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Well, a very sunny day but with a delicious ,cool ,gentle breeze .
A parcel arrived ,some long awaited Yardley’s Lavender ,talc soap and Eau de toilette .
For my friend in Shropshire ,bedridden now and in this weather!
Out of stock for ages.

Off to Bury today, but will drop off at PO to post the parcel on, came from Yardley’s to me,was not possible to get them to post it to my friend.

Noticed my Buddlea was a bit droopy ,so drenched it ,.
A flipping squirrel or something has been nibbling my Bramley apples!

I am sorry to read of those ill and the loved ones who are also ill.
It is a hard time to be ill and a big worry as although services are doing very well, things are not the same.
Sincere good wishes to you all.

I must get going now, the weather is much more comfortable but may not be so tomorrow.
M&S here I come ,plus the fishmarket for proper kippers.
I might even have fish and chips from a really good plaice  ;D ;D ;D,no you know I mean place.Thomson’s a well known chain , very high standard .

Off I go , will look in on you all later.
Cheerio .Viktoria.

The Stay Safe Board / Re: Diary > Summary - Week ending 25th July 2021
« on: Thursday 22 July 21 22:24 BST (UK)  »
Just watched Cold Comfort Farm ,missed the first ten minutes or so .
Did not see Agony Beetle and the Jazz Band .
It was written as a sort of antidote to the books written by Mary Webb, they were a bit mawkish and often written from the point of view if a woman with very strong emotions but who sadly was not very attractive.
Mary Webb’s themes were very like those of Thomas Hardy, especially his Tess of The  D’Urbevilles and her Gone To Earth.
G to E was written about the part of Shropshire where I grew up.
The Baptist Chapel where my paternal Great grandparents worshipped and were buried in the graveyard., they were used in the film as they were in the book.
The Stiperstones hills and a rocky outcrop called The Devil’s Chair,
A film was shot on the real location andI had gone back on holiday so met the stars Jennifer Jones, David Farrar( Ooooo! Sharp intake of breath )€Cyril Cusack ,George Cole,Dane Sibyl Thorndyke.

Mary Webb was a bit mawkish but she had a good insight into human nature and in her character Squire Jack Reddin ( another intake of breath)  she really
summed up his failings “and he never knew what he had done “—-.
I did enjoy the book Cold Comfort Farm ,years ago but not so well the film today.

Well some rumbles of thunder this evening ,I still watered the containers though ,so hot again today .
I have done very little today, just felt no energy so thought go with  the  feeling and keep cool but I did get washing out early ,big bath towels were totally dry in minutes .
Changed my bed so a bath tonight or my mother will haunt me!
Bedding washed too .
Just watching “ Dunkirk” ,it is a miracle anyone got away ,what a feat,all the little ships.
Wonder if The Medway Queen ,the last remaining “ little ship “is still in existence?

We went to Dunkirk  one holiday and my husband wanted to see a particular
memorial ,so we enquired at the Tourist office  and to get a town map .
The quite young girl at the counter  did not understand what we wanted ,especially about the memorial, eventually she said “Oh you mean when you ran away!!!!!————I nearly jumped over the counter to get her by the throat !
So she got all guns!
“ We came back though didn’t we!,
She half agreed ,but gave us a town map .
I wrote to the  Bureau de Tourism  and complained about her attitude ,and that she was not suitable to be employed in an area where so many British lives had been lost .

Well dustbin day is here again tomorrow , the weeks go by so quickly  really.
Was going to Bury today but felt it was unwise  given the extreme heat.

Hope everyone is alright , especially Roobarb, and those we know are ill .
Cheerio everyone .

The Stay Safe Board / Re: Diary > Summary - Week ending 25th July 2021
« on: Thursday 22 July 21 11:28 BST (UK)  »
Sorry to hear that Mark, I must not get complacent re my blood sugar levels at 43, last time 42.
I wonder if the thirst is to do with your blood sugar levels, it is a frequent pointer to raised levels.
Chatted to a passerby yesterday, she had open toed sandals on and said her dog had trodden on her toes but that she could not wear proper shoes as she frequently gets inflamed toes  and fingers round her nails
.Had been told it was pre  diabetes.
The trouble is we can convert carbohydrates to sugars so bread,potatoes,pasta, etc can be almost as bad as sweet things .
I only weigh eight and a half stones at most , but pre heart attack in 2009 I was nearly ten stones which on my five foot two height was too much!

I read the small print on everything ,and it is apalling how much sugar is in supposedly “ Healthy “ bars and snacks .
Even a slice of tea loaf has a lot of sugar.

People say”  have honey” ,but it is not the answer and fructose in fruit can be converted .
Hope you feel better ,Oh - and would it mean one vaccination would trigger our immune system which would be better than repeated boosters. ?

The Stay Safe Board / Re: Diary > Summary - Week ending 25th July 2021
« on: Wednesday 21 July 21 22:49 BST (UK)  »
Glad to read the good news from you all .

A very heavy cloudburst this early evening ,and I had just watered mine and my neighbour’s container plants .
Another real scorcher today, I was fit for nothing really ,but cooler now it has rained.

How horrible the rain in China and people trapped on  the underground  .
More drownings here too , what a shame.

Well Liverpool has lost its World Heritage status ,redevelopment is the cause but no one has actually visited it seems .
Peel Holdings wanted to build but the new building would have obscured The Three Graces .
John Whittaker of P.H .is a Ramsbottom man.
He is totally detested in the town.
He managed to buy up the Ground  Rents of Ramsbottom properties,they are very long - 999 years , most building done in 1800’s so his heirs have a long wait .
They are very low too, my old house was £5-00 per year.
He has bought them but does not seem to colllect them ,I suppose he has worked all that out .
I opened a little bank account and each year that they were no longer collected I paid the amount in because bet your life there will be penalties for non payment .
When I left the house I left the correct amount due in cash for the new owners.Each year in a separate envelope dated .

Well, cooler now so some sleep tonight hopefully .
Weather forecast says in this NW area heatwave to continue   to weekend when more heavy rain and some flooding. 

Cheerio. Hope those unwell improve very quickly and those with worries get some peace of mind .
I see no end to this yet, and cannot agree with easing  whilst numbers are still rising and many unvaccinated still.
Take care everyone.Viktoria.

Free Photo Restoration & Date Old Photographs / Re: Name of house
« on: Tuesday 20 July 21 22:26 BST (UK)  »
Well appears to be four letters and the first may
be a capital R ,the other three are short letters ,no tall l or b d f h k t so how about Rose Cottage ,just as a starting point?

The Stay Safe Board / Re: Diary > Summary - Week ending 18th July 2021
« on: Monday 19 July 21 22:20 BST (UK)  »
Oh that is better news, Candleflame, glad to read it.
An appointment at the Dr’s?
They have all gone by ten past eight ,trouble is there is not one full time Dr there ,all must be doing private work as only in two days etc.

The backlog of things that were treatable will now be enormous ,and of much worsened conditions.

I thought when restrictions were lifted I would feel relief etc but no,now it is more apprehension ,it is too soon .

The Stay Safe Board / Re: Diary > Summary - Week ending 25th July 2021
« on: Monday 19 July 21 21:29 BST (UK)  »
I am truly apprehensive, longing to see family but not even at the back of my mind ,very much at the front, I feel absolutely sure the rise in numbers will
be astronomical.
How can the lockdown be ended when everyday hospital admissions double?

Again Andy Burnham talked sense.
Don’t always agree with him but as far as Covid 19 is concerned he has been pretty well on the ball.
This is all premature , so many unvaccinated people still, being a covert little HitlerI would make it enforceable for those unvaccinated by choice , to protect those like Roobarb ,vaccinated,careful , yet she has it!

We pussy foot around things like this , we all have human rights but when people’s rights are violated by non vaccinated by choice people ,sorry
it is time to make vaccination mandatory .

We are not at the end, it is not even the end of the beginning or the beginning of the end or something like that .

I am not changing anything .
It won’t be easy when others are behaving differently and I am now really fed up with the isolation and difficulties which ensue from the necessary restrictions ,but as with others I have
 three generations after me to consider, I have had a long life and they deserve theirs.

The Stay Safe Board / Re: Diary > Summary - Week ending 18th July 2021
« on: Monday 19 July 21 17:45 BST (UK)  »
Now my OH was colour blind with beiges fawns and soft greys ,as is my second son ( hope you are sitting down —-) he worked fir the MOD after Uni for a while ! Tanks and ballistics!
I admired a pair of Khaki pants he had in an olive gree khaki but his shirt was a Sandy beige, he truly thought they were the same colour .
My OH regularly appeared wearing a grey and a  beige sock ,if told with total  sang froid he’d say “ I have another pair at home just like these!”
I had to pair them up for him ,he thought he was helping when I was folding washing etc!
It was a good job we were never invaded, he would have put the kettle on!

The Common Room / Re: Family Heirlooms
« on: Monday 19 July 21 17:35 BST (UK)  »
Ah but Erato, my dialect is specific to one area , given the number of immigrants who flooded into N.Y, there it will be a “ compound dialect” many different ones all together.

It is rich - especially from the Language of
of Eastern European Jews .
Still in use whereas hereabouts the local one is dying fairly quickly due to outside influences like TV etc.

Exit Viktoria chased by bear!


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