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Scotland / Re: Scotland's People, Ancestry, FamilySearch etc: which to use?
« on: Friday 05 April 19 23:39 BST (UK)  »
You just buy your credits and download it instantly MUCH better, and cheaper,   than the English  :)

I agree, but there are also WELSH indexes available on the GRO.

Antrim / Re: Question about Belfast city directory
« on: Saturday 16 March 19 17:47 GMT (UK)  »
Hi Sue, I'm just guessing that it was because they are renting from Mrs Graham?  However, I expect someone with more knowledge will get back to you soon.


Europe / Re: Can't find my French ancestors in France (Chevreau)
« on: Saturday 16 March 19 13:41 GMT (UK)  »
Hi Joger, I've been watching with awe!  What a lot of work you have undertaken and all those transcriptions.  I look forward to watching this thread further.

I'm sure Valeriet will appreciate it all!


The Lighter Side / Re: Why does Ancestry show me with my married surname?
« on: Saturday 19 January 19 13:44 GMT (UK)  »
Thanks all.  When paying with a debit/credit card with 'Anderson' as the surname, I expect suppliers might query why I say my name is 'Carson' for delivery?  Anyway, many thanks for your thoughts. Weste, I shall check the settings page and see if there is a way to change it, otherwise I'll contact customer service.

Myluck! - If I was marrying my husband in this day and age, I might well do the same thing.  I expect it's especially necessary if you are a professional and have a certain reputation.  However, after over 30 years, he might get upset if I start using my maiden name.  Retirement beckons :-)


Added: Thanks Weste - change now made!

The Lighter Side / COMPLETED - Why does Ancestry show me with my married surname?
« on: Friday 18 January 19 20:03 GMT (UK)  »

I have access to a few of my relatives DNA results/matches.  When 'logging in' on their results/matches, I can see that I come up as a match but with my married name, rather than my maiden name.  Why?  For the purposes of Ancestry and Genealogy, I am Carson (my maiden name) not Anderson (my husband's name).  Anyone looking at matches with Carson, would probably just skip past me because I'm recorded as Anderson!

Can anyone see a benefit for this, because I can't.


United States of America / Re: History of the Riano Brothers / Dobbins
« on: Tuesday 15 January 19 23:50 GMT (UK)  »
Bookmarking because I want to hear more! 

Fantastic ;D Kit

Scotland / Re: 1828 Bellie, Moray - Can a father be a witness at his son's Baptism?
« on: Monday 24 December 18 23:36 GMT (UK)  »
There was one other James born East Lothian.

EDGAR   JAMES   JOHN EDGAR/MARY BAILLER    M   28/01/1801   Gladsmuir

Hi Colin, I had noted that there were a number of Edgar families in the East Lothian area and have yet to progress any serious research in that direction. 

Having seen the baptism record for James 1801 we presume that James was the son of John and Mary Baillie (or Bailler).  I really appreciate you identifying another James born in and around the same area just a few years earlier.  Maybe William and John are related.  Something to get my teeth into in the New Year.

Thanks, Kit

Scotland / Re: 1828 Bellie, Moray - Can a father be a witness at his son's Baptism?
« on: Monday 24 December 18 23:27 GMT (UK)  »
Unless he was absent or under church discipline, the father normally presented the child for baptism (i.e. was the "sponsor"). I have never come across an instance where the father was recorded as a witness, although I have sometimes seen the minister as a witness. It's a pity that no address is given for the witnesses. What was the reason for James Edgar moving from Lothian to Moray?
Hi GR2, we're not sure why he would have moved but the baptism record has 'GCE' annoted at the end and I wondered whether that could mean 'Gordon Castle Estate'.  In the 1841c he and his family (now 4 children) are living in High Street, Forres, he is shown as a Coachman.  In 1851c he is he noted as a Labourer but in 1861c he is aged 60 and a Church Officer.  On the death of his daughter Mary Ann in 1876 he is noted as a Farmer.

Addition- on the baptim of Mary Ann in 1839 he was shown as a Hostler.

I look forward to seeking out the witness, James  :)

Thanks for your interest, Kit

Scotland / 1828 Bellie, Moray - Can a father be a witness at his son's Baptism?
« on: Sunday 23 December 18 21:54 GMT (UK)  »
James Edgar (b 1801 Gladsmuir, East Lothian) and Anne Watt had a son, James, on 20 September 1828 and he was baptised at Bellie, Moray on 28 September.  The witnesses were Alexander Grieve? (difficult to see on image) and James Edgar.

I would love for this James to be a family member from East Lothian, but just wanted to check that the father, James, couldn't have been the witness named.

I would really appreciate your expertise and knowledge!


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