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Ancestral Family Tree DNA Testing / Re: Oh Dear
« on: Friday 09 June 17 10:42 BST (UK)  »
"The only thing constant is change" is what a teacher kept on telling me Guy and I must agree with that.

The Common Room / Re: Does anyone have experience of Wikitree
« on: Sunday 28 May 17 11:40 BST (UK)  »
Surely I am not the only roots chatter who uses wiki tree?
The interest so much is not getting a tree across but getting every individual with an individual record number your mum your dad and so on for the whole shebang each with their own identity.
My name which is Twitchin is limited and to only one other and both South of England and as yet we have not found a link so far.
The discipline is very good and I visit daily.
Free of charge and not what you quite might think.
Our shared tree includes 14,187,854 profiles edited by 426,854 genealogists from around the world.
It's worth a go,not exploitive and you will like it.

Hampshire & Isle of Wight / Re: A question of accents
« on: Saturday 11 March 17 09:37 GMT (UK)  »
In my 90 years I think accents are 'thinning' if I can use that word.
As a child in wartime London I was evacuated to Bampton  Devonshire and the accent was so thick there and it took a while to understand but like all kids they 'latch on' pretty quickly usually by mixing with the local kids in their school also with the people who took them in.
I do converse with people from that area today and a lot of the thickness has gone I think.
Of Australia,where I am now,the accent when I first arrived was slightly different from my North London accent and I was very rarely 'picked' as such.
Michael Caine when he came here some years ago said that he imagined that the Australian accent was not unlike the way the English spoke 200 years ago and I guess there is some merit in that comment.
I have a 'Geordie' living close and I asked is he losing ever going to lose his accent?... he was furious and his answer I could not post.

Free Photo Restoration & Date Old Photographs / Re: Opinions please....1920 photograph
« on: Saturday 18 February 17 08:37 GMT (UK)  »
Got to agree with you Cando............. I've studied the photo for the last 15 mins and Edward does seem different on a couple of counts;
1) his head does seem larger than the rest of the males.
2) he does seem to have been 'plonked' there.
the other thing that I do find unusual is that if he wasn't there the space between the males would need to be filled with something?

Just an opinion.

Family History Beginners Board / Re: Francis Bell born Scotland ca 1660-1665
« on: Friday 17 February 17 21:31 GMT (UK)  »
Sadly I do not .......... I do remember her name was 'Trish' and she supplied me with practically all the Bell information in spreadsheet form by individual pages describing by date,event,alphabetically,by parents and by other names.
As you can imagine it is a quite large amount of information.
Noting your user name 'The Bells' I imagine that your interest would go further than Francis and Elizabeth and if this is so I would be most pleased if you would like to have it I could post it on if I could have your email address which you could do via a PM.
Joe Twitchin in Sydney

Australia / Re: NSW & VIC help please - possible convict connection
« on: Friday 17 February 17 09:03 GMT (UK)  »
Henry O’BRIEN, aged 24, a farm servant arrived 8 Nov 1827 under a life sentence from Ireland per Eliza 3,

Ticket of Leave # 774, allowed to remain in the Illawarra District.  Tried Limerick, arrived per Eliza in 1827.

1837 Muster
Henry O’BRIEN, aged 32, per Eliza 1827, on Ticket of Leave in the Illawarra.

I have not found him in the 1828 census - there's so many. :-[

ADD - derr .... ship on 1828 as Elisa.

1828 NSW census
Henry O'BRIEN, 24 years, Government Servant, per Elisa 1827, Life sentence, Roman Catholic, assigned to (cannot read name, I will check further for name) at Wilberforce.

Ruskie ........ I like JM's input here .......... have a strong feeling it's 'nailed'

Family History Beginners Board / Re: Francis Bell born Scotland ca 1660-1665
« on: Friday 17 February 17 08:08 GMT (UK)  »
I should add my interest in Francis Bell.
It was my late wife's interest really and the information and I found and recorded as much as I could find from whatever source for her right down to her mother who was an Australian and a direct descendant of Francis the Scotchman (sic).
PS .. wish I could back that far with my own line which fizzles out around 1735.  :'( :'(

Family History Beginners Board / Re: Francis Bell born Scotland ca 1660-1665
« on: Friday 17 February 17 02:10 GMT (UK)  »
and from another spreadsheet confirmation of the existence of Edith Tucker and her daughter
Elizabeth   Speed   c   1668   Jun-19      John   Edith Tucker      North Petherton   (IGI)      
John   Speed   m   1665   Jan-08            Edith Tucker   North Petherton   (IGI)      

Family History Beginners Board / Re: Francis Bell born Scotland ca 1660-1665
« on: Friday 17 February 17 01:54 GMT (UK)  »
Joe - Ruskie has already found the posts I was referring to and it turns out they were from you. Have you made any progress on Francis Bell? I am also interested in your comment in one post that Elizabeth was a minor who was pregnant when she married Francis in 1692. But she was born in February 1668 so she would have been 24 when married. Her eldest child William was born in 1693 but she might have lost a first baby. Do you have a source for the pregnant when wed comment? I am a direct descendant of Francis Bell.
I do trust that this portion of a spreadsheet comes out for you if not can someone tell me how to do it?
1st name   last name      Date         Father   Mother   Partner   Parish/Address   Witnesses      Comments
Elizabeth   Bell   c   1684   Mar-22   daugh   George         North Petherton         
Ann   Speed   c   1693   Mar-20   daugh   John   Patience      North Petherton         
William   Bell   c   1693   Jun-23   son   Francis   Elizabeth      North Petherton         
Francis   Bell   m   1693   Feb-25            Elizabeth Speed   Taunton / otp   minor = d of Edith Speed widow otp   Scotchman   (pregnant when wed)
John   Speed   c   1695   May-08   son   John   Patience      North Petherton         
Elizabeth   Bell   c   1696   Mar-02   daugh   Francis   Elizabeth      North Petherton         
Robert   Bell   c   1698   Sep-13   son   Francis   Elizabeth      North Petherton         
Thomas   Speed   c   1700   Jan-15   son   John   Patience      North Petherton         
John   Bell   b   1700   Aug-15   son   Francis         North Petherton         
Thomas   Bell   b   1700   Aug-15   son   Francis         North Petherton         

Well it seems to have changed a little ........ perhaps a little more than a little  :o :o

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