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Armed Forces / Re: Which regiment?
« on: Thursday 12 June 14 00:23 BST (UK)  »
That photo was taken well before WW1. The uniforms are pre 1900, possibly as early as the 1880's

World War One / Re: Anybody recognise cap badge
« on: Friday 31 August 12 10:17 BST (UK)  »
Personally, I think identification will be guesswork as the blow up is too vague. Have you tried researching local papers? There may be a piece about him being wounded. Radcliffe library can be very helpfull in such cases.

Thank you Ady,

I will have another look and see if it looks like Clasp and Roses!

Charles definitely didn't survive the war, he died in 1915 at Flanders.

John H is actually my godfathers great granddad so it'd be great to see his record. However, I'm not sure we can access the ancestry info with out paying and being on maternity leave at the mo I can't really afford to shell out for credits. 


Join Your local library and book a session on one of their computers. You will get free access to all the geneology sites via them

World War One / Re: Anybody recognise cap badge
« on: Thursday 30 August 12 23:01 BST (UK)  »
Could you post a close up scan of just the badge please, that would make identification easier

World War Two / Re: MD IN 8TH ARMY
« on: Friday 09 March 12 23:21 GMT (UK)  »
If by ' MD ' you mean Doctor, then he would have been an officer and his records would still be held by the MOD at the Army Personel Centre. You can contact the centre via a link in the museum site.

Lancashire / Re: Walmersley cum Shuttleworth
« on: Saturday 03 March 12 12:06 GMT (UK)  »
Are you sure about the Walmersley/Shuttleworth birth in 1798?

There is a Baptism for a John Fielding in November 1797 on Lan. OPC. at St Bartholemhews in Whitworth.
Parents William and Sarah
Shows the abode as Marled Earth ( Not far over the hill from the Walmersley /Shuttleworth /Nangreaves area)

Armed Forces / Re: Identify Military Uniform and Date Please
« on: Friday 06 January 12 11:44 GMT (UK)  »
I've had a thought. Rather than guess at his military service, according to a Rootschat article, all Danish military records are available.

Evidently they are called Laegdspuller and are in the Haerens Arkiv in the Danish national archives in Copenhagen.

Why not contact them, you might be able to get his full service record.

Armed Forces / Re: Identify Military Uniform and Date Please
« on: Friday 06 January 12 10:56 GMT (UK)  »
The picture that maidmarianoops linked to,
looks very similar and from the biography it doesn't seem he served after 1864.

Now I'm confused.

I did find a picture on photo archives.
The first is a picture with a very similar bayonet
Is this not the same?

I also found two pictures with the exact same table as in my picture, including one that appears to be the very same studio with the same curtains, drawstrings, and floors.
It appears he may have a similar bayonet too, but it is too hard to tell

I'm interested in your thoughts Radland.  Any suggestions?

Thanks again for your expertise,

Interesting link 1, I'm enlarging the photo and studying it, will come back on that one.
EDIT: Hilt Does not appear to be the same and looks like it has a bulb end and a straight quillion. More like a short dress sword than a bayonet

Link 2. An officer carrying an infantry sword, nothing at all like the bayonet in your original picture. much longer and totally different grip. To say it is similar is extremely wide of the mark.

Link 3. Very indistinct, can't see the hilt but it appears the Chape has no button on the bottom so a guess says not the M67 bayonet. I can also see what appears to be a holding strap near the hilt, this was used on spike bayonet scabbards of the time

This is a photo of the bayonet in your original picture

Armed Forces / Re: Identify Military Uniform and Date Please
« on: Friday 06 January 12 03:08 GMT (UK)  »
@ Radland, I'm interested to know how did you identify the bayonet scabbard to be that of 1867?

Check out this site regarding Danish rifles used in that period of time

There is also a picture this man a man in uniform from 1864 with a rifle from 1822.   If you use Google Chrome it will translate from Danish to English

It's likely that same uniform would have been around in 1867 too, but I'm curious on the bayonet now.

I would have never found any of this without all your help.  Thanks again to all that replied or made an attempt to investigate


These links are all for weapons in use before the photo was taken and are not indicative of the time. The M67 Bayonet is a sword type one and not a spike type as in all your links. It was used with the M67 rolling block rifle which used modern style metallic cartridges and NOT the muzzle loading muskets shown in the links. I am familiar with the model M67 and was able to identify it by enlarging that section of the photo and studying it. There is an earlier thread in which I correctly identified the M67 bayonet as issued to Norway at the same time.

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