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The Common Room / Cause of death - any advice from medical types please?
« on: Saturday 23 October 21 22:28 BST (UK)  »
Hi, my gggfr Joseph William Bazalgette RN died in 1849 of "ulceration of mucous membranes causing atrophy'.  I have asked a few doctors what this was likely to be but nobody was too sure.  Mucous membranes of the throat or bowel presumably.  Perhaps an unrecognised cancer?   

Has anyone any ideas or has seen a C.O.D. like this which was more specific or could give a clue please?


Surrey / Re: William Blake, sometime postmaster at Old Windsor
« on: Tuesday 23 February 21 21:51 GMT (UK)  »
Yes - thanks. Good point

William Blake b. 25 Dec 1823 (Durnford, Wilts) m. 7 Jun 1852 d. 14 Dec 1894 (Post Office, Old Windsor)
Ann Wickens b. 1831 Egham d. 11 Jul 1885

Alice Mary Blake b. 25 Sep 1858 m. 8 Oct 1885 d. 27 Oct 1940
Edward Lorkin b. 29 Jul 1850 (Winslow, Bucks) d. 19 Mar 1941

Surrey / William Blake, sometime postmaster at Old Windsor
« on: Tuesday 23 February 21 21:35 GMT (UK)  »
I did a google search for him and there were some posts on Tapatalk about him but I didn't want to join that.   William married Ann Wickens (var. Wiggins) and their daughter Alice married Edward Lorkin.  Their daughter Edith Lorkin was my maternal grandmother who married Francis John Bonham.

I have a considerable genealogy of these families if anyone is interested of is looking for a connection.

London and Middlesex / Re: BOUSTEADS
« on: Tuesday 17 November 20 23:27 GMT (UK)  »
Well - known as Cumbria now I think. Cumrenton is near Irthington.  Ethel and my ggfr C. Norman B married in St John's Church, Bassenthwaite, Cumberland on 6 Dec 1879.  Her father owned Armathwaite Hall.  He was just about to go bankrupt....

London and Middlesex / BOUSTEADS
« on: Tuesday 17 November 20 22:54 GMT (UK)  »
Reaching out to any Boustead relatives.  The family was originally from Cumrenton, Cumberland, (farmers) but via the army eventually managed (by whatever means) to acquire land in Ceylon (Sri Lanka) where they grew coffee until my gggfr John was bankrupted by the coffee rust.  His son John Melvill (Jack) returned to Sri Lanka and restored the family fortunes somewhat by converting to tea, as well as establishing other enterprises including the Colombo Electricity and Tramway Company.

They were a pretty enterprising and colourful lot.  My ggmr Ethel Mary Boustead married my ggfr Charles Norman Bazalgette Q.C., which is my connection to them.  I have a quite extensive tree including many Bousteads so am happy to share.  I am posting here because most of my Bousteads  (when not in Sri Lanka) were based in the London area.

Best wishes and stay safe!

Charles Bazalgette

Cumberland / Re: Fleming/Martin/Lennox/Boustead
« on: Tuesday 17 November 20 22:32 GMT (UK)  »
Hi All

Fleming    - pre 1900 Burtholme/Lanercost/Greystoke

Martin      - pre 1850 Bourdinhurst

Lennox     - pre 1850 Cumwinton/Wetheral

Boustead - pre 1800 Bourdinhurst

Is anyone researching any/all of the above. Love to find someone interested in them to compare/swap notes


Hello Judith
I have Bousteads originally from Cumrenton, Cumberland. Please message me.

Worcestershire / Re: Eastwick House, Little Hampton, Evesham
« on: Monday 19 August 19 22:27 BST (UK)  »

Thanks, I have added William Rooke Prance to my Bazalgette tree.  Catherine was one of the daughters of Major James Arthur Charles Gore and Catherine Louise Bazalgette, who was a daughter of John Bazalgette and Sarah Crawford Magdalen Van Norden.  John was the second son of my gggggfr Louis Bazalgette ("Prinny's Taylor" - google the book title if interested).  My gggfr Sir Joseph's father was Louis' elder son Joseph William Bazalgette.  So there is a connection but in the other branch.

Charles Bazalgette.

London and Middlesex / Re: John Lane, son of Sir Thomas Lane, Lord Mayor of London.
« on: Friday 22 February 19 20:31 GMT (UK)  »
In 1815, The Gazette has a number of bankruptcy announcements relating to John Lane of Lane, Son & Fraser.

There is also at least one bankruptcy announcement for a John Lane of Arundel , Sussex, Corn Merchant, Dealer and Chapman.

The Wikipedia entry for South Stoneham House cites this document for when John Lane purchased.

3.1.4 About 1810 South Stoneham House was bought by John Lane, who in 1819 sold it to John Fleming, the owner of North Stoneham House.

That is interesting and the report has pictures.  Thanks.  I doesn't mention that my gggggfr Louis Bazalgette owned it though!

London and Middlesex / Re: John Lane, son of Sir Thomas Lane, Lord Mayor of London.
« on: Thursday 21 February 19 16:13 GMT (UK)  »
I'm afraid I don't remember but most likely it was the London Gazette.

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