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The Common Room / Re: What Country is your research ?
« on: Wednesday 13 March 19 01:20 GMT (UK)  »
My Scandinavian research is Aarhus and Skanderborg Counties in Denmark-Fathers side.  On mothers side its Enland, Northumberland, Durham, Derbyshire(mothers fathers side) and Berkshire, Hampshire,London including Grtr London, and middlesex on mothers mothers side)  Its been an interesting ride.  One of moms uncles went to New Zealand with the bank.
A great grand uncle on Grandfathers side went to Glasgow Scotland and died there.
Have a few families with brick walls, but happy so far with what I have back to the 1809 yrs for a few.  Ankerpep_52 (Janet)

The Common Room / Re: "Oatlands" Priory Rd. Hornsey Midd. 1919
« on: Monday 20 August 18 23:47 BST (UK)  »
Hello again: I tried to google electoral records on line for this date and address, and tried several ways to connect with no
    Would you please advise how to obtain this information.  Being in Canada I am not able to visit the archives or the
    libraries if this is where the information is located, and is there a free online site?  Thanks  Janet

The Common Room / Re: "Oatlands" Priory Rd. Hornsey Midd. 1919
« on: Wednesday 08 August 18 16:26 BST (UK)  »
Thank you Stan- Would Anne and Henry Hartley live there in 1919 or, if not, how do I find out who did live there, as it may have been a relative. Janet

The Common Room / "Oatlands" Priory Rd. Hornsey Midd. 1919
« on: Wednesday 08 August 18 16:07 BST (UK)  »
In 1919 my grt. grandma died at "Oatlands" Priory Rd, Hornsey.  Could soeone tell me if this was a private residence or a hospital?  If it was a private home, I would like to know the actual address on Priory Rd., also to know who lived there at this time.  Your help in this matter greatly apprecited, thank you.  Janet

Cornwall Lookup Requests / Re: P'cock Cornwall
« on: Friday 11 May 18 03:15 BST (UK)  »
Carole and Ayashi: To answer your queries. Hannah married Thomas Avey in Doncaster Yorks, St Georges in 1834. Son Thomas born 1835 & died 1836- Thomas died 1838. She is my grt grt grandad's sister..She married James Dryden Nov 1840 at St Marys, Lambeth Surrey. 1841 Census of Cornwall states he was not born in the county.  1851 Census, I believe residence was in Exeter, St Leonard Parish-address 3 Baring ? Terrace, and born Roundwood Cornwall.??  1861 Census residing Twnshp. of Litchurch Derby. 1871 James was lodger, 2 Conant Pl, St Anne, Limehouse Ldn.born Cornwall & lodging with the Allen family. His name was listed as Jas. Dryden., Hannah was in St Werburgh Derby, 53 Abbey ST, with 4 of her children.  In 1876 James was admitted to the Derby Lunacy, listed as a pauper. and death 4 July 1876. The 6 children were all born in Devon, Surrey and Deryshire. They moved alot. It may be that he didn't know for sure where he was born. Where did you find James' fathers information and in which county was he from?  Thanks for your replies as James place of birth still is a conundrum. Janet

Cornwall Lookup Requests / P'cock Cornwall
« on: Wednesday 09 May 18 22:11 BST (UK)  »
In the 1861 census it states that James Dryden was born in P'cock Cornwall. I am unable to locate this.  He was born in 1811, so unable to search it throught the BMD districts. I would apreciate any help with thanks, anker_pep52 Canada

United States of America / Louis and Jane Inman family New York City 1901
« on: Monday 24 July 17 02:22 BST (UK)  »
Louis Inman (unknown where he was born about 1875) and Jane (nee Smith born in Huron county, Ontario Canada about 1875 and died in New York 1923) married in New York about 1901-1904 and children (all born in New York City) as follows:  Nelson born 1904, Louise born 1905, Edith born 1907, Agnes born 1909 and Grace born 1910.   
Would appreciate any information about Jane (my grandmothers sister)and Louis and all 5 children. With Thanks.

Bigfellow: Yes I am very interested in photos of Annie & Wiliam.  Which of their 5 children are you related? I have photos of Anne & Henry Hartley and Ethel (my Grandma) who is Annie's sister, also a photo of Frederick who went to New Zealand.
I would be more than glad to share the genealogy of the Hartleys and would also like to hear more of the Whyntie children.  I do not know how to forward photos be e-mail, and would prefer actual photos and would also be glad to mail same to you.  Our mail people may be going on strike or locked out with a few weeks, so would require mail sent very shortly.  How would I get these to you, and vice versa since I do not see a PM listed here for you.   Janet in London Canada.

 Hello Gibel: Thank you for the 127 Perryvale info-Re; Edith, Clarence & Edna Allen- I am assuming the Neville's were boarding there as Ediths Husband was deceased years earlier and the extra income was needed. I had her son Clarence married in 1924 to a Jane Bacon in Mansfield Notts (no other info for them) so was surprised to find him at home with "mom". The BMD had his marriage and his death also in Mansfield Notts in 4thQ 1964. Clarence Edgar Aveling Allen was his name-But I regress.
    I really appreciate all the help received. I never knew Grandma Ethel as she died a few yrs before my birth, but I visit her grave alot.  Janet

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