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A lovely image.

Did she marry Michel Bartholomai , Kensington, Q2, 1879?

Add - and died in Viena in 1884, leaving her English estate (5500 + ) to husband Michel ??                           
Yes, that's her. She seems to have been a very interesting character who seems to have undergone several changes of name in her life. Her husband was attached to the Russian Embassy in London and became Russian ambassador to the USA.

Thank you for that information. It's a great help.

Thanks for putting them together, Gadget, why didn't I think of that?
I do believe that the boy is the same, my guess for his age in the three pictures together is (Left to right) 9, 7 and 5. But I'm pretty rubbish at this sort of thing, which is why I asked for help originally.

I really have no idea who the girls are, which is a shame. The boys did have two sisters, who were born 1908 and 1914, but not only is the date wrong for the pictures to be them, they don't look like te other pictures I have of the girls.
I can't find any girls in the family tree who match in terms of ages if the pictures were taken, as I suspect, around 1908. My reasoning for that date is that the chair in the younger girl's photo is that the chair, backdrop and props feature in other photos, including one which shows my grandfather.
The photo of the older girl doesn't have the same backdrop so could have been taken at a different time, of course.
Thank you again for all your responses.

Unfortunately, I couldn't get a better scan of the plate than the one I already had.
From the replies people have given, my guess for the picture with the two boys is a date of around 1910, so the photos would have been taken on different times.
The picture I am attaching today shows the same boys again. What do you think about the first picture matching the other two?

Thanks to all for your replies.
I will try and rescan tomorrow but they photos are glass plate negatives, so not easy to scan, and the plate with the two boys together is very washed out. If you have any tips on scanning glass plates, I'd be glad to read them.
I really do appreciate your help.

Thank you Gadget.

This shows my great great grandmother, Frances Mary Broadwood. It is a glass positive picture in a leather frame. My grandma wrote a note on the back which says "Tatiana's "Russian lady" mother. Young Tania looks just like her." There is no studio identification on the picture or frame.
Some years ago, the RootsChat community were really helpful in assisting me to find out about my "Russian" great grandma - who was actually born in London, but I'm just curious as to what date people would put on this picture. Also, in your opinion, are the clothes British? After her marriage, Frances lived in the United States and Austria as well as the UK.
Thanks in advance.

Thank you to everyone for all of your guesses, which match my thoughts, but don't help my identification with these children. My great grandfather was one of 13 children, yet only he and one sister had children of their own, and his sister's children weren't born by 1908 so they can't be hers.
As far as I can find, there are no second cousins of the right age either.
One further question: Is the boy in the first photo the boy in the photo I'm posting here? My grandfather is the boy sitting on the chair and I'd put him at about 5, making his brother about 8 in the new photo. That means that in the first photo, if it is his brother, he would have been about 5, which most of you think is a bit young.

I have some old glass plates that were taken around 1908. I am pretty certain of the date because some of them show my grandfather as a toddler, but if you have any other ideas, please feel free to comment. As the family lived in Newark at the time, I would guess they were taken there, but they did  travel extensively. There are no studio marks on the plates, though some have the family name "Cafferata" written on them.
However some of the plates show children who I am not sure of - in order to help me track them down, can you give an estimate as to their ages?
Thanks in advance.

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