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Ireland / Re: Age of a minor at marraige
« on: Friday 18 December 15 10:34 GMT (UK)  »
Many thanks to ALL who replied to my post.   I am now onto another quest that once I get stuck, and I bet I will I'll be back for more help!!!

Ireland / Age of a minor at marraige
« on: Tuesday 15 December 15 12:01 GMT (UK)  »
My GrGrGrand parents were married in Clonmel on the 13th August 1849. GrGrGrand father was George MURCH, 'of full age (subsequently proven to be 23 years old) who was a soldier stationed there.  GrGrGrand mother was Mary HICKIE, a minor. Not sure if a daughter of another soldier or a local girl.   The 1861 census gives Mary's age as being 29, so born 1832, implying she was 17 when she married.    As she was in India from 1866 till her death in childbirth in 1870 I can not think of any way of proving her age and subsequently finding a birth certificate or record of  baptism.   What was the age that a person was classed as a minor?

London and Middlesex / Re: Poplar Workhouse inmates
« on: Thursday 01 August 13 12:38 BST (UK)  »
Thanks for the info, I'll have to make a journey down to London pretty soon.

London and Middlesex / Re: Poplar Workhouse inmates
« on: Thursday 01 August 13 08:25 BST (UK)  »
The 1911 census shows just mother Annie, now reverted to WHITE and one son, Alfred Sydney, who has had his name changed to WHITE with Annie's grandson.  The other son, the illegitimate William Whylie WHITE had emigrated to the USA in 1910.

None of the research I have carried out gives a PROVEN link that the Walter WEBB in the Poplar workhouse is the same Walter WEBB who married Annie WHITE, formally JUPP are one and the same.   I have a vague hope that the addmission registers, or any other documents from the Poplar Workhouse MAY shed some light.  The trouble is I don't know where the Poplar workhouse documents are held.   Any one out there know?

London and Middlesex / Re: Poplar Workhouse inmates
« on: Monday 29 July 13 19:58 BST (UK)  »
My Great Grandmother, Annie WHITE, formally JUPP, b: Kent Aug 1841 married, James Daniel WHITE, in Kent Oct 1862 and was widowed in Apr 1879.  She had an illegitimate son, in Dec 1881, but named the father as her late husband James!!   She married Walter WEBB in Nov 1883 in Leytonstone, he is shown as being of full age and of the parish of Leytonstone.  They had a son, my Grandfather Alfred Sydney WEBB in Mile End Rd in Dec 1887.   In the 1891 Census Annie is living, with her two sons, but no Walter in Ilford, still shown as married.   I have not found a positive Walter WEBB in the 1891 census.  By a foolish leap of blind hope I looked for a Walter WEBB in the 1901 census who would be about the same age as Annie and found a likely candidate in the Poplar workhouse, and shown as married, yet there was no female WEBB in the workhouse.   He was still there in 1911 when he is shown as a widower.  I can't find Annie, nor the two sons in the 1901 but in the 1911 census they are in Wirral Cheshire, for no apparent reason.   Sorry if I've rabbited on but hope some of it makes sense and you may be able to point me in the right direction

London and Middlesex / Poplar Workhouse inmates
« on: Monday 29 July 13 10:48 BST (UK)  »
I think (and hope) that I have found my greatgrand father as an inmate in the Poplar workhouse.  My question is ' would a carpenter be allow to live in a workhouse'   He was there for both the 1901 and 1911 census, in 1901 as married, yet no trace of a wife with him and a widow in 1911.   I was under the impression that the workhouse was for those individuals unable to support themselves.

Armed Forces / Re: Second Anglo-Afghan War 1878-80
« on: Friday 18 March 11 11:58 GMT (UK)  »
Greetings Garen,
Just found you chat and thought you may be interested in my Great Grand Father, who was awarded the Afghan War Medal.  He was Tem'p Co'nd J. ALLEN Bo Ord Det.  Which I take to be Temperory Conductor J. ALLEN Bombay Ordnance Department.  He was not awarded any clasps.
I have transcribed the following from "The roll of Officers, NCOs and men entitled to the "Afghan War Medal" Signed at the Orderly Room, Poona on the 5th September 1881:    It states :  He crossed the frontier on the Quetta side of the Kojak and was at Kandahar since 28th September 1880.


Armed Forces / Re: Mounted Soldier
« on: Tuesday 15 March 11 15:27 GMT (UK)  »
Many thanks to you who have given very clear information about the chap on horseback  It has confirmed what I had gathered from others that he is Mounted Infantry.   I have tried to scan the cap badge but it hasn't come out too well.  I do not have the original photo so I am having to scan a scan.   The original photo is with someone who MAY be a cousin (many times removed) and she thinks it may be one of her MURCH or BURCH antecedents.   I have tried to find him at both TNA and Ancestry but no luck.   I shall try the other site mentioned.  Sorry if I am sending one reply to many people but I'm still learning how the system works.  If I have broken any rules please forgive me.

Armed Forces / Re: Ancestor in the Indian Army
« on: Monday 14 March 11 21:59 GMT (UK)  »
You might find him mentioned in the British Families in India web site

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