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Skoosh ;D ;D ;D ;D .
Are you ready and waiting for the Uprising?
Don’t do what Bionne Prions Tearlach did at Derby though.
I am not looking that up for correction,as I am sure you are a secret Gaelic speaker just waiting for the call!

Thanks ,I was not familiar with the barras.
I love markets  and bargains and I have found on our wonderful market in Bury you can buy clothes especially,which are identical to brands,can not tell the difference,but half the price.
Once on our way to Oban the train stopped at Glasgow where we had a wait for our connection.
We went to the museum as I had told our little boys about the great claymore there.
We went but sadly it was away for conservation work .
Now cleadhagh mhor? Correct me ,that is from memory but it looks as if I have missed some letters out.
Knew it was wrong ,looked it up- claidheamh- mor.V.

That sounds great,which area is that?
The paving stones,( not York stone but some composite material) are so uneven and dangerous hereabouts ,Council has no money it says to re set them but I trip almost every time I go shopping etc and probably many others do and some will want compensation.
Whether they will get it is another matter.!
Neglect is never the  cheapest option in the long run.

Many places ,with heritage in mind,have kept setts in special locations.
They are so hard wearing,but sadly there are very few paviors  left who know how to lay them so they are stable.
Only molten tar needed to keep them in place if they are properly bedded down.

Nice to see cobbles properly described,Coronation St is erroneously described as “The Cobbles “.
Only streets in very old parts of towns would be cobbled,after towns expanded streets were setted.
Most surviving surfaces will be setts.
However they are noisy,bone shaking if not properly maintained,and so asphalted over. Rather a shame I feel.
Can you imagine the racket when cart horses traversed them hauling carts
heavily laden,especially when those carts had wooden wheels with iron tyres
But the sound of clogs in the early mornings clattering over York stone pavements and crossing granite setted streets is something I hope never to forget.
It is part of my heritage.
There is a book title there ,”The sound of clogs in the early morning ——+?
Can’t remember.

I am sorry but who?
I know both  Oldham Road and Hague Street ,and the school there very well.

Dotty, what information do you have?Obviously something to connect the school with M/c,any area or district.

Free Photo Restoration & Date Old Photographs / Re: Help dating School photograph
« on: Monday 21 January 19 23:18 GMT (UK)  »
The rolled style is very Edwardian and would be the older girls,I think it was called” putting your hair up “and marked a stage in life.
Probably 18 or so.
The others look younger.
Most probably a Roman Catholic convent school but can’t think why such young children would be there .

Free Photo Restoration & Date Old Photographs / Re: Help dating School photograph
« on: Monday 21 January 19 17:43 GMT (UK)  »
I think it might be the first school photograph,the date seems about right, given the style of blouses worn.
Do you know something,every school photograph like this one, when I first see it I think it is my school.
I can honestly see girls who attended my school!
How weird is that?
I can name them!

(The very very very long rolled up one of my school was taken in 1952.Many years after this one.)


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