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Northumberland / Re: Low Meeting Presbyterian non conformist records North Shields.
« on: Monday 12 October 15 21:10 BST (UK)  »
Thanks John,

I have rejoined Ancestry for a while and I think my wife has found them on there.

regards Malcolm.

Northumberland / Re: Low Meeting Presbyterian non conformist records North Shields.
« on: Sunday 11 October 15 15:47 BST (UK)  »
Hi Claire.t,

Thanks for your reply,  we will have a look on Anc* then,

we used to be members so will just renew our membership for a limited time.

Once again thanks for your help.


Northumberland / Low Meeting Presbyterian non conformist records North Shields.
« on: Sunday 11 October 15 15:16 BST (UK)  »
Does anybody know if the 1756 to 1821 original written records of the above exist? other than at the National Archive at Kew

we were at Woodhorn the other day and the quality of the microfilm record was virtually un decipherable. 


My Great Great Grandfather was a Colliery Blacksmith and coincidentally his name was John Common and he originated from Bedlington ( Netherton ) where his father James was an " Engineman".

John was a Blacksmith at the "Forster pit " at New Delaval which is Newsham on the West end of Blyth.

In his day they would have done some work for the making of Horse shoes but were very heavily involved in the manufacturing of all sorts of stuff such as brackets and spill plates and conveyor points and maintenance of the " Cage " and the heapstead and shaft.

I was a Colliery electrician and the shoes were made by one particular man who had a little book which contained the dimensions of the shoe to fit every pony at the pit,  the horse keeper would phone him up and say that " Tiny " needed a new shoe for his right front leg and Bob Would look in his book and then make it to match and then go down to the underground stables and fit it.

There were of course no fires underground and so no forge's.

My John Common married Frances Jennings and he died in Blyth.

regards Malcolm Common.   

Northumberland / Re: Lillico in Northumberland
« on: Friday 23 May 14 21:21 BST (UK)  »
Hi David2609.
I am descended from Richard Lillico who was born in 1754, he died in Ness Street Berwick upon Tweed in October 1834 and he was buried on the 7/10/ 1834 in Holy Trinity church Berwick and his occupation is Husbandsman.

He married Mary Ray on the 18th of may 1788 in Lowick,  she was born 1758 in Lowick. she died on the 13th of September 1852 in Riffington of old age.

Richard and Mary had 3 children:-
1  Mary born 1789
2  Thomas born 17th of April 1793 in Norham, he died on the 5th of May 1873 in Shoreswood Hall and it then says that he was buried in 1821 ( 52 years earlier?) in St Michael and all Angels Ford.

He married Ann Hush on the 15th of April 1821 in Norham.
3  Richard Lillico born 18th Sept 1801 in Norham, died 1897 in Newcastle he married Belilah Lillico who died in1879.

I am descended from Mary born 1789.

I have no Robert Lillico in my information, I hope this is of some help, the family seems to be from the Norham,Ford, Lowick and Ancroft area of Northumberland,

I then descend through the Anderson and Gray family.

regards Malcolm

Fife / Re: Moyes of Kinghorn
« on: Sunday 18 May 14 13:41 BST (UK)  »

  Yes, I can see how it is possible for the ages of the children being over a long time if
   William  Moyes and Agnes Paterson were married at 18-20 years.

  Thanks for the tip.

Fife / Re: Moyes of Kinghorn
« on: Saturday 17 May 14 17:41 BST (UK)  »
I found it on Births and baptisms Scotlandspeople.

Regards Margaret

Fife / Moyes of Kinghorn
« on: Thursday 15 May 14 22:50 BST (UK)  »

   I found a birth for an Agnes Moyes born 19/1/1755 to Wm. Moyes and Agnes Paterson
   but I also found other children the latest one  Christian born 7/5/1779 could these dates
   be correct ? It seems a very long time to be still having children. Also could anyone help
   with the father of William, and the father of Agnes. I'm having difficulty in finding them.
   I found a John Paterson married to Christian Monorgan with a daughter Agnes born
   27/3/1722 in Crail.

  regards Margaret


Angus (Forfarshire) / Re: Ann Whitten
« on: Thursday 15 May 14 21:43 BST (UK)  »
 Thank You, C R Whitton . I am thrilled to get so much information. I had found a death for Annie but not the dates, I did not know she had married. It's so sad she died so young.
 I did get a birth cert for Annie but it only named  her mother so thanks for her fathers name.

I found an old photograph belonging to my late grandmother but all it had written on the back
was Tina and Rodney.I believe it was taken in America.I knew some family had emigrated and when I found a Christina linked to the Gracie family I wondered if the 'Tina'  in the photograph was the same family. I don't know how long ago this photograph  was taken so I may never find out.

Thank again

 Regards Margaret

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