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Shropshire / Re: Does Anyone know where this is?
« on: Friday 19 October 07 15:32 BST (UK)  »
Yep, goog-old found Grimpo straight away.
The Good Captain

Shropshire Completed Look up Requests / Re: Death help is this Elizabeth? COMPLETED
« on: Friday 19 October 07 14:43 BST (UK)  »
Hi there
Only had a brief look but there's a Thomas Turner, death registered March Quarter, 1903, Atcham, vol 6a page 465. Age at death 74.
That gives D.O.B. about 1829, same as on census when living with Elizabeth.
Not had chance to do any more yet.

Shropshire Completed Look up Requests / Re: Death help is this Elizabeth?
« on: Wednesday 03 October 07 15:49 BST (UK)  »
I would personally say it is 81. Based on Eliza's death in Cheadle aged 48 (above) and Elizabeth's in Honiton (aged 88) below.
I looked at the Death Register on, by the way.
The Good Captain

Shropshire / "The Alley" Church Pulverbatch
« on: Friday 27 October 06 10:18 BST (UK)  »
Does anyone know where "The Alley" might have been, in relation to current Church Pulverbatch? I was there last week and have discovered which buildings there were "The Square" & the Post Office as mentioned in various census cheets.
My grandmother, Edith MORRIS, was working at the Post Office in 1901 (it was "run" by Eliza BOWEN, who was her maternal grandmother) and Edith lived at The Alley.
Of course, it doesn't appear to be there now!
Any help or comments will be much appreciated and a photo or map reference even more so!
(The good Captain)

Glamorganshire Lookup Requests / Gelli Street, Caerau, Maesteg
« on: Thursday 16 March 06 22:11 GMT (UK)  »
I received the death certificate of my Great Uncle today and discovered that he died in 1941, aged 61, which fitted in exactly with the details I've managed to obtain. Most of his male family, as were a lot of others, were lead ore miners from White GRit, Shropshire, but he appears to have been different.

His name was Thomas Enoch Redge/Ridge and died in Maesteg Hospital, of a gastric carsinoma. He had been living at 8 Gelli Street and someone named J. R. SOUTH, of the same address, had registered the death.

I believe this could have been James R South, who married Hilda Marion Symmons, in Neath in 1935, and that there are still people named South on that street.

I would be very interested to have any information about who lived there, especially between say 1921 and 1941. If anyone related to J. R. South reads this, or if someone else knows them, please get in touch or post a reply.

Anything will be gratefully received and acknowledged.

The Good Captain (vliet)

Shropshire / Re: Thomas Enoch Redge/Ridge
« on: Thursday 27 October 05 15:16 BST (UK)  »

Did you get the file I sent? should have been an attachment.

The Good Captain

Shropshire / Re: Thomas Enoch Redge/Ridge
« on: Friday 21 October 05 16:42 BST (UK)  »
Hi Stuart

I looked up the tree and I would definitely say that your Francis was another great uncle of mine from the same family. Francis was Thomas Enoch's and Walter's (my grandfather) elder brother. their father was called Enoch.

Francis has a number of links on the tree and I ccould do with getting some of your relative's names, eg grandfather, grandmother etc. etc. so I can have a look at my information.

Hope to hear from you soon.

The Good Captain.

Shropshire / Re: Thomas Enoch Redge/Ridge
« on: Thursday 20 October 05 16:25 BST (UK)  »
Hi Stuart
From the date of birth, Your Francis Ridge was Thomas Enoch's elder brother and therefore my other great uncle from that family! Their father, Enoch REDGE or RIDGE was my great grandfather, and their younger brother, Walter, my grandfather.
I will look at my family tree on the computer tonight and try & give more information but you might be able to fill in some gaps if I can give you any more details.

The Good Captain

Shropshire / Thomas Enoch Redge/Ridge
« on: Sunday 02 October 05 11:05 BST (UK)  »
I'm STILL trying to get more information about my great uncle, Thomas Enoch REDGE/RIDGE. The varaiation in surname is purely due to handwriting, accent or personal preferences.
The last record I have for him is his name as a witness at his brother's, my grandfather's wedding, in 1921. None of the immediate family even knew he existed.
He was born in 1880, in Shropshire and was still with his father & one of the surviving sisters, on the 1901 Census, in White Grit, Shelve, Shropshire.
Up to now, I have 6 possibilities for Thomas's wedding (always assuming that he DID marry) and trying to find anyone who is descended from them, looks like being my next way forward. The women are, witth dates af marriage are:
Dora Ellen Watkin, 1903, Llanfyllin
Eliza Skinner, 1915, Southwark
Dorothy A Watson, 1921, Barnet
Ellen James, 1908, Ledbury
Ada Williams, 1926, Forden
Margaret E Helmshaw, 1923 N. Brierley
There are more out there, maybe, but one has to start somewhere! I DO hope someone recognises one of the names, or can come up with a totally new line of enquirey. Please post a reply with even the smallest snippet of information. My search for Thomas is driving my wife batty - only because I keep going on about him!
The Good Captain

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