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Travelling People / Re: Lowther in Westmoreland
« on: Wednesday 05 July 17 11:33 BST (UK)  »
This is just a thought. As transportation didn't end till 1868. Could Robert Lowther. Have been transported.  Prior to 1937. And that's why I can't find him. On censuses? And the reason why Rebecca Lowther .wed another. She said she was.a.widow. because she thought Robert Lowther would not return? Fanciful I know.

Travelling People / Re: Lowther in Westmoreland
« on: Wednesday 05 July 17 11:21 BST (UK)  »
Hi. To be honest I have been tracing my Mitchell line. For years.  In fact to 1700s seems I wasted those years. I have the.right family till Peter Mitchell. 1831 who after years of searches I found to be.a dale. Tried to find more about the dales but stone wall at John dale.1800s. He was Peter Mitchell/Dales grandfather. So thought I'd try researching Robert Lowther my 5 times grandfather. He Was a bit of a mystery.  now with the help I have had its getting more so. But fascinating. And really do appreciate it.

Travelling People / Re: Lowther in Westmoreland
« on: Wednesday 05 July 17 10:57 BST (UK)  »
Yes that's my Peter Mitchell / Dale. I olso have William dales will. It states that Peter Mitchell.b.1831 and Peter's sister Catharine. B.1833. Are his children. And he leaves everything to them. He was wed to. Catharine Rothwell. Sister to my 5 times grandmother. Phobe Rothwell. They were in-laws. Catharine died. Phobe moved in. But couldn't marry. As phobe was still wed to Jesse Mitchell. He died 1847. Phobe then wed William dale.1848. It was illegal.  classified as incest. Brother in law. Sister in 1841 census Bolton. She's down as mrs dale.  Along with Peter and Catharine. They were dale in 1851 census.. only became Mitchell on his wedding.. complicated. So anything could happen? I find this interesting. Was Robert Lowther in prison.? ..Just saw your post Rosie it gets ever more mysterious. Heads in a

Travelling People / Re: Lowther in Westmoreland
« on: Wednesday 05 July 17 09:55 BST (UK)  »
Hi. Again..whiteout7.. it fits info I have on Robert Lowther. And right areas. Just fitting it together. The census returns so be such a help. Travellers do miss censuses. But three? Anyway thanks. Again rosie99..

Travelling People / Re: Lowther in Westmoreland
« on: Wednesday 05 July 17 09:39 BST (UK)  »
Thank you all for. Your help I'm trying to flesh out all info. might be the Robert Lowther I am looking for. Will.try to find.more. whiteout7 as to the marriage of Rebecca Lowther 1837. Dont think its related. Because Robert Lowther was a witness at his daughter Mary's wedding. St  Mary's church bury 1852. And divorce was very rare. Unless its bigamy.? I can tell you  that mary Lowther. B. 1833. Wife to Peter Mitchell. B. 1831. Is wed under aher husbands assumed surname. He Was in fact a dale. I have his baptism cert. His father was William dale. Olso. His legal uncle in law. ? So was Rebecca Lowther. Robert Lowthers wife. Wed in 1837'. It gets deeper..I will chase the newspaper link. Its odd I can't find him in censuses ?. Anyway. thank you all for your help. If you come across anything I would love to hear it. Regards rob

Travelling People / Lowther in Westmoreland
« on: Thursday 29 June 17 15:43 BST (UK)  »
Hi. I have covered most of my family tree. But as ever some loose ends. my ancestor Peter Mitchell. B. Bolton mary Louther/lowther. Spellings alter. Born Yorkshire. 1833/4. she married him at st. Mary's church bury. 1852. On cert. her father. There Present. Was Robert Louther. Earthenware dealer. She was baptized along side her sister ann. in st Mary's bury  In 1835/6.  After she was married. To Peter Mitchell. she called  a daughter called Rebecca. It's a name that we dont find in the family much. Looking for Robert Louthers marriage. The only marriage I have came across with his name Robert lowther. Around 1830s.  was to a Rebecca young. it was at heversham. St Peter's church. 1828. The date would fit. And account for the daughter being called Rebecca.  There's lots of travellers called lowther in ulveston. And  The surnames are both travellers names. But I can't find any occupations  or census data. or further info. Any help would be appreciated. Regards rob

Hi. Just saw your post. My ancestors were all romany families./travellers. called Miller. Donahue. They lived/ camped.were born and baptized in holme cultrame. Abbey town.  Horse Traders. Pot selling. Hawkers.etc..They also stayed in wigton. Which is a market town. And has a horse fair Miller said camped in ratten row. There used to be a traveller fair there. Stopped in the thirties. Don't know what's around the area but it seems to attract travellers. Regards rob

Travelling People / Re: Whalley, a Traveller
« on: Thursday 26 January 17 05:58 GMT (UK)  »
Hi. Glen. Steve g. Has said it all. no such word for romany folks as traveller in those days. Just reps. Or people passing.

Travelling People / Re: How many Baptisms can one child have?
« on: Thursday 22 December 16 06:40 GMT (UK)  »
Hi. All. It may be of interest. And something that I have never spoke on before. But I was baptized twice. Once Catholic. As my mother was. And Anglican as my father. In Scotland most romany seem to be protestant. But It varies. And Welsh have lots of chapel. Olso Catholic. And Pentecost. and others in parts of England. But because we are mainly a very religious people. And like to get our children baptized. Christened. As soon as possible. We would  often use whatever churches were available. And traveling round. It could be any. Then re baptized at a church of choice.  I have three son's with different baptismal churchs./ official religious faiths It may add to the other posts on this subject. Rob

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