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The Common Room / Re: Ancestry discount
« on: Thursday 26 January 23 08:50 GMT (UK)  »

Thanks will cancel automatic renewal, let sub expire and then telephone.

With a bit of luck will get a discount.

Sandra your info has saved me lots of money for the last few years so many thanks


The Common Room / Re: Ancestry discount
« on: Wednesday 25 January 23 20:03 GMT (UK)  »

In the past I have had uk sub info supplied by SANDRA.

I have never receive any emails from Ancestry in the past even though they confirm they have all my correct details - seems to be their problem which they have been unable to fix in 17 years!

So in order to attempt to obtain a discount should I telephone a few days prior to renewal or
should I cancel automatic renewal now and then telephone a few days prior to renewal?

The Common Room / Re: John Godfrey marriage: does my reasoning stand up?
« on: Thursday 19 January 23 15:01 GMT (UK)  »

My apologies I typed Shelton instead of Shenton.

Do you agree it states Grasier {Grazier} and not Glazier.

I also can only find no other marriage on line, only the one you quote.  I agree there could have been other pregnancies but seems strange that she suddenly produce 3 children so close together.

The Common Room / Re: John Godfrey marriage: does my reasoning stand up?
« on: Thursday 19 January 23 13:46 GMT (UK)  »

I think the will of George Godfrey in 1754 probate 1755 does not say GLAZIER but GRASIER.  It also states “my son John Godfrey of Shelton in ye said county of Leicester”.

Note that no children are named as belonging to John, in his fathers will.  There is a bpt in Shenton 1755 for a John son of John & Mary Godfrey so is this their first child?  If so it is a large gap from 1745 to 1755 for first child.


Hi Marp,

Have you looked for land transactions in Derbyshire Record Office, apologies if you have, I have just taken a quick look and found

Will take another look later today, electrician hear at present so will have no power while he is working.

Hi Marp,

The process of obtaining a licence and info re Allegation bonds, is explained here, serious financial cost if you gave false information.,_Bonds_and_Licences_in_England_and_Wales

John’s Father is not named on the bond it is a Samuel Rooth.

Think you would be very lucky to find paperwork which shows land or money was given to John by his Father.  You may find a land transaction in Manor Court records if land was copyhold.

Hi Mary,

On FindMyPast there are marriage licences. Have you looked at these?

John Sadler 1729 Chesterfield to Ann Hawkes, but Hawksley if you read the documents.
Ann is only 17 and John abt 22.  Interestingly it states that John was of North Wingfield
But now of South Wingfield.

This could tie in with his fathers Will, is this the cause of trouble OR is this when his Father financed him?



It is the will on FindMyPast for William Sadler, 1763 North Wingfield

2nd line reads

“And County of Derby Husbandman being in perfect health”. Etc
He names
Wife Martha
Daughter Ellin.
Sons.  William who gets tenant right to houses etc in Clay Lane & Woodhead
           John only gets 5 shillings, this could be an indication that either John had displeased him in
            Some way OR he had received money/property previously.

This is connection if you have FindMyPast


Hello Marp

I have always understood that Park Hall and Park House were areas of land, but who knows.

Have you read the following:-

Another thought, there are a number of wills William Sadler who died  North Wingfield

1763. He is Husbandman - so renting and living Clay Lane

1806 He is a Farmer, of Clay Lane renting the farm from the Trustees of the Mansfield Hospital.

Could be assumed they were both renting same farm/land, so may be worth searching for rercords
Relating to the hospital.

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