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The Common Room / Re: New York Arriving passenger list
« on: Wednesday 01 February 23 12:08 GMT (UK)  »

I think the brother in law is Simon Freedman.
Now presumably he'd have to marry a Levy.

Now searching here I can see a Simon Freedman who married a Rachel Levy in Manchester in 1903
 - I think the family are all together in 1930 - Lesser and Etta, his brother "Sam" and his sister in law "Ray". Sam and Ray emigrated in 1905.

1920 census for Sam and Ray:
1940 having moved to California:
 - her death, giving father as Abraham mother "Bluma"
States both parents were born Poland, although she is consistent born England.

While they say they came in 1905, Ray can be found making another trip in 1910:
This is useful because it gives an address for "Abram Levy" (father? brother? - not stated), 35 Lord St, Cheetham, Manchester.

Also, the Bluma leads me to this:
1881: daugher Rachel:
1891: daughters Rachel and Letty:
daughters "Rachel" and "Yetta"

The Common Room / Re: Born in France (British Subject) (Early 1800's)
« on: Monday 30 January 23 11:27 GMT (UK)  »
It might be simply that he was working on ships back and forth, met a nice English lass and decided to stay for her.

I can't find anything more about Aristide Sautreuil. His stepfather, John Morgan, died in 1854, also in Fecamp.

It does look like his parents actually married in England:
and he had an older brother born there:

The Common Room / Re: Born in France (British Subject) (Early 1800's)
« on: Sunday 29 January 23 12:15 GMT (UK)  »
Honoré Jules Sautreuil born 1823 married in Fecamp in 1854 so can't be him.
Given the "Auster " find earlier I wonder about this young man, given the connection to England:

Aristide Adolphe Sautreuil born 1821. He was listed as the son of Casimir Sautreuil, aged 44, and his wife Elizabeth Adcock, 27, who was born in England.

Nicholas Casimir Sautreuil, aged 52, husband of Elizabeth Adcock, died in 1829

Elizabeth Adcock, born Ashby de la Zouch, widow of Nicholas Casimir Sautreuil, remarried in 1834 to an Englishman, John Morgan, who was also widowed.

Elizabeth remained in Fecamp and died there in 1847.

Standard I was the lowest. See for example here:

The children did not progress by age; it was test based progression. 0 might mean hadn't passed any certificate, hadn't had the chance to take the test, or the information from previous school wasn't available.
 - reading the parliament debates can be interesting. Here they discuss the issue of children of those workers who tended to move around struggling to show the required number of attendances to take their exams.

Europe / Re: Antonio de Travers 1852-1931
« on: Sunday 29 January 23 02:39 GMT (UK)  »

Anton Viktor Travers v. Ortenstein, b. 1852 and went to Australia, is listed here, son of Johann Rudolph Anton Travers and his wife Maria Christine Schaber.  Looks like quite a few generations back are listed.

My German is definiately not good enough to translate the whole thing.

The Common Room / Re: Born in France (British Subject) (Early 1800's)
« on: Sunday 29 January 23 02:20 GMT (UK)  »
Fecamp has a long history of boatbuilding and shipyards which makes sense considering his occupation.

Also at I can see records for various ships travelling between Fecamp and Sunderland in the shipping info in newspapers so there was clearly a path there for him to get to Sunderland (probably mostly fishing/trade, not passenger ships).

I wonder if he might have been "Sautreuil" originally which is common in the area.  His birth might be in one of the other towns along the coast but he grew up or apprenticed in Fecamp.  Marriage certificate would definitely help.

Europe / Re: Antonio de Travers 1852-1931
« on: Saturday 28 January 23 04:21 GMT (UK)  »
How about Grisons for the canton? Also called Graubünden.

This would be the place I think:

Canada / Re: Janet Bell Glover (nee Retson)
« on: Sunday 15 January 23 07:47 GMT (UK)  »
Saskatoon divorce records are on FS (docket index)

File starts page 568, runs to 664

Mostly legalese but here are some useful bits:
580: a history of where the Glovers had lived + list of their children
581: a date of April 1920 for the beginnings of the relationship between Robert and Ellen (this places Robert in Foleyet, Ontario, at this time)
596: a private letter from Ellen to Robert (Bob), summitted  as evidence
629: another private letter, this from Ellen to her mother? mother in law? Calls Adam "Murray" and talks about changes in law that will allow her to marry Bob.  A second hand (probably the mother) has written something uncomplimentary at the end.
631: original marriage certificate Adam and Ellen
636: another private letter, Ellen to Bob (followed by a typewritten transcript).
643: a letter from Robert to Ellen ("EK")

I didn't see any reference to Janet, but perhaps she was deceased by April 1920 when the affair started.

There's only one Edward Kelly death for Edward Sr I can find - was registered in 1924 in the district of Louisburgh but the death was late 1923 in Durless which is a bit south-east of Louisburgh
He was listed as 85, and his son Edward is the informant, which tells you he was still around in this
- this would seem to be a likely marriage then for Edward Jr, as it also gives residence of Durless and other details are a match.

Range of births available online is quite limited for privacy reasons but Edward and his wife Maggie nee Hastings had at least two daughters in quite short succession after their marriage so I see no reason why they would not have had further children.
 - I think this would be Edward's death.
 - and this would seem to be their grave site.
It lists a Mary died 1952 (appears to be Edward's sister Mary, who never married: )

A son, Michael, is buried with them and two other presumed daughters are named as having put up the stone.

Now I do think some of their children might have moved to the US, see these obituaries:

However at least two (Nora and Michael) seem to have stayed in Ireland.

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