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Hi Millipede,

I do not know where the name Grey came into things.  Ada always went by the name Ada Olive Grey Smith and later Ada Olive Grey Hammond.  I do not know the significance of this.  I have looked for marriages of Grey and Smith and have not found anything that is suitable.

With DNA matches Grey does not bring anything up.

Regards Kaybron

Hi Milliepede,

I have looked at both of these.  The Ada Smith in the Maidstone Union Workhouse aged 12 years, is the niece of Maria Harris the Assistant Matron who is listed above Ada's entry.  Ada's parents are William Smith and Eliza (formerly Peters).  I did purchase a birth certificate for this Ada.  Maria Harris is the daughter of Abraham Smith and a brother to William, Ada's father.

The Ada Green living with Charles and Mary Ann Smith is very interesting.  I really thought this was my Ada but extensive research rules Ada Green out. 

I came across an Ada Green in the 1881 Census living with a Charles and Mary Ann Smith, in Maidstone.  She is aged 2 years and listed as a visitor.  In 1891 Ada is still living with Charles and Mary Ann but her name has changed to Smith and she is listed as their daughter.  In 1891 Charles, Mary Ann and Ada have moved to Woolwich, London (WIB Health).  I sent away for a birth certificate for Ada Green and discovered that her mother is Frances Elizabeth Green, formerly Brown and that her father is listed as Alfred Green, Cattle Salesman. 

I also sent away and got a certificate for a Florence Green who was born in 1870 as I thought these two girls might be related.  Florence in 1871 is listed as a Nurse child with a couple and in 1881 is with a different couple as a boarder.  Florence has the same details on her certificate as Ada, mother Frances Elizabeth Green, formerly Brown, father Alfred Green, Cattle Salesman.  The 2 girls Florence and Ada are clearly sisters according to their birth certificates.

Their mother, Frances Green, in 1861 is living with Frederick Jarrett in Weeks Street Maidstone with his wife Mary Ann (aged 44 years).  Frances Green aged 14 is a domestic servant.  Occupation for Frederick is a Tobaconnist.

In 1871 Frederick is still living in Week Street, number 87.  He is a widow and still has Frances Green, the domestic servant living with him.  Occupation continues as a Tobacconist.

1881 and 1891, Frederick continues to live at 87 Week Street.  Frances Green continues to reside with him.  In both census Frederick’s occupation is given as Tobacconist and Frances is listed as his housekeeper.

Frederick died in the April/May/June quarter of 1898, aged 77 years.  The death was registered in Maidstone.  Frederick left most of his estate to Frances Green. 

I continued with research of this Ada and found out that she married and emigrated to Canada.  Her sister Florence also married and emigrated to Canada.   

When I started looking into this Ada I spent a lot of time working things out and even sent away for Wills for Frederick Jarrett and Frances Green who later went on to marry a Mr Crow. 

Regards Kaybron

Thanks Millipede.  Yes, I have also looked under the surname Grey but still have not been able to find anything.

Regards Kaybrpm

Thanks Rufous Treecreeper and Rosinish.

I have been colour coding on Ancestry.  I will try the Leeds method as this may lead to something.

I will keep working away with both DNA matches and also paper records and see what I can find.  Interestingly I did come across a Spong and Barlow connection when looking through Ancestry.  I think with my grandmother her mother or father might be connected to a Spong and on the other side of her family there is a Barlow connection.

Regards Kaybron

To add to my previous post, I have been putting together a tree for my closest match tracing back their ancestors to see if I can find something.  My 149 cM match has a surname of Spong.  Surnames associated with this are Hammerton, Hill, Sarfas and Hemmon.  This has been an interesting exercise and may lead to something.

My next closest match that I can connect to my grandmother is 63 cM.  This person has connections to Barlow and Cronk surnames.

Regards Kaybron

Hi Rosie99,

Yes this was an earlier post.  Unfortunately this was not the correct Ada Smith.  I sent away for birth records and did extensive research into this Ada.  This Ada married and then with her husband went to America.  She lived there for several years, had children and then died at an early age.  This was in the early stages of my research and after coming across an Ada Olive Smith I was quite excited and thought this was naturally my Ada.

My Ada first appears in 1901 living with a Fanny Topley in Kent.  Ada gives her birth place as Linton, Kent.  Ada married my grandfather twice (William Thomas Hammond), in 1904 and 1906.  On her marriage certificate she gives her father's name as Albert John Oscar Smith (deceased) a farmer.   My grandmother used the name Ada Olive Grey Smith.  Her birth date was believed to be 14 July or August 1880. 

I have looked for a number of years for A O G Smith and sent away for a number of birth certificates but have not had any luck with these.  I have also paid for searches to be made where the records for births at Linton, Kent are held, also without any success.

Regards Kaybron

I had a DNA test with Ancestry several years ago.  My highest match is with my first cousin who I asked to do a test so I could work out connections with my mother.  The cousin is the daughter of my mother's sister.

I do not know who my maternal great grandparents are.  My grandmother was not open about her parents and the earliest she can be found is in 1901 aged 20 working as a domestic servant.  I have not been able to find anything prior to 1901, (birth/baptism records, census material) and information on official documents after 1901 has not lead to anything about her background. The name of the father given on her marriage certificate can not be found.  I have spent many years trying to work things out through traditional paper records and then decided to turn to DNA.

The highest match I share with my cousin is 149cM over 10 segments.  I have sent emails to this match and they do not reply.  His tree has 13 people on this and these are all but one marked as private.  I have managed to work out who this person is and have started constructing a tree with his ancestors.   The match is about 10 years younger than me, his father born in 1918 and his mother around this time. My mother was born in 1919.  My grandmother was born somewhere between 1880-1882.  His grandfather in 1867 and grandmother in 1874.  Going back further, his maternal and paternal great grandparents were born in 1836.

When putting the 149cMs and the paper record together, at what level should I be looking for our connection.  I have used the DNA painter tool and have some idea where I should look but would like some advice from others who have some expertise in working with DNA.

My mother died about 6 years ago and she does not have any surviving brothers and sisters.

Regards Kaybron

Very extensive information majm.  A credit to you.

Hi Smilingwillowb,
There is a quite extensive write up of the coroner's inquest in the Armidale Chronicle on Saturday 19th  July.  If you search on Trove and use Trooper Edgar's Death you should be able to find the article.
Regards Kaybron

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