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Hi Lizzie,

The story was that her father was a Doctor and her mother the matron of a nursing home where he worked. This may well be the case. As you say, her clothes are certainly better than one would expect. I may try posting this on another forum.

Thank you for helping me to sort the pictures and confirming what I was thinking.


I have no idea who her mother was. I suspect that she may have her birth cert in her mothers name. Although she names her father on the marriage cert, I do not think this was him. I do have evidence that she was living with that family in 1917, so I have the right man.

I think she may have changed her surname to his when living with them, in 3 rooms, a family of 11. ( which argues with the photo) There was no formal adoption then, you could just change your name, but she did give my father that surname as his middle name, so there is hope!!

What a tangled web!!

Gosh, that's fantastic Jim, I knew there was a link, now all I have to do is find some details about her. She is not in any census, no birth certificate, just the marriage cert. But I feel I am gradually chipping away at her mystery.

Thank you so much.


As she fibbed about everything else on her marriage certificate, i.e. her father was a medical doctor, whereas I have found out that he was a siphon filler and then a milk man, it is entirely possible that her year of birth was also not entirely true!! I will look at earlier records, thanks for that.

Lizzie, I agree with you that she does look well cared for. When I blew the pictures up and put them side by side, the eyes and eyebrows looked remarkably similar, as well as the prominent chin. I wish there was a program which was available to morph one into the other.


Thanks Jim,

Bit of a rookie. I was hoping the first photo was 1996-98, which is when Elsie was supposedly born. However, experience has taught me that I have to take what she said with a huge pinch of salt!!

Free Photo Restoration & Date Old Photographs / The back of Poss. Young Elsie
« on: Tuesday 04 August 09 10:55 BST (UK)  »
As promised, the back of Poss. young Elsie

Finger's crossed


I was wondering if anyone could help with the dating the photograph of the young child. I have a suspicion that the baby may be the same person as the one signed "Yours ever, Elsie" and would welcome your comments.

The "yours ever Elsie" one was taken circa 1918, and was my elusive Grandmother. All I know is that she was illegitimate, and there is no trace of her life before she met my grandfather.

Any help would be very much appreciated.

Oops, just noticed that I can only attach 2 photo's, so will send the other, with the back after,(hopefully)


Hertfordshire / Re: The RANCE Family
« on: Wednesday 22 July 09 15:45 BST (UK)  »
Hi Chelle 71,

Only just joined, but noticed your posting. I have one Rance, Thomas b. 1839 Tring, who married an ancestor of mine, Martha Fincher, also of Tring. Thomas was a joiner, and they later moved to Stevenage.
Their children were:
George (1864 I think) Clara (1870) Ellen (1872) Elizabeth (1873) Annie Ada (1878) Kate (1879) Thomas (1880) and Fred'K (1883).
Do any of these ring a bell?
There were a lot of Rance's in Tring, some of whom were attached to the Akeman Street Baptist Church. Unfortunately I do not have all the details on this computer, I am at work!!
If this is the right family I would love to get some more details.


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