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Australia / David Miller Dawson
« on: Yesterday at 03:55 »
I am researching my Dawson side of the family and have come across a discrepancy as to whom David Miller married.  David was the son of Thomas and Alison (nee Miller) Dawson, born in South Australia in 1878, the 6th of nine children. I believe he died in Sydney in 1936. The discrepancy is, did he marry Florence Maitland Wilson or Maitland Florence Burgess, possibly in Scots Church, Melbourne in 1909?
I found a son, Thomas James Dawson who was born in 1910 in Adelaide. I have no idea whether there were other children from the marriage, or if indeed, Thomas was David's child. 
Any information on David's marriage and birth and death details of his wife, would be very much appreciated.  I believe his wife could have been born in Victoria.


Australia / Re: David Ralph Bierwirth
« on: Saturday 12 June 21 06:29 BST (UK)  »
Thank you Cupoflife and Sparrett,
That confirms some of the information I have. Interesting that you could not find a death for a sister of David either.  I did find the death of someone with exactly the same name and correct parents on
Ancestry, but that was in 1984 and it was the early 2000's that I met her, so whoever put that up, clearly has the wrong one!

Australia / David Ralph Bierwirth
« on: Wednesday 09 June 21 00:50 BST (UK)  »
I am trying to locate any relatives of David Ralph Bierwirth born June 1923, died 2002 in Victoria.
Many years ago I met his sister and she sent me a copy of a book she had written and she dated it 1.11.06.  We kept in touch for a short time and then our correspondence ceased.  As she was born in 1926, I assume she could possibly be deceased or an elderly lady, hence not giving her name. They were the son and daughter of Rosalind Madge Bierwirth (nee Guerin).
I am currently researching the Guerin family as one has appeared on Ancestry DNA as being closely related to me.
Any help would be appreciated.

Australia / Margaret and Ray Statton -
« on: Monday 29 March 21 04:35 BST (UK)  »
This may well be a "long shot" but I would like to be in touch with the child/children of Margaret and Ray Statton who, until their deaths, lived in Plymouth, Devon, England.

Margaret and I corresponded for several years and I visited her and Ray on two occasions when visiting the UK.  We were trying to find a connection between our families at the time.

I was going through some old emails I had printed out and found one dated 2006, asking for any information that I might be able to find regarding Statton/Tippett relatives in Victoria and Tasmania in the 1800's to mid 1900's.

At the time, I didn't have the internet and a lot of what I needed was not readily available.  However, I have now find some that might be of interest, obviously to her children if they too are as interested in family history as their mother was.

If anyone knows of Margaret and Ray and has contact with their children (think a son called in when I was at their home in the 1990's) please get in touch with me, as I would love to pass on what I have found.


Australia / Re: James Slater - Victoria
« on: Monday 22 February 21 04:25 GMT (UK)  »
Thank you to Maddys 52, Gran and Jamjar for all your help in researching James Slater.

Some of the information confirmed what I had found and a lot of it was new information.
Although I can usually find SMH notices (as long as the papers have been digitized), I do have trouble with The Age and Herald Sun in Melbourne.
I could not locate The Age for the death of Martha Cecilia Slate which appeared 25 June 1977
Death for Margaret Dorothy Hoare whose death also in The Age on 17 March 1973.

I believe (from a distant relative) that Veronica Frances Emma b. 1899 married Laurence Michael Jones and had 7 children.  Apparently died from a stroke at 86, but that is only hearsay at moment.

I am not sure about Francis Joseph (Alexander) Slater either who possibly married Annie Louise Chandler.

Thank you jamjar, you certainly gave me a lot of information and I am very grateful.

Australia / James Slater - Victoria
« on: Monday 15 February 21 00:08 GMT (UK)  »
I am trying to research the children of James Slater b. 1867 Victoria and d. 1933 Victoria and his wife Martha Cecilia (nee Harvey) Slater, b. 1893 Victoria and d. 1977 Victoria.  They had six children.  I do have scant info on the first three (their full names and years of births, plus their deaths).  I am looking for anything on the other three children whose names I believe were Leo Vincent, Desmond Xavier and Joan Carmel. 

Also, James was previously married to Margaret Kathleen O'Neill b. 1867 Ireland.  James and Margaret had 7 children to my knowledge.  Margaret died in 1902.

One was Edgar James Daniel Slater who possibly married Helen Jackson.  I don't know where/when they married or when either died or any family.

Another child was Francis (Frank) Jos. (presumably Joseph) Slater b. 1902 in Victoria.  I have no other info on him.

I would be grateful for any help please.

Australia / Re: John Peter Burns
« on: Thursday 05 November 20 06:25 GMT (UK)  »
Hi Maddys52,

Thank you for the info re the application  for John Peter Burns'/Byrnes Naturalization in 1934.

This is something I could follow up as you suggest.


Australia / Re: John Peter Burns
« on: Thursday 05 November 20 06:04 GMT (UK)  »
Hi Jorose,

The Transcript I obtained for Catherine Burns who died in 1927 was born in Kent, England.  She had been in the Colony for 57 years.  She was aged 79 at death and had been married in Waterloo, Sydney.  Husband was James.  She was buried in the Church of England cemetery, Rookwood.

As she was married in Sydney and I think John Peter Burns arrived in Australia aged about 10 years, then this really does count her out as being his mother.

Thank you for the info of Margaret Burn's mother's funeral.  A death notice noting Margaret's husband as being John would have been helpful too!

The car accident where John, Margaret and Theresa Burns were involved is a possibility.  Thank you for that too.

A death notice for Margaret Burns could also be of some help!

Trying to find Theresa Burns (who was aged 32 when her father died in 1942) has not been easy either. 

It is also strange that John Peter Burns' father was shown as Laurence Burns on his death Transcript but on his marriage to Agnes McDougall, it is shown as "James" .    John's address was shown as 237a Henderson Rd. Alexandria.  His religion shown as RC but when he married Agnes, it was in a Congregational Church in Sydney!


Australia / John Peter Burns
« on: Wednesday 04 November 20 06:04 GMT (UK)  »
John Peter Burns' first marriage was to my Grandmother, Agnes Urie McDougall in 1896.  They had a daughter the following year who died aged 7 weeks.  John and Agnes divorced in 1900.  John was born in Chicago, Illinois c. 1869 and according to his Marriage Certificate, his parents were James and Catherine.

I know almost nothing about him other than that on his Marriage Cert. I have just received a Transcript for a John Peter Burns who was born in Illinois, USA who married a Margaret Flanagan c. 1907.  According to the Transcript, the children of the marriage were Theresa 32, (in 1942 when he died), Living and 2 females deceased.  Wondering if one of these females was Violet, the daughter he had with Agnes in 1897, although I assume not.  No previous marriage was shown on Transcript.

The fact that this John Peter Burns was born in Illinois, makes me think he is the right one, although  his parents were named as "Laurence Burns and Catherine Unknown".  Obviously depends on the knowledge of the Informant (who was his daughter Theresa).

I also obtained a Transcript for a Catherine Burns who died 1927.  The informant to her death was her daughter Agnes.  Her religion was given as Church of England (whereas John's was shown as RC). 

Catherine's spouse was James Burns (same name as given on John's marriage to Agnes McDougall in 1896).  The children of the marriage of Catherine and James were Agnes, Clara and Ruby, Living and 1 male and 3 females deceased.

John died in Alexandria Municipality and Catherine in Redfern Municipality.

Is this mother and son and can anyone shed any light on John in particular?


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