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Cheshire Lookup Requests / Re: Moore Family St Georges Carrington
« on: Saturday 14 March 09 14:05 GMT (UK)  »
Firstly thanks to Hepburn and Reiver for responding. I am currently working through the resource page and have checked out the CheshireBMD website and a couple of others I need to do more here.

As far as the details of the graves go I have listed below whats present I have taken liberty by calculating some of the ages and birth years dependent upon the details on the grave.

Thomas Moore b 1737 d Feb16th 1794 Husband Age57
Hannah Moore b 1740 d Sept 18th 1810 Wife Age 70
Hannah Moore b 1786 d Feb18th 1794 Daughter Age 8
William Moore b 1772 d Aug 19th 1801 Son Age 29

John Moore b 1764 d Dec 17th 1828 Husband Age 64
Ellen Moore b 1767 d Feb 28th 1838 Wife Age 71
Elizabeth Moore b 1810 d Apr 11th 1818 Daughter Age 29

James Moore b 1775 d Sept 18th 1854 Husband Age 79
Alice Moore b 1777 d Apr 19th 1777 Wife Age 68
James Moore b 1811 d May 31st 1814 Son Age 3
James Moore b 1816 d Apr 29th 1818 Son Age 2
Sarah Moore b 1808 d Jun 5th 1818 Daughter Age 10
George Moore b 1820 d Dec 2nd 1822 Son Age 18months
Joseph Moore b 1806 d May 10th 1839 Son Age 33
Mary Moore b 1797 d Nov 20th 1874 Daughter Age 77

Thomas Moore b 1805 d Mar 2nd 1867 Husband Age 62
Mary Moore b 1812 d May 7th 1839 Wife No1. Age 27
Martha Moore b 1809 d Sept 27th 1860 Wife No2. Age 51
John Thomas Moore b 1840 d Oct 8th 1845 Son of wife 2 Age 5
Sarah Moore b 1842 d Oct 12 1845 Daughter of wife 2 Age 3
John James Moore b 1852 d Jun 18th 1872 Son of wife 2 Age 20
Dora Moore b 1858 d Sept7th 1860 Daughter of William/Ann Age 2
Sarah Moore b Nov 1871 d Oct 14th 1872 Daughter of William/Ann Age 11months

William Moore b 1835 d May 16th 1902 Husband Age 67
Ann Moore b 1839 d April 20th 1880 Wife Age 41

Cheshire Lookup Requests / Moore Family St Georges Carrington
« on: Thursday 12 March 09 19:52 GMT (UK)  »
There are 6 Moore family graves in the churchyard at St Georges Church in Carrington all of which I have managed to tie into my family tree although details behind these are sketchy. My ultimate goal is to track down a James Moore of Carrington who was definitely there in 1702 and 1705 as I have his Medical Book and Bible signed by him in the years previously mentioned. Unfortunately he's not in St Georges as I think he predates it. If anyone can provide any clarity on the Carrington Moores it would be much appreciated especially if they could provide any details of James Moore. Thanks in advance.

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