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The Common Room / Re: Disposing / Archiving Genealogical Research
« on: Wednesday 21 April 21 09:39 BST (UK)  »
I don't think the SOG are accepting such material any more. When I visited, they had a huge archive of paper research and material, and no easy way to index it, let alone make use of it.  The SOG is undergoing a major restructuring and modernisation programme as they have realised how outdated their processes and systems had become.

World War Two / Re: New PoW Records - WO 416
« on: Saturday 10 April 21 18:31 BST (UK)  »
This is an extract from the National Archives Website, about the plan...:

    Pieces 1-51 (Erling Aaby-Cyril Burrows) and 407-414 (various sub-series). All fully catalogued by name.
    Pieces 52-110 (Dennis Burrows-Albert Elliot). All fully catalogued by name.
    Pieces 111-171 (Alexander Elliot-Alec Heggie). All fully catalogued by name.
    Pieces 172-229 (Andrew J Heggie-Charles Lusted). All fully catalogued by name.
    Pieces 230-271 (Frederick Lusted-Edward C Nicholson) by end of June 2021.
    Pieces 272-320 (F W Nicholson-G Scarcliffe) by end of February 2022.
    Pieces 321-370 (Trevor Scard-Thomas Unwin) by end of September 2022.
    Pieces 371-406 (William Urwin-Piotz Zyzmiewski) by end of March 2023.
    Pieces 407-414. All fully catalogued by name.

The Stay Safe Board / Re: What should be the essential data on a Covid passport?
« on: Friday 02 April 21 11:22 BST (UK)  »
Yet again, we see the emerging need for a proper, simple, ID scheme in UK.    Tax records, Health records, driving licences, passports - they're all incomplete substitutes for a proper ID scheme.  If we had a UK-wide register, how much simpler would it be to follow up on inequalities, rights, discrimination, and people who get "lost" off the records, to their own detriment.  Other countries have no issue with this, because they understand the advantages.....

The Lighter Side / Re: Census 2021
« on: Saturday 20 March 21 10:48 GMT (UK)  »
If you are out of the Country and cannot return for Census Day, get on to LiveChat and explain.  They will send you a census code by SMS, and you can complete the Census online.

Ireland / Re: acting most peculiarly!
« on: Friday 19 March 21 10:41 GMT (UK)  »
To view a PDF, or to download it, is a browser option.  You don't say which browser you are using, but look for settings in browser.   The option will be under "applications" or maybe "filetypes" ....

The Stay Safe Board / Re: Vaccination priority groups
« on: Friday 26 February 21 10:46 GMT (UK)  »
My experience: We were invited to book at local hub two weeks ago, by text from GP surgery. (our group is 65-70, no major conditions).   We got AZ vaccine.
We have not had invite for second dose.   On the booking website I entered my details and was offered a slot at end of April, at local pharmacy. This is about ten weeks after first jab.   I did not book, but choose to wait for another text invite.

Technical Help / Re: FTM 2019
« on: Tuesday 02 February 21 10:16 GMT (UK)  »
As far as I know FTM 2019 imported everything from 2005.  Tree, notes, citations,....   I dont store tree photos in FTM so don't know about that.

Technical Help / Re: FTM 2019
« on: Sunday 31 January 21 11:11 GMT (UK)  »
I did the same thing. Was running FTM 2005 (on Windows 7).  I was getting concerned that it may stop working so I bought FTM 2019.  (I did a live chat with Mackiev and got a reasonable upgrade price).    On opening FTM 2019 you point it at the folder where your original files sit   (*.FTW and *.FTB files from FTM 2005).   It then builds a new file from that and saves it where you ask.   There is no use of *.GED files in this process.   The FTM 2019 format is obviously very different, so you cannot go back to FTM 2005 to read the new file.   You can choose to run both FTMs if you like, but there is no obvious way to keep the two files in sync.       

I'm happy with FTM 2019 but is much slower than old version because it  keeps all windows open and updated at once - Tree view, name list, relationships...   Also, on the PC, the fonts used are rather small.  There are some options to adjust that.

I do sync with Ancestry, but I don't find much use for the integration of Ancestry and FTM.   I prefer to deal with "hints" manually by doing my own research.

Like any software, there's a learning curve to deal with the new program.

The Common Room / Re: Why do you or don't you put your Trees on Genealogy sites?
« on: Thursday 26 November 20 10:52 GMT (UK)  »
99% of my research is in Scotland. So Ancestry has not much of use. But I do occasionally upload my tree to Ancestry. Over the last five years, I've made contact with about a dozen distant relations who find matches in their trees. This has resulted in the exchange of  photos, stories and other information - especially from distant relative who are not resident in UK. I consider this well worth it.  I do see cases of parts of my tree being copied, and occasionally misapplied to other trees.   I don't care about that.

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