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Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / Re: 1877 McKay birth details
« on: Monday 10 January 22 11:21 GMT (UK)  »
Absolutely Brilliant GR2  !!!

You are a very knowledgeable person!  I would never have figured that one out - and certainly never knew the situation about smallpox vaccinations in those days, and of the situation re copies of certificates.   It is reminding me that in my tree, there was an 8 year old child who died of smallpox - sometime around 1860'ish I think - in Glasgow.  I wonder when the vaccination for smallpox actually started.  Somewhat relevant in these days of covid vaccs!!

So, thank you very much indeed for your input - Very helpful!

Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / Re: 1877 McKay birth details
« on: Monday 10 January 22 09:58 GMT (UK)  »
Hi again,
Hope that this attachment will come through - I know it isn't easy, not much to compare letters to... but any ideas on the first word?  To re-cap, it is a 1st July 1877 birth, registered on 21st July - but then there is this reference to something on 17th December 1877... and crossed out... Difficult one.

Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / 1877 McKay birth details
« on: Monday 10 January 22 06:19 GMT (UK)  »
In this Birth registration of July 1877, "Lochs, Isle of Lewis, Outer Hebrides" there are some sort of corrections in the first column.  Can anyone decipher?  Under the name Mary MacKay,  " ??? as per certification dated 17 December 1877".  It is definitely the first word that interests me.  The birth was on 1st July 1877, registration is dated 21st July, so what is the relevance of 17th December???  I know that depending on the time of year (full winter) births could take some weeks to get registered, but not in this case.  The informant of the birth was an aunt, not the mother or father, - and in the following census, young Mary seems to be living with the grandparents and aunt, who went on to have two illegitimate children of her own.. Just makes me wonder... so really want to know what that first word is! 
Oh dear, getting message that attachment is too large (1.4 mb) - I have cropped the image right down to the bare essentials but it still stays the same size!! hmm... Hard to decipher if I can't show it to you lol... The first word looks vaguely like "Incessation"  "Incurration"???    Any advice re re-sizing attachment gladly accepted!

Armed Forces / Re: Gordon Highlanders enlistments WW1
« on: Monday 01 November 21 21:02 GMT (UK)  »
Hiya middlesborough

No, Donald wasn't previously married, nor was Johanna.  They were forerunners of todays young people inasmuch as they weren't great ones for the formality of marriage!  Donald in particular was a Highland Traveller, who were too busy surviving to bother about things like that.  They did in fact get married in 1914, just before Donald went off to war.  Let's face it, in those days there wasn't a social welfare system, and it was an insurance policy in case he didn't survive (died in fact in Belgium 1916) - so at least they knew that she would get a War Pension to help raise the children. 

Armed Forces / Re: Gordon Highlanders enlistments WW1
« on: Monday 01 November 21 06:19 GMT (UK)  »
Hi again,
Still working on the information you all very kindly found for me.  Still not found Donalds attestation, nor 1901 census, might never - but in the meantime I am learning so much more about military stuff.  The Gordon Highlanders Museum might in the future come up with something for me - who knows.
I am a bit limited, not having Anc. full membership - so haven't checked out English 1901 census.  (vague thought being Donald was down South, with the regiment or some sort of training???)  Not found him on Family Search UK census... Had a look at armyservicenumbers - not found him on FindMyPast service records.  Most of his children born after 1903 were in Aberdeen(shire) ... it is those damn earlier years which are so elusive.  So, even if with all your info we think his attestation with Gordons was somewhere between 1908 and 1910.. linking it with births  - He and Johanna McKay his wife had various childen before their marriage in 1914 - they had twins in 1907  - he is listed as father - then two other children in 1908 and 1910 - these two listed as "illegitimate - mother Johanna McKay" - no father.  I believe that if the father of the illegitimate child presented at the registration he could be named, otherwise not.  So is this more evidence to his attestation/ some sort of military training at this time?   
Anyway - again I am very thankful for your help - Tony - Jim1, CraigM63, - will await the Gordons Museum info - but have already learnt a lot more!

Armed Forces / Re: Gordon Highlanders enlistments WW1
« on: Friday 29 October 21 11:02 BST (UK)  »
Hi again friends,

Busy day for me, and still have to "take in" all the info given.  Have received very nice reply from Gordon Highlanders museum... as they are all volunteers, it might quite some weeks before they find anything of help...  In the meantime I have just done a "google" wander and have found the following website which is very very interesting... Not sure if you know of it... it is
?? Relevancy?  Very interesting.. Will get more into it all tomorrow.

Armed Forces / Re: Gordon Highlanders enlistments WW1
« on: Thursday 28 October 21 22:20 BST (UK)  »
Wow everyone, and Thank you

Trust Rootshchatters to be so knowledgeable, and generous with time and effort.  Not quite 8 a.m. here in Australia, and just getting organised to set off to my volunteer job (Not genealogy!) - Will need some time to assimilate and mull over all your info.  Will get back to you!

Australia / Re: Mary Lillian Lucy Bates Woodville Death 1973
« on: Thursday 28 October 21 10:50 BST (UK)  »
Hi there "Black sheep",

Just a coincidence.  I live a couple of streets away from "The Grove", walk my dog  there often.  It is a lovely street, with rather nice old houses, in fact it is seen to be one of the "better" streets in the area.  Not sure about number 22 - but makes me think that your Mary Bates must have been fairly "comfortable".

Armed Forces / Re: Gordon Highlanders enlistments WW1
« on: Thursday 28 October 21 07:56 BST (UK)  »
Thank you very much for the info Neale and Tonepad.

Neale - dont think it is any of those 3.  Although my Donald was of the "Aberdeen Stewarts" - he was born in Barvas Isle of Lewis in 1885.  Interesting, I had never seen the Gordon Highlanders listed as 75th Foot.. Don't know much about the military history.

Tonepad - Can't remember way back when i did most of my research, if I tried to do the English census - so focused on Scotlandspeople.  Again the birth of the one in Aldershot is a bit out, both in place and year. 
Will be intereting to see if the Gord. Highlanders museum have any hints.

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