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It would be wonderful to see Lydias pretty face without the wrinkles.
I know you all can work wonders and would appreciate any help with this one.
Thank you in advance,

Australia Lookups completed / Re: Death date, Victoria, please
« on: Thursday 19 December 13 16:53 GMT (UK)  »
Elizabeth Ellen BROWN
Elizabeth Ellen is named as wife of Stephen VIRGO, of Brisbane,Queensland, in will of Samuel Brown, dated 1883.

Australia Marriage Index, 1788-1950
Elizabeth Ellen Brown
Spouse Name:
Stephen Virgo
Marriage Place:
Registration Place:
Registration Year:
Registration number:

Cannot find any further mention of Stephen VIRGO

She married in NZ as Elizabeth Ellen BROWN in 1887 (per NZ newspaper site)
to Duncan Roderick CHISHOLM

soooo, between 1883 and 1887, EE lost Stephen and found Duncan.  Hmmmmmm

Australia Death Index, 1787-1985
Name:   Elizabeth E Chisholm
Death Date:   1906
Death Place:   New South Wales
Father's Name:   Samuel
Mother's Name:   Lavinia
Registration Year:   1906
Registration Place:   St Leonards, New South Wales
Registration number:   6675

Sydney Morning Herald, 13 June 1906
CHISHOLM -June 6, at North Sydney, Elizabeth Ellen dearly loved wife of D R Chisholm New Zea land papers please copy

and perhaps this is death for Duncan
Australia Death Index, 1787-1985
Name:   Duncan R Chisholm
Death Date:   1928
Death Place:   New South Wales
Father's Name:   Duncan
Mother's Name:   Elizabeth
Registration Year:   1928
Registration Place:   Liverpool, New South Wales
Registration number:   3715

Hope this is of help to someone.
Grub :D

The Lighter Side / Re: Who do you think you are live
« on: Wednesday 27 February 13 00:02 GMT (UK)  »
I was blessed to meet Trystan and Sarah in 2007 during my all too brief trip to the UK
One couldn't ask for a blessing more bountiful than the kindness and the acceptance of my oddness than they showed me.

Thank you ALL very much.

This photo was taken about 1921 in NSW, Australia.
It is my Dad who was born in 1905.
It would be lovely to be able to see him more clearly, but perhaps I just need new glasses.
Your hard work is very much appreciated.

Free Photo Restoration & Date Old Photographs / Re: Please remove the camera date
« on: Monday 17 December 12 19:59 GMT (UK)  »
Ohhhhh, thank you all so very much!!!
I will print all of these out.
Just for fun, I've attached one taken at her 97th birthday party...
With sincere gratitude..

Please remove the date my camera left.
I'm not sure about the colouring.  Her skin is olive and her eyes are hazel.
This was taken in 1943, she just turned 97 and is as beautiful as ever.
Thank you so very much,

Thank you so very much!
This is one of the few remaining photos Mum has of all four of her children.
She will be thrilled, as am I.
Grub :)

I would appreciate it if the wrinkles on the photo and the faces could be repaired.
Thank you.

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