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Lancashire / Re: Thomas Butler (1857- 1936) - 1901 Census
« on: Wednesday 14 October 20 19:01 BST (UK)  »
Hi, wonder if this is what happened. Thomas marries Hannah Taylor 1895 and details all seem to fit. They have a son details below,

GRO Reference: 1897  S Quarter in WEST DERBY  Volume 08B  Page 276

Hannah aged 35 on marriage cert, dies ref below,

BUTLER, HANNAH       36 
GRO Reference: 1897  S Quarter in WEST DERBY  Volume 08B  Page 246

Thomas the son born 20th July 1897, baptised 11th August 1897 parents Thomas & Hannah(deceased) occ labourer - abode **lowater st

Possible death of son below

Deaths Sep 1898   
Butler    Thomas    1    W. Derby    8b   45


Thanks John - I will have a look at those - it certainly looks like they had the son and Hannah tragically died.  If that cemetery entry that Christine found is her they were certainly fond of saying they were single when they weren't!

Ullswater Street is in the same vicinity as both Woodville Terrace and Hughes Street

Lancashire / Re: Thomas Butler (1857- 1936) - 1901 Census
« on: Wednesday 14 October 20 18:56 BST (UK)  »
Is this him in 1901 ?

Thomas Batter b 1859 Liverpool,  lodger , Gas Company labourer
RG13; Piece: 3487; Folio: 147; Page: 9

The name is Butler  , in my opinion.

Thank you - yes that certainly says Butler on the original rather than Batter and that certainly points to him

Lancashire / Thomas Butler (1857- 1936) - 1901 Census
« on: Wednesday 14 October 20 15:50 BST (UK)  »
Hi All

I just wondered if someone could either disprove or agree that I am not going mad as to whether the following marriage relates to this man?

I have Thomas Butler born in 1857 in Liverpool.    Throughout the entirety of the census returns I have for him until his death he is single and living with his mother Margaret (who was widowed in 1873)

His occupation is recorded between Labourer and Labourer in Gas Works in 1891 and 1911.

I have just by accident found a marriage of a Thomas Butler on 13 January 1895 to a widow by the name of Hannah Taylor (born Hannah Iredale) at St John The Evangelist, Everton. 

On the marriage certificate Thomas is recorded as living at Woodville Terrace, Everton which is a few hundred metres away from is mother's house in Hughes Street and where 'single' Thomas is recorded with his mother in 1891 and again in 1911 (1901 missing)

The marriage certificate records that Thomas was:

36 years of age (close - he would have been 38 - 39)
A gas fitter (in 1911 he is recorded as being a labourer in a gas works)
Single (correct)
Father:  William Butler (correct) and deceased (correct)
Father's Occupation:  Sailmaker (correct)

It all points to him being the same man bar the single status in 1911 and the fact I can't find him/them in 1901.  I am extrapolating that Thomas and Hannah (if this is our man) separated rather than she died as other 1911 would have him as widowed. 

I think the 1901 might prove or at least help to prove if he is the same person as the marriage certificate itself seems to point in the right direction.


Lancashire / William Roberts and Margaret Colebourne - missing children before 1911
« on: Saturday 01 February 20 20:16 GMT (UK)  »
William and Margaret married on 29 September 1895 at St Matthew, Toxteth Park.  He was a labourer and seems to be Liverpool born, as was Margaret

In 1911 they were living at 40 Byles Street, Toxteth with 4 living children - Elizabeth aged 14, Margaret aged 12, William Alfred aged 4 and Annie aged 1.   

(Registration District Number 454, ED 11 and piece 22262)

They also record 10 deceased children and so far I have found (of the 14 and mainly from the GRO index):

Florence, b.c. 1896
Elizabeth, b.c. 1897
William Alfred, b.c. 1898 (died 1899)
James, b.c. 1899
Margaret, b.c. 1900
May, b.c. 1904
Agnes, b.c 1905
William Alfred, b.c. 1907
Charlotte May, b.c. 1908 (died 1909)
Annie, b.c 1909

So that is 10 of 14 recorded children and I can't find the other 4.  They did have more children after 1911 but its these first 14 that I'd like to decipher as apart from the first William Alfred and Charlotte May I can't find the deaths of the kids not recorded in 1911.

Help.... ;D

Thank you

Thanks Janette
Definitely worth a look at

and yes, Soton is an abbreviation for Southampton  :)

Essex / Re: Marion Campbell (1881-1882) West Ham COMPLETED
« on: Friday 19 July 19 19:01 BST (UK)  »
Brilliant - thank you  ;D

(Now to see if they were at that address in 1881...)


Thank you all.

Janette - I think its just passenger lists for Emma and James' wife and their respective families that I haven't been able to find so far (James I have got).  Everything else though has been amazing and added bonuses  ;D

Essex / Marion Campbell (1881-1882) West Ham
« on: Thursday 18 July 19 21:46 BST (UK)  »
Marion's birth was registered in October 1881 in West Ham and her subsequent death in January 1882, also West Ham.

Her parents were James and Mary Ann but I wonder if anyone can find her baptism and burial for the addresses they were living?


World War One / Re: RN deaths
« on: Saturday 13 July 19 16:22 BST (UK)  »

Cause of death seems to be Pulmonary Tuberculosis (7 days).  Died at 6.45pm on 7th August 1915 at the Royal Naval Hospital in Abercorn(?).  Bearing in mind he was a Sick Berth Steward he could well have caught it on board.


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