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Yorkshire (West Riding) / Re: LILLEY+ WARD + GREGG FAMILY
« on: Sunday 11 September 16 11:41 BST (UK)  »
Kia Ora
Greetings from New Zealand!
I presume you are a family member??  I'd love to "chat" perhaps by  Personal Message?
Hope to hear from you.

Channel Islands Lookup Requests / Re: Jean Baptiste BERLAND
« on: Tuesday 08 December 15 22:55 GMT (UK)  »
Kia Ora
Thank you so much for searching for me! It is very frustrating when dealing with such bare facts and I am  SO very grateful for the time you have spent.
Enjoy the holiday  season - I'll mention your name to Santa as he comes here first in the world! ;D

Channel Islands Lookup Requests / Re: Jean Baptiste BERLAND
« on: Saturday 28 November 15 21:28 GMT (UK)  »
Sincerely appreciate your help! Especially as these old bones required a sleep during a warm south pacific night!

I have a suspicion that Mary's surname was Raine(e) Rain, Rein and that the Bain in Prosper's names may actually be Rain etc.

Our heritage library has been closed for earthquake strengthening but I'll check the Library again for Bresland- thank you both !

Channel Islands Lookup Requests / Re: Jean Baptiste BERLAND
« on: Saturday 28 November 15 11:48 GMT (UK)  »
Wow! That's a great start thank you! You wouldn't believe how much time the Librarian spent looking for it!
1804 birth is perfect for age 47 in 1851 and his age at death in NZ.
Thanks again.

Channel Islands Lookup Requests / Jean Baptiste BERLAND
« on: Saturday 28 November 15 11:24 GMT (UK)  »
I have found Jean Baptiste Berland 47 on the 1851 census transcription on the Family Search site where it states he was born in France and was living in Jersey with a 23 year old English wife Mary.
I cannot find this entry on the Library Edition of Ancestry at my local library so am unsure if there is any other relevant information.

I do know that in 1857 the couple sailed from England to New Zealand with 2 children whose likely names were Prosper Guilliame Raine Berland and Jules Gabriel Montigny Bain Berland.
How do I find out if these children were born/baptised in Jersey between 1851 (census) & departure  for NZ in 1857?  The children are not named on shipping lists and as they were early settlers information can be erratic!

Did Jean Baptiste and Mary marry in Jersey?

You will probably gather I am floundering in a strange (for me) area ::) and  would be very grateful for any assistance.


Warwickshire / Re: Mabel Hannah STEPHENS
« on: Wednesday 19 November 14 23:47 GMT (UK)  »
Kia Ora Jim & Jan
THANK you both  so much! I was unaware of the site you mentioned Jim so will spend an interesting evening seeing if I can find other rellies!
Someone had given me the 2003   date sometime ago hence my other questions.Nevertheless Mabel lived to a great age.
Thank you both again

Warwickshire / Mabel Hannah STEPHENS
« on: Wednesday 19 November 14 07:57 GMT (UK)  »
Mabel Hannah STEPHENS  was born 20 Feb 1903 and died in October 2003 in Birmingham aged 100.
I am curious as to whether there might have been a newspaper entry or is attaining 100 years relatively commonplace?

Would she have received a  card from the Queen?

Might there be a death notice?
Where might she be buried?  I do not have her death certificate therefore no address.
Grateful for any advice as to where to search for information.

Glamorganshire / Re: STEPHENS of Neath
« on: Wednesday 19 November 14 01:05 GMT (UK)  »
Kia Ora
THANK you! That is MY Arthur an that's a great suggestion- much appreciated!

Glamorganshire / STEPHENS of Neath
« on: Tuesday 18 November 14 10:46 GMT (UK)  »
Kia ora
Greetings from New Zealand!
I am hoping someone may be able to help me!

I have been  tracking the family of WILLIAM STEPHENS & Sarah Ann WARD who married in 1874 in Alcester Warks.
They had 2 sons viz George Ernest 1876  & Arthur Harry 1879 in Birmingham.

The eldest son George Ernest in turn had a son Arthur William Stephens in 1901 who married Phyllis Lemon in 1934 in Birmingham. I have gathered certificates up to this point to  verify my research

 From Free BMD it appears that Arthur & Phyllis STEPHENS had 4 children between 1934 and 1947 in Neath. 2 sons and 2 daughters. It appears that all may have married in Neath.

I would desperately love to contact someone from the family to exchange information but need advice as to how to obtain Addresses etc. I have no idea whereabouts in the District thay may have lived.

I would very much appreciate a PM if anyone  could offer advice as to Libraries or other sources  I could contact!

Perhaps neighbours or old school friends might recognise the info above? I am reluctant to publish names of possibly living persons  but content to put information in a PM if required.

Thanks in anticipation!

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