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The Common Room / Re: Convict transportation lists?
« on: Monday 24 July 17 09:24 BST (UK)  »
You will get a lot more knowledge in the Australian boards.

The Common Room / Re: Convict transportation lists?
« on: Monday 24 July 17 05:12 BST (UK)  »
NO, convict transportation ended before 1854. You can check passenger lists on the relevant state archives site (NSW State Records or Public Records Office of Victoria).

I'd also recommend checking TROVE newspapers (which are free) for any mention of their lives in Australia.


Essex / Re: Little Hallinbgury Parish Registers.
« on: Wednesday 19 July 17 04:42 BST (UK)  »
I'd also check neighbouring parishes. My area of interest (doing a One Place Study, so I have all the PR's) is Great Hallingbury. And there are quite a few registrations from Little Hallingbury and Takeley in the Great Hallingbury registers and vice versa - especially for non-conformists.


Thanks everyone. I think I've got the info now. On further investigation, the whole cemetery has been cleared so really only of academic value. But I've learned alot, which I'm sure will come in handy in the future.

Thanks again to all those who responded.


Without seeing the register or the layout of the graves I would guess that the PS Stone refers to Position Stone  Head and Position Stone Foot.
I.E. Headstones and Footstones many graveyards used to mark graves with both a headstone (which would be engraved with inscriptions) and a small footstone (which would often be engraved with only initials or a name rather than a full inscription).

The reason for this was to ensure a new grave would not be cut through the existing grave.


Thanks, Guy. That makes perfect sense.



Just wondering if anyone can help with this one. I've found an entry in the burial register for St George Hanover Square for 1848. All entries seem to be the same:

Date of event
Age at event
Name of person

Then it's a bit different.

Longitude and Latitude (presumably location of burial?)

Then what I thought were two names, but as I'm going back, it might be further location details?

P. S. Foot is repeated often, followed by a name.
P. S.  Head followed by a name?

Sound like references to body parts?

Could this be a shared grave or maybe the grave it is near??

Any assistance gratefully received,

England / Re: Population Figures for Villages in 1981 and 1991??
« on: Monday 02 May 16 02:52 BST (UK)  »
Dear David and everyone else who responded!

Thank you for your response. It was exactly what I was after. I knew the data was out there somewhere but I just couldn't find it. I miss the old census data, simple is sometimes better!!


England / Population Figures for Villages in 1981 and 1991??
« on: Tuesday 01 March 16 04:04 GMT (UK)  »

I'm doing a One Place Study of Great Hallingbury in Essex. I've got population figures for the village for most decades, but can't find anything for 1981 or 1991. Can anyone point me in the right direction? All I want is basic population of the village in those years, no need for further breakdown.


At page 5 of 15 of his NAA records

26 Feb 1916 He transferred to the 4th Section of the Divisional Ammunition Company, Tel el Kebir.  As per the remarks column citing (Army) form B213 of 21 Feb 1916.

That entry supports the information above the TOP headings on the form.  (Blue lead pencil writing, crossing out 1st FA Bde Ammt Coy (Ammunition Company)) . The Blue writing reads 1st Division Ammunition Company, No. 4 Section.

Likely he was an exceptionally good horseman,  driving ammunition to the front throughout the War would have been a constantly dangerous occupation. 

Cheers,  JM

Well, good to know I got that bit right!! Still confused about the 16th Battalion (which he shouldn't be in anyway, since it was mainly WA/SA).


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