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Durham / Re: Getting my Stuarts in a knot
« on: Yesterday at 08:28 »

FreeBDM marriage   MarQ 1890
GRAYTON    Elizabeth   x  STUART Joseph         @ Sunderland    Vol 10a   page 863

Census 1891 @ 27 Tees Street South Bishops Wear mouth Durham
TODD James      25y    plumber
TODD Amelia     26y    wife
TODD Jenny        3y     dau

GRAYTON Robert    head   53y               mariner
GRAYTON Maria A   wife    54y
STUART Elizabeth   dau     20y
GRAYTON Robert    son     16y               scholar
STUART Robert G   grandson  9m            all born Sunderland Durham

FreeBDM   SepQ 1886
GRAYTON    Amelia Jane   x   TODD James    @   Sunderland    10a   713 

Durham / Re: Getting my Stuarts in a knot
« on: Yesterday at 05:53 »

GRO births
STUART, Robert  Grayton   m(others) m(aiden) s(urname)   GRAYTON
1890  SepQ    in Sunderland  Vol10A     Page 628

STUART, Joseph William     mms                 GRAYTON
1891  DecQ    in Sunderland Vol10A      Page 629

Census 1901    @ 2 Cross Row   Mason Northumberland
BIGGS Adam          42y     hewer               b. Drybrook Gloucestershire
BIGGS Elizabeth     43y                             b. Drybrook Gloucestershire
BIGGS John            21y    hewer                b. Washington Durham
BIGGS Andrew        16y                             b. Washington Durham
BIGGS Adam            6y                             b. Kimbelsworth Durham
STUART John           14y  adopted son         b. N(ot)  K(nown)
STUART Robert        12y  adopted son         b. N(ot)  K(nown)

FreeBDM births

STUART    Alfred     mms    HARWOOD    @     Hackney    1b   831
STUART    ELSIE W    mms  HARWOOD    @     Hackney    1b   809

then births JunQ 1916   to   MarQ 1928 Burnley

This name looks interesting -

STUART, Frank  Metcalfe Day   mms     HARWOOD 
1917  DecQ           Sunderland  Volume 10A  Page 1094

Durham / Re: Getting my Stuarts in a knot
« on: Yesterday at 02:24 »
Thank you for that information.

Just to confirm please......

Robert Grayton STUART was born 1890 in Sunderland, to parents  Joseph STUART and Agnes THOMPSON, and they were married  31 January 1857.

Robert Grayton STUART was born to parents who had been married for 33 years?

What documents do you have for the BDM events for the people you have named here?

From the birth certificate for for Robert Grayton STUART, born 1890, can you please list all the details.

Durham / Re: Getting my Stuarts in a knot
« on: Yesterday at 00:15 »

"...William had a son called Joseph Stuart in about 1836. I'm descended from Joseph."

How are you descended from Joseph STUART, born ~ 1836?

Can you give birth / marriage / death details of the son / daughter of this Joseph STUART....your more recent ancestor?

Australia / Re: Ideas for Finding this Marriage
« on: Monday 28 September 20 10:07 BST (UK)  »

VIC BDM death
9404/1959  MCKINNON Margaret Mary  parents  Sarah Ann RYAN /  MCDERMOTT Michael
born Adelaide South Australia died Windsor   age 81

London and Middlesex / Re: Enos Crummett and Eliza Jane Locke - father and daughter???
« on: Saturday 26 September 20 07:19 BST (UK)  »

You have birth records for eight children.

Can you list all the details on each....full names, date and place of birth and registration....any addresses given.

Why is one child born in Ireland?

Eliza Jane ADDISON takes three children to New Zealand. When those children marry in New Zealand...what information do they record for their mother?

Fermanagh / Re: Hugh Haron circa 1835...where to start?
« on: Thursday 24 September 20 09:50 BST (UK)  »
Where is Hugh HARON buried?

You need to find all possible clues in NSW about the HARON hope to locate them in Fermanagh.

New South Wales Government Gazette  6 Feb 1869

Elizabeth HARON is alive at 1869 when the estate of husband Hugh is settled.

Elizabeth was alive at 1866 when her husband died. Son William Bede HARON is the informant but you might suppose that Elizabeth is the source of the information on her husband's death record. Elizabeth does not know the name of her husband's mother.....does not sound promising.

Son William Bede HARON has a large family. Seventh son is named Hugh, after paternal grandfather. No son is named Owen, or Terry / Terence.

The marriage record, it a transcription (typed) or an image of a handwritten document?

The death record, it a transcription (typed) or an image of a handwritten document?

You need to account for Elizabeth HARON, alive at 1869.....Thomas HARON alive at 1866...and birth / death of unnamed son dead at 1866. What do you know about these people?

Are you descended from William Bede HARON?. How does he name his parents on his marriage certificate?.  Who are the witnesses?

(Ancestry)  Sands Directory 1883   at Amherst St St Leonards

(Ancestry)  Sands Directory 1883   at Cairo St North Sydney
HARON George          who are these north of the harbour?

At this page words.....Hugh HARON...........

finds -

NRS-13660-1-[14/3427]-Series 1_7923 |
Hugh Haron Date of death 6 November 1866,
Granted on 18 February 1869

You can purchase this document. I think it would be useful for your research.

Fermanagh / Re: Hugh Haron circa 1835...where to start?
« on: Wednesday 23 September 20 08:22 BST (UK)  »
Ancestry Assisted  Immigrant Passenger Lists 1828-1896.....

has three images for Hugh HARON, arrived 1842 "Ann Milne", Sydney

He is a sponsored immigrant, sponsor named as Mr CADDAN, New Town.

26/1839 V183926 23B
CADDEN   James  marr. DONAGHY  Elizabeth  (public tree has this at Wollongong)

12452/1890 CADDEN  James  parents James / Rebecca    @ Taree

14052/1893 CADDEN  Elizabeth  parents Alexander / Jane  @ Taree

This CADDEN family is in Sydney at 1842 when Hugh HARON arrives.

Use the 1839 marriage to find a public tree on ancestry, with birthplace Fermanagh for James CADDEN...and Ireland for Elizabeth DONAGHY.

Hugh has no particular job skill eg blacksmith, cabinetmaker, miller. Hugh is a labourer, so you might suspect that he is sponsored by family.....related to either James CADDEN or wife Elizabeth DONAGHY.

Can you please list all the information on the marriage certificate and death certificate for Hugh HARON.

« on: Wednesday 23 September 20 04:21 BST (UK)  »

"..Martha Burns ,as a witness "   What names do you see for other witness/s?

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