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Northamptonshire Lookup Requests / 1841 census: Steers of Lowick
« on: Monday 03 April 06 04:35 BST (UK)  »

I'd be really grateful if someone could look up the household of Samuel Steers of Lowick in 1841. I'm interested in whoever was in the household but especially hoping to find someone named Mary or Mary Ann there,  her details and the surname she was using - could have been Coales, Coles or Harris (or something else).    :-\

We know she had a son Thomas Coles (there are other posts about him, his wife Elizabeth Barron and his son George Coles) and, it seems, a son John Harris who was born about 1819. Both sons were transported to Australia in 1837, and their mother (just realised we don't have any documents showing her name as Mary, so it could have been something else) was living with Samuel Steers at the time of the trial. 

If they were still together on the census four years later, we'll have a little more to work on.

Thank you.   :)

Australia Lookups completed / First Female Convict Ship to Australia - BBC program
« on: Tuesday 31 January 06 05:21 GMT (UK)  »
This is connected to a thread in the Common Room

General / The Common Room / Re: BBC2 Friday 3 Feb First female convict ship,126161.0.html

which advised that the BBC is going to show this program on 3 Feb

BBC Series  - Timewatch
Episode Title - The Floating Brothel

The following link is to a portal on the ABC website for requesting programs. Registering your interest there might help a campaign to convince the ABC to get hold of the program and screen it in Australia: 

When you go into it there are boxes for your name, email and comments. Maybe if we all sent messages via that guestbook, the programmers would take note.


Herefordshire / Is there a Hendon in Herefordshire?
« on: Tuesday 10 January 06 23:23 GMT (UK)  »
Trying to clarify a location before I search further or post any lookup requests.

Is/was there a place called Hendon in Herefordshire (around 1800) and, if so, can anyone tell me what Parish it was in please?  I found Hendon in Middlesex but it doesn't seem to be the right one.

I have an ancestor supposed to have been born in Hendon Herefordshire (according to a census) but can't turn up any church records for this town on IGI.

Thank you  :)

I'm a bit confused about cross postings and the protocols here for new threads. ???

If I want to request a lookup for a particular person and that person has already been mentioned in posts concerning the whole family, do I just continue on the same thread with the new question or put up a completely new one?  :-\

And, if it is a new one, do I cross-reference to the old one where the person is already mentioned, or put in all the known details again?

Thanks for your help.  :)

Northamptonshire / source options
« on: Tuesday 09 August 05 08:28 BST (UK)  »
Hello all

This is related to a post I have on the lookup board for these ancestors (George Coles, his father Thomas Coles and his mother Elizabeth Barron) but the questions are general, as it's not the first time I've wondered about these things.

1. If a Wellingborough native was born before September 1837 and they seem not to appear on the LDS IGI database, what other options are there for finding a record of their birth?

2. I have three references for a death for Elizabeth Coles (Barron) from FreeBMD. Is there any way I can check which, if any, is the one I want without buying all three certificates? (I suppose the same goes even for a single reference if it's not clear you have the right person).

Thank you in advance for any enlightenment.

Northamptonshire Lookup Requests / Coles in Wellingborough 1841-1851-1861
« on: Tuesday 26 July 05 00:36 BST (UK)  »
Hello all

I'm hoping someone can help trace George Coles a bootmaker who was born in Wellingborough around 1834. His father was Thomas Coles, also a bootmaker, and his mother Elizabeth Barron - they were married in Wellingborough in October 1831. After that we have no record of them, though presumably they'll be noted somewhere as George's parents (don't know if he had siblings), and there will be death records (if only we knew which ones are them!).

There is a George Coles of about the right age on the 1841 Census in the workhouse at Wellingborough but there doesn't seem to be a parent with him. Maybe it isn't even him, and he was somewhere else that year. We don't know what happened to him until he was married in 1858 (wife Mary) and they came to Australia in 1862. We're assuming they lived in Wellingborough in 1861.  Their first daughter Eliza might have been born by the time of the 1861 census.

A Thomas Coles of Wellingborough was transported to Australia in 1837 but I'm not sure how to go about establishing whether he was George's father. 

Any leads to help with this brick wall will be very gratefully received.

Ireland / Is Janvin Irish?
« on: Tuesday 14 June 05 09:23 BST (UK)  »
This is really a brick wall question but I've decided to try and scare up a few options in an attempt to get a lead on an elusive ancestor.

Her surname appears to be JANVIN - that's the most common interpretation, although it has been written as JANVILL.

I can't find anything about her in Ireland (b. Mountmellick about 1823) or her family, although she did have a brother because he paid her fare to Australia.

Is the name Irish or should I be looking somewhere else in Britain or even further afield?

The Common Room / episcopalians
« on: Friday 27 May 05 04:16 BST (UK)  »
I had always thought that 'episcopalian' is the term used for and by American  'anglicans'. Now I've started to wonder.

Can anyone set me straight please?

This is really a roundabout way of asking: if an ancestor has 'episcopalian' noted as their religion on their shipping record, is it still safe to assume that person comes from England or Ireland (and therefore to confine the searching to these places)?

Thank you. 

The Common Room / Alternative names
« on: Wednesday 25 May 05 05:14 BST (UK)  »
One of the ancestors I've been trying to track down had the maiden name Janvin, according to her death certificate. And on her marriage certificate it's Janvill.

A more knowledgeable relation told me no-one has been able to find out anything about her before the record of her voyage to Australia in 1841. There is not even a whisper of her (or a brother who paid her fare or any other family) in the Laois-related records either. So (maybe in desperation) I'm starting to wonder if both versions of the name are mis-transcriptions.

Do you more experienced RootsChatters think this is likely? And/or can you give me some possibilities for names to chase. I've already tried Jarvin and Jarvill, but they didn't turn up anything either. 

At the very least, a few more versions to investigate will make me feel like I'm moving closer to finding something on her.

Thank you all.

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