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World War One / Re: Is this a WW1 Uniform ?
« on: Wednesday 15 November 23 20:05 GMT (UK)  »
Someone else with more knowledge may be able to tell however I dont think there is enough in this image to say definitively

The Common Room / Re-registered Births
« on: Wednesday 15 November 23 19:59 GMT (UK)  »
As anyone come across a re-registering of a birth in their research and if so how is this displayed in the indexes.  I am currently researching a family where a son appears in the indexes twice.  The second time is a handwritten entry and between the vol and page numbers appears three letters NSJ its not clear what the first two letters read.

If I send for the first cert would I get the details from the handwritten or vice versa or would i have to order them both.  Please only answer the last part if you have done this and can be definitive.  I have asked the GRO themselves but compared to the people here they are snails in the speed they respond


The Common Room / Re: 1939 register queries
« on: Tuesday 24 May 22 18:46 BST (UK)  »
  Do you mean searching the 1939 register, or somewhere else? I have found her on the 1939 under her name.

I searched for her with her DOB as listed and none found under underhill. 

The Common Room / Re: 1939 register queries
« on: Tuesday 24 May 22 17:56 BST (UK)  »
I had seen it after i posted my comment.  Still not being found as underhill on the search though

The Common Room / Re: Ancestry 'New Home Page'
« on: Tuesday 24 May 22 17:54 BST (UK)  »
I actually like the new home page. I have connected with 2 new cousins because of it and the fact that images of people within my tree appeared.  One of those confirmed a branch I had tentatively attached information to but hadnt been able to prove.

The Common Room / Re: 1939 register queries
« on: Tuesday 24 May 22 17:48 BST (UK)  »
TOTH - Harry is No: 1 with No: 2 AND Edith is No: 4 with No: 3.

Sorry, I think we have two couples here.  Harry and ??? are listed as 1 and 2 within the address and ??? and Edith (married) are listed as 3 and 4.  Both couples are living at the same address, but are separate households.  Whether they are connected as family  :-\ :-\

As a matter of interest, do we know the name of Harry's wife?

You could be right because searching edith Underhill produces no matches (when using DOB)

The Common Room / Re: 1939 register queries
« on: Tuesday 24 May 22 17:44 BST (UK)  »
Redacting was not automatic it was done before each image was then digitised.

No doubt you are better informed than I am, but if that were the case I would have expected the black strips to be applied more carefully ?  Once each birth date had been transcribed, the system could redact anyone born after a chosen cutoff date. Surely redaction strips are not applied to the original registers ?

Andrew when I was exhibiting at the FindMyPast shows at Olympia we were treated to a meal at the end of the first day.  This was in reality a chance for FindMyPast to tell you what they had planned etc for the coming year and for us to feedback what we thought of the previous years releases.  The 1939 was a hot topic and of course one of the people there wanted to know if their own name would appear.  We were told that no they would not as they had to redact all entries of anyone who was not 100 years old or hadnt been declared deceased by the NHS which is what these records were added to.  We were also told that the strips they had were awful things and were laid on top of the lines and then the images taken.  We also asked where the digitisation was being conducted at and were reliably informed overseas.  As with a lot of the images these digitise they do this in India etc so as not to have people over here releasing information that others would pay for. 

If these were digital redactions they would be perfect and not all over the place like the ones in this image I would say


The Common Room / Re: 1939 register queries
« on: Tuesday 24 May 22 17:21 BST (UK)  »
Its a shame that electoral rolls are not available for that area as you could have worked it out from them

The Common Room / Re: 1939 register queries
« on: Tuesday 24 May 22 17:17 BST (UK)  »
It's possible that they had a couple of evacuees with them.

No one of the people listed is working as its clear

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