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Ireland / Irish travellers
« on: Tuesday 12 May 15 01:52 BST (UK)  »
How does one find out any information on someone who was an Irish traveller.  My 2x g. Grandfather, John Peter McCreesh on his marriage certificate lists his father as John McCreesh and occupation as traveller.  Would any record of the travellers have been documented, this would be around 1800 and forward as my G grandfather was born in 1824.   Any help or ideas appreciated, thanks in advance.

Scotland / Duncan 1st
« on: Tuesday 12 May 15 01:37 BST (UK)  »
Just wondering if anyone out there has done any research on the Scottish King, Duncan 1st.  Apparently he is my 33rd great grandfather,  I have gone to the library and found very little info on Jim.  He is the Duncan from Macbeth,  from what I gather Shakespeare's Macbeth was hardly factual and in truth Duncan died in his bed, not murdered as Shakespeare would have us believe.

Ireland / John Peter McCreesh
« on: Sunday 10 May 15 22:56 BST (UK)  »
Looking for info on this person.  He was born c1825 in Ireland, don't know what county.  He shows up on the 1841 English census in England working as a labourer, all the census states is born Ireland.  I believe from his marriage cert. that his fathers name was Peter.   Any info appreciated.

I haven't been on this site for ages, since I started this thread by asking about George Richards.  I am surprised no one remembers my Dad, Bill Cottrill, he worked for many, many years there.  He was a wood pattern maker.  He was well known in the Altrincham area.  He lived  on Leicester Ave. Timperley, as a child and young man.  He went to school in Altrincham at St Vincent's, before serving his apprenticeship at Churchill's, he worked at Richards for a short while, he then worked in the USA for several years then came back to Timperley and went back to Richards until it closed down.  He then worked at Metal Box company along the Bridgewater canal in Timperley, until he passed away in 1982.

I no longer live in the UK but have fond memories of the Altrincham/Timperley area.  We lived on Bridgewater Rd., in Broadheath, for a few years, from about 1953, then moved to Brookfield Ave. Timperley.   I remember going to Navigation Rd. play ground as a child, if I remember correctly they had a park keeper who lived in a hut on the play ground.  I went to St Vincent's School and then to Loreto  Convent, in Bowden.
I remember walking to Navigation Rd Station with my Mom and my baby brother in a huge pram and they would load the pram into the guards Van and we would go off to Manchester to visit relatives.   It was a lovely clean station with flowers in the summer and a fire in the waiting room in the winter.

One Name Studies: N to S / Re: ROTHWELL Middleton, Lancashire
« on: Thursday 21 April 11 17:24 BST (UK)  »
Thanks for this information.  Yes, this is the family John Edward Rothwell was my 2x great grandfather.  Is St  Leonard's a Church of England denomination?

Cheshire / Re: Berry Family
« on: Thursday 30 July 09 15:54 BST (UK)  »
Does anyone recall the Radium manufacturing company on Bridgewater Rd in Broadheath. 

We lived across from it in the 50s, I believe it made polish and we used to play with the off-cut pieces of metal, they were like a Frisbee,  we threw them and they would glide a good way.  We got many cuts from them but they were great fun.   

We used to have a bonfire on Guy Fawkes night on the spare land which I think belonged to the Radium company.    That was real community spirit, we collected for weeks prior to Bonfire night and the local people would provide, cocoa, parkin and treacle toffee for all and bake potatoes in the fire, nothing tasted better.

It was such simple times then, people seemed to watch out for each other and nobody had very much.

What we got for Xmas presents the children of today would scoff at, mostly clothes for the year and if we were lucky a toy.  I got a pedigree walking doll one year, which I still have.

Cheshire / Re: Axe and Cleaver, Altrincham.
« on: Tuesday 28 July 09 15:27 BST (UK)  »
I was back in Altrincham in January of this year.  I was shocked by the changes, it was hard to recognize old haunts as so much has changed.   

Is it just my impression or is every small town in the UK now filled with charity shops, what's with that?

I expect childhood memories are flawed by time. 

Does anyone recall a rather nice shop, in my memory it had a black and  white, sort of tudor look to it.  It sold gourmet items, special cheeses and jams etc.  If I am recalling correctly it was near the Don, fish and chip shop?  I think they had a delivery service by a young man on a bike.

Does anyone remember the telegraph boys on bikes, you knew if you saw a telegram being delivered to someones house it was probably bad news.   Telegrams seemed to suddenly end and it was such a common sight on the streets of Altrincham, the red bike of the telegraph boy.

Lancashire / Re: Has anyone seen this name on a gravestone!!
« on: Tuesday 28 July 09 15:14 BST (UK)  »
Update to this.  I have found the grave I was looking for.  Both G. grandparents buried in Duke St. cemetary, Southport.  Thanks to all who helped in the search.

One Name Studies: N to S / ROTHWELL Middleton, Lancashire
« on: Monday 28 July 08 17:51 BST (UK)  »
Trying to research this family from Middleton area, Lancashire.   Thomas Rothwell  c1798, Oldham, Lancashire, married to Martha Slack 1803 Middleton, Lancashire, children,Adam 1827, John Edward 1833, Elizabeth 1835 and Amelia 1837 all born Middleton.

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