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Occupation Interests / Re: Brig or Snow - what was a ship's crew complement?
« on: Monday 08 June 15 23:31 BST (UK)  »
My GGG/F was Master of the Snow 'Rapid', 133 tons, bound from Liverpool to Alexandria, Egypt in July 1837 with a crew of 6 - Master, Mate, 3 Seaman and a Cook.
In April 1838 he signed on another Snow, Blackaller', 137 tons, bound Aracati, NE Brazil with 8 crew - Master, Mate, 4 Seaman, an Apprentice and a Cook.
Hope this answers your question.

Occupation Interests / Re: Voyage Records - NA - Is this correct?
« on: Tuesday 05 May 15 12:57 BST (UK)  »
Hi Vaughan,
Yes, I've got three voyage records with a Wm Hughes as Mate.
Attached them to this message but won't allow me to send them.
If you send me an email I'll attach them to my reply
[email protected]

Lancashire Lookup Offers / Re: Look-up Liverpool (Mersey) Pilots 1734/1990
« on: Tuesday 20 November 12 17:52 GMT (UK)  »
and my grandfather Thomas W R Cockram.

Occupation Interests / Re: Look-up Merchant Navy Seamen
« on: Sunday 17 June 12 13:06 BST (UK)  »

I'm looking for Thomas Cockram c1833 in Poole, Dorset - Ticket no. 440604.
Tried BT113/221 but FMPast does not recognise him.
Any help would be appreciated.

Many thx

Lancashire Lookup Offers / Re: Look-up Liverpool (Mersey) Pilots 1734/1990
« on: Friday 15 June 12 13:08 BST (UK)  »
Hi Polly,

More info for you.

Thomas Bird (1) I don't think 1820 refers to his birth date, possibly the date he joined the Service. In 1826 he was listed as a member of Pilot Boat No 7 'George Canning' built in 1817. He died in service (DIS) in 1853 of debility.

Thomas Bird (2) born 1835.
In 'Returns Relating to Pilots and Pilotage' (RRPP) for the year 1854 he was a Pilot Apprentice on Pilot Boat No 10. This could either have been the 'smack' 'Town of Liverpool', built in 1835 by Thos Royden of Liverpool (google his name, very interesting) or the schooner 'Criterion' which was built in 1854 by Thos Harvey & Sons of Ipswich and replaced the 'Town of Liverpool'.
In RRPP for 1863 he's aged 28, a licenced Pilot restricted to pilot vessels up to 250 tons and still attached to No 10. It was normal for apprentices to be licenced in easy stages whilst they gained the appropriate experience to become a 1st class Pilot licenced to pilot vessels of any size. The stages were 250, 500 and 1000 tons. Thomas DIS in 1870. It's possible that his record in the PCB at the MMM will give more detail.

George Bird born 1843.
In RRPP for 1863 he's aged 20 and an Apprentice on No 9, the schooner 'Guide' built in 1862 by J C Gibson of Ramsey, IOM.
In RRPP for 1870, aged 27 he was licenced to pilot vessels up to 500 tons and still attached to No 9.
In RRPP for 1895, aged 52 he is a Pilot of the 1st Class and on No 2, the schooner 'Leader' built in 1856 by Thos Harvey. He DIS in 1898. There is a studio photograph of him in the Norman Morrison Collection at the MMM.

William Bird born 1870.
In RRPP for 1895 aged 25, he is a Boathand (Apprentice) on No1, the schooner 'Queen' built in 1856 by Michael Ratsey of Cowes, IOW. She was sunk in a collision with the s/s Sailor Prince on 10th May 1891. She was salvaged, re-commissioned and then withdrawn in May 1898 and replaced by steam.
NB: In 1896 the first steam pilot boats were built, the start of a new era although the Pilots themselves had resisted the advent of steam since 1883 when Mersey Docks and Harbour Board purchased all the sailing pilot vessels.
William was licenced in 1896 and in RRPP for 1900 and 1906 he was a 1st Class Pilot attached to No3 steam pilot boat 'Queen Victoria' built by Murdock & Murray in Glasgow.
In 1917 aged 47 he was appropriated to Cunard Line to pilot their ships. Later he was also appropriated to Cunard White Star line and Anchor Line and I quote "despite numerous (11) accidents on their vessels until retirement". He retired in 1935 aged 65 (not many worked to that age and lived to retire!) and died in 1939

Matthew Neil Bird born 1871.
In RRPP for 1895 aged 24, he is a Boathand on No7, the schooner 'Lancashire Witch' built by Michael Ratsey in 1863 and withdrawn in 1896 in favour of steam.
In RRPP for 1900, aged 29 he is a 2nd Class Pilot probably restricted to 2000 tons.
In RRPP for 1906, aged 35 he is a 1st Class Pilot licenced to pilot any size of vessel. On both dates he was attached to No 4 SPB 'David Fernie',( built 1898 in Glasgow), along with my grandfather, although he was only an apprentice (boathand) at the time.

That's all I can find in my records.

Dorset Lookup Requests / Re: Wareham birth 1800? George Augustus COCKRAM
« on: Friday 15 June 12 11:37 BST (UK)  »
Hi Richard,

I sent off for a DC for George Cochrane, died1849, Liverpool but it was not my GGG/father.
George Cockram, died 1844, Poole. Didn't follow this up.

My thoughts were (are):-
I have handwritten records of voyages he made from 1836 to 1840. The last entry records him arriving in Liverpool as Captain of the "Blackaller" on 23/5/1840 with a unique voyage number 7767. There aren't any further records of voyages he made, after that date, so was he too ill to return to sea?
He is recorded on the 1841 Census (6th June) living with his family at Brunswick Place, Toxteth Park, Liverpool, which is the reason I didn't follow up the Poole death in 1844.
So the census is the last known entry.

Kind regards

Dorset Lookup Requests / Re: Wareham birth 1800? George Augustus COCKRAM
« on: Wednesday 13 June 12 13:55 BST (UK)  »
Hi Rachel,
As my reply to RJKnott, there are two George Cockram's. Unfortunately the one you are researching does not appear to be my family.  Was Mary a sister? I wish I knew.
Sorry not to be able to help further,

Dorset Lookup Requests / Re: Wareham birth 1800? George Augustus COCKRAM
« on: Wednesday 13 June 12 13:41 BST (UK)  »
Many thx for your response.
I'm almost 100% certain that there are two George Cockrams.
After extensive research online, sifting through all the OPR's in the Wareham area (and beyond), I cannot find any record of George Augustus Cockram. It would appear that a lot of records were destroyed by fire. Therefore I haven't been able to locate any other family members. I'm reasonably sure of his birthplace from handwritten Merchant Navy records located at Kew which commenced in 1835.
He married Sarah Williams at St James's, Poole on 16/01/1827. I have a copy of the marriage certificate and although the entry is George Cochrane he actually signs himself George Cockram. The witnesses were John Hosier, Mary Williams, Mary Hilber?, Christian Wilkins (Williams?) and Sarah Hosier.
The trail is cold!!

Lancashire Lookup Offers / Re: Look-up Liverpool (Mersey) Pilots 1734/1990
« on: Tuesday 12 June 12 09:15 BST (UK)  »
Hi Polly,

G.Bird born 1843, licenced 1864, died 1898.
M N Bird born 1871, licenced 1898, retired 1935, died 1947.
W Bird born 1870, licenced 1896, retired 1939, died 1939.
All Liverpool Pilots.
There are two T Birds on the list as well.
T Bird (1) No birth date, licenced 1820, retired 1850, died 1853. G Bird's father perhaps ?
T Bird (2) Born 1835, licenced 1856 and died 1870 presumably whilst still a working Pilot. G Bird's brother?
Were they all the same family? Food for thought!
Will try and find more info for you.
In the meantime MMM have records of their pilotage career in the Pilot Character Book.
Best regards,

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