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Dorset / Re: Turpin, Tarrant Hinton and beyond
« on: Saturday 23 January 10 18:55 GMT (UK)  »
Just popped back in case any one may have any TURPIN info

Would love to discover where Richard TURPIN came from before Tarrant Hinton and Pimperne

Dorset / Re: Turpin, Tarrant Hinton and beyond
« on: Sunday 25 January 09 21:31 GMT (UK)  »

Thanks to Jen, I now Know Richard TURPIN & Ann GANDER are the parents of Samuel Turpin, this makes Richard my 5 x great grandfather

Thanks for all your help Jen ;D

So now all I need is to find where Richard is from, of coarse I may never know this, but fingers crossed ???

Dorset / Re: Turpin, Tarrant Hinton and beyond
« on: Sunday 11 January 09 15:42 GMT (UK)  »
Hi Jen,

The curry was very nice thanks, even if I do say so myself...LOL, they always turn out a fraction too hot though!!! It means I have to drink lots of beer with every curry..hehehe

Let me know if you should uncover anything new.

What sort of things are on the disc's?

I went to the records office in Dorchester on Friday and unearthed a couple of new things, I was hoping to find some Turpins on the tithe survey but sadly there was none, well there is a Joseph Shaddock who had a cottage and garden from James John Farquharson Esquire, but he is not close enough to follow up really.

Hope to go again in Feb some time if I can swing it with work.

Talk soon

Dorset / Re: Turpin, Tarrant Hinton and beyond
« on: Sunday 21 December 08 15:17 GMT (UK)  »
Hi Nanny Jan,

Thanks for your advise, but I have checked this source many times and as yet have not come up with anything new. Of coarse that does not mean that there is no more answers their, some times when you look at things from another angle you see things you had not before.

Dorset / Turpin, Tarrant Hinton and beyond
« on: Sunday 21 December 08 14:12 GMT (UK)  »
Hi all,

New to this site, directed here by a friend. Got a couple of questions bellow and wondered if anyone here may be able to shed some light on them or maybe just point me in the correct direction.

I am looking for any information on a family name “Turpin”. The oldest direct ancestor I can find is Samuel Turpin b 1773 Tarrant Hinton Dorset.

In the 1841 Census Samuel Turpin is living with his wife Elizabeth in Tarrant Hinton Dorset, and working as an Agricultural Labourer. In the Census Turpin has been spelt Turpen but I am confident it is meant to be Turpin, and have confirmed the link beyond any doubt.(Just how the numerator wrote it down) In the census he is aged 65 and Elizabeth is 70

Elisabeth was born abt 1771, Elisabeth (Betty) West in Dorset (I think) and Married Samuel Turpin, 2 April 1798 in Tarrant Hinton Dorset. They had 3 children Jeremiah born 1799, Charlotte born 1802 and Jane born 1807 all of Tarrant Hinton

Samuel is the furthest I can get back to for the Turpin name, I would like to know where they came from before this. I can only find one other Turpin in Tarrant Hinton around this time and that is a Richard Turpin;

1774 Marriage
Richard TURPIN bachelor of this parish & Ann GANDER spinster of this parish married by banns Jan 9. Witnesses: John WATTS Henry CAISH

But I am not, as yet, able to connect this person to my tree.

Where did the Turpins come from? I would be very grateful for any pointers.

Also Samuels wife, Elisabeth (Betty) West. In the 1841 census she is called Elisabeth and at the time of her marriage in Tarrant Hinton she is called Betty.

1798 Marriage
Samuel TURPIN bachelor of this parish & Betty WEST spinster of this parish married by banns Apr 2. Witnesses: Richard PAUL Joseph HISCOCK

If she was born in Tarrant Hinton, which I have nothing to confirm she was,k I have two possible’s;

7 August 1770 Elisabeth West Daughter of Nicholas & Ann, Tarrant Hinton
12 January 1772 Betty West Daughter of John & Hannah, Tarrant Hinton

Again any advice or pointers would be most helpful


Dorset Resources & Offers / Re: Dorset Churches
« on: Sunday 21 December 08 13:04 GMT (UK)  »
Hi Jen

Wow great resource, thanks

Dorset / Re: Sheppard family of W.Kingston
« on: Sunday 21 December 08 11:37 GMT (UK)  »

Sorry this will be of no help to you, but possibly may be of interest, I was born in WK, when I was young a Mrs Sheppard lived next to the Church, and if my memory serves me correctly she also played the organ in the church.


Firstly hi to Jenfer-dorset who pointed me in the direction of this website, Thanks

Hi Jan
I think I may have a few of the names you are researching in my tree, not sure if they will be of any help. Bellow is a brief description of how they are connected to me;

Daniel Haine b 1816 Durweston married Harriot (Not sure of maiden name, could be Paine) They had 5 children one being,
Eliza Haine, b 1849 Stourpaine d 1877 Blandford District, she married Julian Coward b 1845 Stourpaine, they had 2 children that I know of, one being Frederick Coward b 1870 Stourpaine, he married Emily Williams b 1870 Stourton Caundle, I am told they had 7 children but as yet I have only found 5, one of which was Dorthy Coward b 1902 Stourpaine, she married a Frank Turpin b 1892 Tarrant Hinton. Frank Turpin is my paternal Granfather.

I have other Haines, Cowards, and Domoneys


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