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Right, here's my second message.  I'll now try that PM.

Sorry to hijack this thread, but I'm trying to contact Poldweia.

I tried to send you a Personal Message but have now discovered that Rootschat rules state that a new Rootschatter has to make 3 postings before they can use the Personal Message system (it's a security thing!).

You should get notification of this message as you've already contributed to the thread. Can you please make 2 more posts to bring your total up to 3 and then send me a Personal Message just to let me know that you're 'up and running'.

It's to do with the Barsleys of Lincolnshire - you and I are the only Rootschat members with the name Barsley listed in their Surname Interests.

I'll keep my fingers crossed that I'll hear from you.  ;D


Hi Jill, I haven't been on this site in months as I was getting confused how to use it.  I will try posting this and then another one and try contacting you.


How to Use RootsChat (Please don't post requests here) / Re: Messages, Replies and E-mails
« on: Saturday 13 September 08 12:01 BST (UK)  »
Thank you for that question and answer.  I was going to ask exactly the same thing!   ;)

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