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Australia Lookups completed / shipping records
« on: Wednesday 04 May 05 00:57 BST (UK)  »
It seems a lot of records for nineteenth century migrants to Queensland were destroyed in Brisbane floods in the 1890s and later.

However, I'm assuming (hoping?) that the shipping companies made passenger lists at points of embarkation in Britain. Does anyone know if that was the case and, if so, how we can get access to them?

Thank you.

Buckinghamshire / Hedges of Wingrave/Aylesbury
« on: Thursday 17 February 05 07:30 GMT (UK)  »
My great grandfather Isaac Hedges was born in Wingrave on 5 June 1861 to Samuel Hedges and his wife Martha (possibly Arnold). I found them, plus his sister Ellen, on the 1881 Census (although Isaac is listed as Henry Isaac on that one) but I can't find any reference to Samuel and Martha's marriage.

I'm wondering if the parents made it on to the 1861 census, to give a 'before' date for their marriage and where they were living, or if they are identifiable on any other census. Samuel was an agricultural labourer, born around 1833 and Martha was born around 1831 (these dates based on info in 1881 census).

Isaac married Margaret Bailey in Wingrave in 1883 and they came to Australia in 1888 (they had one daughter in England and my grandmother was then the first of their children born in Australia).

Also - and please excuse my ignorance - how close is Wingrave to Aylesbury?

Thank you

Family History Beginners Board / 19th century British army records
« on: Tuesday 15 February 05 05:28 GMT (UK)  »
One of my husband's ancestors - a native of Yorkshire - came to Australia as a convict in 1837 after being sentenced for desertion from the British Army in Canada. It seems the ship - the Norfolk - came from Britain.

I've scouted around a bit on the net but I haven't located a site that can give me the details about what he did. Is this sort of information collected by counties or nationally? Or maybe it isn't online?

Does anyone have any advice on how to add some detail to the names and dates in this case please?

Thank you

Lancashire Lookup Requests / 1841 Census Liverpool Brogden
« on: Thursday 10 February 05 03:41 GMT (UK)  »
David Henry Brogden was born in Liverpool around 1827 and, at the time of the 1841 census he probably was still with his parents John Brogden, shoemaker, and Ann Jane Brogden (nee Quigley), hopefully in Liverpool.

It looks like he came to Australia when he was about 17 but may also have married at that age in Liverpool - he was definitely in NSW when he was 33 years old but there are a few loose ends to his story. So any information to add to the picture would be great.

Thank you.

Laois (Queens) / Mountmellick Parish Registers - Janvin
« on: Tuesday 08 February 05 04:05 GMT (UK)  »
We are looking for more information on a Susan (or Susannah) Maria JANVIN who was born in Mountmellick about 1822 or 1823. She went to Australia in 1841 on the ship 'Comet' with a Margaret Cullam and married William Simpson in 1843.

Her surname has also been recorded as Janvill in some records.

We don't know the given names of her parents  (noted as 'unknown' on her death certificate - her son didn't know either) so any information from parish records would be very much appreciated.

This is the first Irish ancestor we've come across so any advice about other ways to get a bit further in the search of this line would also be welcome.

Thank you.

Yorkshire (East Riding & York) Lookup Requests / simpson-snowden marriage c.1810
« on: Monday 07 February 05 08:04 GMT (UK)  »

I'm after information from parish records for Thomas Simpson who married Mary Snowden around 1810, probably in or near Long Marsdon (sp??). Their son William Henry Simpson was born there in 1808, and anything on him would be great too. 

Thank you in anticipation to all the kind 'look up offers' people.  :D

Cheshire / Re:KIRKHAM Cheshire Parish Records
« on: Thursday 27 January 05 23:11 GMT (UK)  »

I'm trying to get back another generation by finding out some details about James Kirkham who married Mary Brown, possibly in or around Macclesfield about 1824-25. He was possibly a silk weaver at the time , although the Australian death certificate (1883) for his son Isaac have James' occupation as a quarryman/stonecutter.

Their  five children - Sarah, Isaac, Mary, Hannah, John - were born between 1825 and 1837 and they were all christened at the Sunderland Street Wesleyan Church, Macclesfield on 29 June 1837.

And that's all we know about James and Mary. Hopefully it's enough to turn up a lead about James and Mary's marriage or their parents through the parish records.

Any information or other advice about where to look would be very much appreciated.

Thank you. 

Following a request for more info I received this by PM.

Thank you for your message.  Here goes with the other details.

“The Parish Register of the Sunderland Street Wesleyan Church, Macclesfield, recorded the baptisms of five children of James and Mary Kirkham. All the children were baptised on 29 June 1837.”

Sarah, b. 29/9/1825
Isaac, b. 22/12/1827 (my great-great-grandfather)
Mary, b. 20/3/1833
Hannah, b. 23/3/1835
John, b. 4/4/1837
(from work undertaken by my father’s cousin)

The information that Mary’s maiden name was Brown comes from Isaac’s death certificate (died 1883 in Rockhampton, Queensland, under the name of William Isaac Kirkham, which he had assumed after arrival in Australia – definitely after 1864 but maybe a little earlier). So it could be that her name was not Brown at all, as I don’t know how reliable the informant was.

As to James’ occupation, Isaac’s marriage certificate (to Louisa Willcock at St Mary’s, Astbury on 12 September 1859) shows it to be a stone cutter; and Isaac’s death certificate shows his father, James, to have been a quarryman. However, it seems the baptism records above have James as a silk weaver.

I don’t know for sure whether any of Isaac’s siblings came to Australia, but there is no mention of that possibility in the previous research. I had actually thought Isaac and Louisa’s son, Walter (b. 3 July 1860 at North Road, Preston, Lancs. – Isaac had a butchery there) was the first to come here, arriving in June 1878 on the Kapunda. But it looks like his father—who, it appears, came to Australia with Louisa’s sister, not Louisa—might have sponsored him to emigrate to Rockhampton. Louisa did come out to Australia in 1882, sponsored by her son, and died in Sydney in 1899.

My major hurdle now is, because all the children (that I know of) of James and Mary were born before July 1837, I can’t get hold of certificate references through sites like FreeBDM. The same obviously goes for James and Mary’s births and marriage (if there was one). I’ve collated a list of possible death certificates via FreeBDM but, with the number of people with these names, it’s not feasible to purchase all the certificates just to find out if the person had children by these names.

So I’m hoping that the Parish Records will give some leads so I can eliminate a lot of the James Kirkhams and Mary Browns from the list.

One other area of advice please: should I put this level of detail on the message board? It seems to make for a very long message.

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