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Staffordshire / Re: Bradmore wolverhampton, Gunmakers and Church Road
« on: Sunday 28 April 13 11:44 BST (UK)  »
Hi Pat

My gran lived in one of the terraced houses in Maple Road until her death in 1955.  At the junction of Maple Road with Seisdon Road was an area of waste ground where I used to play as a kid - there were house bricks and roof slates and all sorts of demolition rubble there, so I should imagine several houses had been knocked down at some time during the War.  Could this account for the missing house numbers you've come across?

Does anyone remember the Williams family who lived in Maple Road?  They had a granddaughter named Olwen.  She and I used to play hop-scotch and skipping games around an old lamp standard opposite the terrace.  It has only recently been removed, so it served a long innings!

- judijee

Hi Sue

The main area of concentration for my Fennyhouse family was around Lapley, Blymhill and Wheaton Aston in Staffordshire.  I have come across one instance so far of the name spelled Fernyhouse, so yes, there is a possibility that it could be a variation of Fernyhough/s found around Cheadle and Dilhorn - the two areas aren't that far apart.  Thanks for drawing this to my attention  :)

- judijee

Staffordshire / Re: Has anyone come across the surname Fennyhouse (various spellings)?
« on: Wednesday 01 August 12 13:11 BST (UK)  »
Hi Paul

Yes, I have all the names recorded on Ancestry and on the very helpful free parish records site, and I am aware of John Fennyhouse Green.  But thanks for responding to my enquiry!

- judijee 

I am researching a branch of my family named Fennyhouse - spellings include Fennehouse, Fennyes, Fynneyes, Finnhowse - who lived in west Staffordshire from at least the 16th century up until around a hundred years ago.  I am trying to build up a database and would be grateful for any information.

Staffordshire / Re: Bradmore wolverhampton, Gunmakers and Church Road
« on: Saturday 07 August 10 11:47 BST (UK)  »
Brockhouse's it was.  I can remember Gran using her ration book there, so that's going back a bit!!  I wonder if anyone recalls my gran, or the terrace of houses in Maple Road?  Her name was May Finch and she had two daughters: the younger one (from her second marriage) was also called May, and the older one was my mother Gwen Fowler, a glamorous little blonde who loved going dancing.  Next door at the end house was a family named Williams - I used to play with their grandaughter Olwen.
The old postcard photo of the Trysull Road - although it dates from around 1900  - is pretty much as I remember it from the 1940s, although by then there were some houses on the right hand side, too.  Maple Road turned off to the left just round the corner from the end cottages, and there was an area of rough wasteland that we used as a playground.
I would guess that the name Bradmore has the same origin as Broadmoor (!) and originally described a broad, open tract of land that sloped up towards the Goldthorn Hill/Coalway Road ridge.

- Judy  

Staffordshire / Re: Bradmore wolverhampton, Gunmakers and Church Road
« on: Friday 06 August 10 16:14 BST (UK)  »
Hi all -
I've just caught up with this topic, and reading your posts has brought back such a lot of childhood memories.  My gran lived in Maple Road (just round the corner from the Gunmakers Arms) in a terrace of six late-Victorian houses that stood on the lefthand side.  I think they were demolished in the early 1960s, but the old lamp standard is still there where a crowd of us kids used to play hopscotch and skipping in the years just after the War.  It was originally a gas lamp, and when I was very small I would look out for the gaslighter coming round with his ladder to light the lamp of an evening. 
Gran and I often used to visit the Gunmakers to fetch a jug of stout, or else we'd go up to the Bradmore Arms and sit on the wooden bench in the 'outdoor'.  She did her shopping at a grocer's in Church Road called Brockhouse's (or Brocklebank's, I can't quite recall).  Another shop now long gone was in one of the terraced houses round the corner in Trysull Road - it sold wool and all sorts as well as having a post office, and was run by two sisters and their brother.
I was born in Birches Barn Avenue, and when I was around 12 or so we lived in Minsterley Close, on the other side of Trysull Road from Maple Road.   I've lived all over the place since then, but Bradmore has always meant more to me than anywhere else, so thank you to everyone who has brought back so many memories.

- judijee

Thanks, Linell.  I've just taken a look at the Sandwell archives site and can't see St Peter's Harborne among the churches listed there.  I know Birmingham Archives hold the parish registers for that particular church, so my best bet is to contact their genealogist.


- judijee

Hi CaroleW and linell

Thanks for your response.  I am hoping that the address and father's occupation details for this baptism will confirm that the child's father was my own forebear, who worked variously as a framework knitter and a toll-gate keeper.  In both 1841 and 1851 he and his wife Eliza were living in Nottingham (no children shown on the censuses) but in 1858 their only surviving son was born at Ridgeacre (then part of North Harborne parish) which gives me the connection.  I know that William and Eliza moved around the Midlands, so this baptism for a daughter in 1846 at North Harborne would make sense.  Also, a relation of Eliza Eyre was toll-gate keeper at Wood End, Lichfield, in the 1840s.  Unfortunately, there appears to be no registration for the birth of a daughter to William and Eliza Eyre in 1846.

I would be most grateful for any help.

- judijee

I am searching for details of a baptism at St Peter's parish church, North Harborne.  The parish was formerly in Staffordshire and used to cover what is now Smethwick, all of modern-day Harborne, and Ridgeacre in Halesowen.  The baptism was that of ELIZA EYRE on 24 May 1846, and the parents were William and Eliza Eyre.
Many thanks - judijee.

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