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Cork / Re: Marriage Look-up Cork Please c1828 Timothy Donoughue
« on: Sunday 14 July 13 18:32 BST (UK)  »
.....the surnames you are looking for are not uncommon so it is more likely these are unrelated marriage records.

agreed - the RC records on RootsIreland and IrishGenealogy are of marriages, not banns, so barring some sort of error I'd expect both names will appear in the same parish, and county.

....hope someone will do me a favour if they're in the vacinity of either to do a look-up.....

to do a search of the parish records you still need to know which specific parish is involved, as there are a large number of parishes - e.g. over 100 RC in Co. Cork alone. The other option is to purchase the transcripts (there are no certs for the 1820s) to find the partners names and the locations of the marriages, but dont believe they are going to match in this case...

Many parishes are not online, and some dont have records back as far as 1828.

Disregard anything you know about Scottish or English records, Irish records are different. To search for early details like you need to at least two vital details, denomination and a specific location. Our parish records are not all neatly online and searchable like Scotland's, and quite a number of parish records can only be searched by inspecting the relevant records on microfilm or looking at the originals

Cork / Re: Marriage Look-up Cork Please c1828 Timothy Donoughue
« on: Sunday 14 July 13 11:26 BST (UK)  »
To search for details before the start of civil registration you usually require a more detailed  location e.g. the name of the town, townland or parish, especially when it comes Co. Cork as it's the largest county in Ireland.

see : Introduction to Irish Records
       My Ancestor came from Ireland - where do I start?

RC records only for parts of Co. Cork are available (free) on IrishGenealogy , transcripts of parish records for certain other areas in the county are available on the pay-website at RootsIreland

Dublin / Re: Rousom, born Dublin 1804
« on: Saturday 13 July 13 17:51 BST (UK)  »
just three 'Rousom' entries that I see on IrishGenealogy - a death/burial in 1794, a baptism in 1858, and a witness to a marriage in 1860. 'Rousam' doesn't show any results.

Just one (duplicate) marriage showing for Rowsam, and quite a few (c120) entries for  Rawson - see : Rawson -  no Elizabeth that I could see in the correct timeframe.

Dublin / Re: royal barracks dublin
« on: Saturday 13 July 13 17:41 BST (UK)  »
I think your query might be better suited to the Armed Forces Board here on RootsChat. Most of the military records for that era ended up in London.

The Royal Barracks was located in the west of the city and just north of the river Liffey. It was later renamed (1922) to Collins barracks, and now used as part of the National Museum of Ireland.

Dublin / Re: Rousom, born Dublin 1804
« on: Saturday 13 July 13 17:36 BST (UK)  »
You still need a little more detail to search for records, as the date is quite early and not all RC parishes have records back that far. Ideally the name of the town, townland, parish or section of the city.

Do you have any family details to help narrow the search ?
e.g. father's name, names of any siblings etc.

Most of the RC records for the city area are available free on IrishGenealogy

As mentioned above you need to allow for variations in spelling when searching.
Also note that RC records sometimes include details like first names in Latin

Limerick / Re: athlacca, limerick
« on: Wednesday 10 July 13 19:01 BST (UK)  »
I was hoping for BRUFF ....

Bruff is very close and the RC parish covered parts of Dromin civil parish, which was part of Athlacca RC parish, and next to the civil parish ... so you might get a few strays...

Lewis '37, Bruff : '.. In the R. C. divisions this parish is the head of a union or district, comprising also the parishes of Tullybracky, Grange, Meanas, Manister, and part of the parishes of Uregare, Glenogra, and Dromin; and containing three chapels, situated respectively at Bruff, Grange, and Meanas. ..'

Limerick / Re: athlacca, limerick
« on: Wednesday 10 July 13 18:50 BST (UK)  »
an RC chapel is shown in the village of Athlacca on the 1st Ed. OSI maps, so probably the parish church at the time - see : RC Church, Athlacca

Limerick / Re: athlacca, limerick
« on: Wednesday 10 July 13 18:45 BST (UK)  »
In the 1830s I would say RC parish was Atlhacca/Dromin - NLI film Pos. 2426. Extract from Lewis for Athlacca civil parish "... In the R. C. divisions the parish also forms part of the union or district of Dromin, and has a chapel. A school of about 60 boys and 20 girls is aided by the Rev. J. O'Regan, P.P...."

Cork / Re: knocknamogologh
« on: Wednesday 10 July 13 18:27 BST (UK)  »
checked my copy of the townland index, and the civil parish for Knocknamucklagh is actually 'Kilmeen', so looks like a typo on SeanRuad.

Think maybe the Knocktemple mistake came from misreading of the entry a couple of lines above for one of the Knocknamuck townlands which also happens to be in Kanturk poor law union, and the same barony (Duhallow) as Knocknamucklagh

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