« on: Yesterday at 01:29 »
Maybe post a link to where the info. can be found in order to make sense of it?


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