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In the opening post our OP gave us the 1912 birth rego details for Adeline.  NSW bdm online index check confirms there are likely birth regos in NSW fir older and younger siblings,  all in inner Sydney suburbs.


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UNKNOWN = Fredrick?

Update: born 26 Jul 1908 Gloucestershire

So we need to find her immigration to Qld.

ADD   See next reply.


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I am trying to find details of the correct husband of ADELINE GLADYS DYER, youngest daughter of Albert Ernest Dyer and Ada Farquharson, born in 1912 (25425/1912) in Annondale, NSW. According to the Public Member Trees, they show that she married a Harold Edward Weaver, however there is no confirming details of the marriage in the BDM's of NSW, VIC or QLD. The only evidence of a marriage by Harold Edward Weaver is to a Olive Annie Wicks in 1944 (NSW 24346/1944), and on the Australian Electoral Rolls, they were found to be living together between 1949 to 1963 at 28 Watkins Street, Golden Grove, NSW. There was another Harold Edward Weaver born in 1891 in NSW, but died in 1892 (NSW-443/1892).
I couldn't find Adeline on the Australian Electoral Rolls, and apart from Adeline's birth details, The only other information found was her death details in the Qld. BDM, which showed she appears to have married a man named UNKNOWN BULL. She is shown as having died on 25 May 1963, somewhere in Queensland (Reg: 1963/B/58544). Parents are correctly shown as Albert Ernest Dyer and Ada Farquharson.
Hoping you can shed some light on the problem.

If you were to obtain an actual copy of her Qld bdm death cert you should find detailed info about her.  The B in the ref. Number indicates her death was registered in Brisbane.  ... the nformants name, address, her own family history info perhaps where & when born, her marriage/children,  where buried/cremated, cause of death....


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My name starts with a Vertical Line.   It is a Downstroke that I make as part of the Capital Letter, J.

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I have a 1904 UK birth certificate in which the child's name contains a £ sign. Has anyone seen this before or know what it signifies? The child was illegitimate and born in the workhouse. There are three numbered items on the certificate. I've seen numbered items before where a change is made and a note made at the side of the certificate with the registrar's initials. This certificate follows that pattern. The child's name is given as Charles Kate £Harold. (Following the pattern at the time the name column doesn't include the surname.) Kate has been scored out and numbered 32. Kate is also the mother's name. The £ sign has been numbered 33 although that number might apply to the whole £Harold. The father's name column contains a + and is numbered 34 but it isn't clear what the change was. Maybe it was originally a dash and was changed to a +.

My guess is that the £ sign is an attempt to indicate the name of the father. I've checked in the 1901 census for people in the area with the surname Harold and haven't found any.

The birth registration was six weeks after the birth and made by Kate. Unfortunately, the story ends unhappily. The child died six months later and the cause of death was given as Malnutrition since birth. In the baptism record Kate is described as a Mother's Help (but Domestic House Keeper on the birth certificate) so you'd hope she knew something about looking after babies. I've been struck by how unhappy Kate looks in later photos and I'm guessing this might be part of the reason.

This too.


Surnames ... i think that dates from 1960s for baby's birth registration. 


It is now just after 3 a.m. and my OH is chatting on phone with an overseas client.  So here I am, reading new replies ...

Yes, now that I read back over this thread there does seem to have been additional words added to that post. 

Not to worry, arthurk,  I am sure your interpretations are correct for that b.c. 

Perhaps the cybersnafflers nicked the ADD or EDIT or similar alert word to show a post had been modified.   :-X

JM .... OH still on phone ... its 3.21 a.m.  I'm going to make a cuppa.

Wiki says pound sterling had two strokes....  :D

The birth cert is from that era.. .  :D


Please do not consider that was a pound sign.  A handwritten pound sign likely needed two horizontal lines through it.  To me, it is a Capital L  that has been written and then excluded from the official registration.

My reasoning:

I am old enough to have been taught to write a pound sign as a capital L  wirh two strokes through the downstroke.  I am young enough to remember how to divide pounds, shillings and pence by pounds, shillings and pence,  and to appreciate a Guinea was a pound plus commission.

JM in NSW Australia just after 1 a.m.

Australia / Re: When did Samuel PAGE arrive in Queensland?
« on: Wednesday 20 October 21 03:50 BST (UK)  »
Hi there,

Do you have the d.c. for him ?  Does it give a response to the question "How Long in the Colony/ies?"  Is this his death indexed at Qld bdm?   3 September 1865,  #1865/C/879.  Mother as Hannah MAYCOCK and father as William PAGE?  Assuming his widow provided that info, it would likely be reliable.

This newspaper cutting seems to have the couple as Wardsman and Matron at Warwick Hospital. Brisbane Courier 4 March 1865.  Would Qld Archives have employment history for either or both?

Looks like Emma re-married 6 May 1866, John Gale See Qld BDM online.   Her death cert should give response to that same question re How Long in the Colony.


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