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Lancashire / William Winstanley circa 1922
« on: Thursday 14 May 20 12:48 BST (UK)  »
Can anyone help.  I am trying to find the birth of William Winstanley born about 1922 I believe in the wigan area.  The only information I have is:
 Marriage: 2 Jun 1945 St Stephen, Wigan, Lancashire, England
William Winstanley - 23, 3530134 Private Pioneer Corps, Bachelor, 138 Frog Lane Wigan
Stella Buckley - 21, Machinist, Spinster, 79 Whelley Wigan
    Groom's Father: Thomas Winstanley, Iron worker
    Bride's Father: James Buckley, Slater
    Witness: C Winstanley; Bessie Farrimond
    Married by Banns by: W. A. Wiffen Vicar Register: Marriages 1943 - 1954, Page 16, Entry 32 Source: Original register at Wigan Archives.
I am also going to post this request on the military forum.
Many thanks

Lancashire / Re: John Cunliffe 1921 - 1973
« on: Thursday 09 April 20 18:41 BST (UK)  »
The Lancashire Parish Clerks on line project lists
Marriage: 8 Aug 1908 St Mary, Ince, Lancashire, England
John Cunliffe - 24, Collier, Bachelor, 3 Windleshaw Street
Annie Fillingham - 23, Spinster, 6 Delacarte Street
    Groom's Father: James Cunliffe, Collier
    Bride's Father: John Fillingham, Collier
    Witness: Henry Fillingham; Sarah Ann Griffiths
    Married by Banns by: J. A. Cooil
    Register: Marriages 1905 - 1915, Page 81, Entry 162
    Source: Original register at Wigan Archives
They also have a potential baptism:
Baptism: 26 May 1884 All Saints, Wigan, Lancashire, England
John Cunliffe - [Child] of James Cunliffe & Margaret
    Born: 12 May 1884
    Abode: Lower Ince
    Occupation: Fireman
    Notes: [Child's name originally recorded John Thomas, Thomas crossed out]
    Baptised by: E. Ruck-Keene Curate
    Register: Baptisms 1882 - 1884, Page 376, Entry 3001
    Source: LDS Film 1885686
which also ties in with an entry on FreeBMD for Dec 1884 - wigan 8c 163.
Thats when it got more difficult and I sought help.  I hope this is breeching any copyright.

Lancashire / John Cunliffe 1921 - 1973
« on: Thursday 09 April 20 12:32 BST (UK)  »
John was generally known as Jack and was born in Wigan, Lancashire, England to John Cunliffe, Collier son of James Cunliffe, Collier and Annie (Hannah) Fillingham daughter of John Fillingham, Collier, being baptised on 10 April 1921 in St Mary’s Church, Ince, Lancashire, England.  John and Annie were married on 8 August 1908 in St Mary’s Church, Ince, Lancashire, England.  They had three other sons: William born about September 1909, Henry born about June 1912 and James born about December 1919.
I am seeking any information on the ancestors of JAMES CUNLIFFE and JOHN FILLINGHAM if anyone can help

London and Middlesex / Re: Georgina Agnes Giles born cica 1872
« on: Tuesday 31 December 19 15:10 GMT (UK)  »
I have a sub for find my past but I have failed to find the marriage certificate. Can you help me how to find them?

I have found some more details however.
George Giles's death is listed as 16 August 1856 Rank Boatswain Ref Royal Navy, Royal Marines, Coastguard and related services: Officers' and Ratings' Service Records (Series II) - Warrant officers' and engineers' succession book - 1854-1861.
In 1855 he was also awarded a pension for life of 15s 4d Ref Greenwich Hospital out-pensioner candidate registers 1737-185 - Register of applicants to Greenwich Hospital for admission, out-pensions or other relief.
Also according to the British Royal Navy Allotment Declarations 1795 - 1852 - he served as an Able Seaman on the Vessel ALBION - playbook number 229

Henry Giles is listed in the 1871 census as a patient in the Royal Naval Hospital, Plymouth, Devon, England and in later census as Retired Boatswain Royal Navy.  He died about September 1907 registered 3rd qtr Plymouth, Devon, England 5B 137
Many thanks again
Rod Eastham

London and Middlesex / Re: Georgina Agnes Giles born cica 1872
« on: Monday 30 December 19 13:38 GMT (UK)  »
Many thanks for that.  Where can I view the marriage certificates for George and Henry?

London and Middlesex / Georgina Agnes Giles born cica 1872
« on: Thursday 26 December 19 11:52 GMT (UK)  »
I am seeking help with additional information regarding Georgina Agnes Giles.  The information I have is as follows:
She married James Bateman  on 05/03/1893 St Mary Magdalene, Peckham England her age being given as 21 and her father being given as Henry Giles (Deceased).
The 1901 census for James Bateman and Georgina has Georgina's birthplace as 'Westminster, Middlesex England' and the schedule includes James mother in law as Mary Rogers born about 1853 on the Isle of White.  I found a birth for Mary Giles in 1852 as '3rd qtr Isle of White, Hampshire, England 2B 455' and I found a potential marriage in the 2nd qtr 1876 between Mary Giles and George Rogers in St. Saviour Southwark.
The subsequent census for 1881 and 1891 has the now Mary Rogers (Listed as married bu no husband listed)  and her daughter who is now listed as Georgina Rogers.  The schedule for Mary Rogers of 1881 includes the entry 'Agnes Giles - Mother - Widow - 1817 - Plymouth Devon England'.
I am having great difficulty piecing it all together and I would welcome any help and assistance in trying to make sense of it all as I have failed to make any real connection with the several parts.

Durham / Re: Marion Agnes Philipson circa 1854
« on: Tuesday 10 September 19 09:49 BST (UK)  »
Yes William was a musician and did serve in the army:
 2nd battalion, 1st Regiment of Foot from 1859 to 1874 number 2949
1861 - 2nd battalion, 1st Regiment of Foot Returned from Hong Kong - Ref British Army Worldwide Index
Chinese Wars Military Campaign Medal - 2nd battalion, 1st Regiment of Foot
1871 Shahjehanpur, India - Corporal 2nd battalion, 1st Regiment of Foot
1874 Discharge
The burial in 1938 ties in with the dates given in the census and the place is right.
If the Thomas Phillips master mariner is correct he married either Ann Marlee or Ann Errington in 1st qtr 1851 in Sunderland but the only Mary Ann I can find is to Ann Marlee but the date is wrong.
The details of Mary Agnes are correct.
Still can't find a credible birth.

Durham / Re: Marion Agnes Philipson circa 1854
« on: Monday 09 September 19 16:33 BST (UK)  »
Thanks for that.  The marriage certificate of 1880 reads William Moynagh Bachelor = Marion Philipson Spinster - Brides father Thomas Phillipson (deceased) Master Mariner.
The birth certificate of 1875 reads Mary Agnes - fathers William Moynagh - Mother Marion Agnes Moynagh (formerly Phillipson)
The 1881 census:
William Moynagh - 37
Marion - 27 - born Durham, Durham England
Mary A - 5
Laura - 4
Margaret-  2
William J - 0
Subsequent census has Marion born Durham, Durham England.
I am sure this is the right family and the death of Thomas at sea ties in with the marriage certificate.  I had not explored the surname being Philips but as you suggest this has good possibilities.

Durham / Marion Agnes Philipson circa 1854
« on: Monday 09 September 19 11:11 BST (UK)  »
Can anyone help with the ancestors of Marion Agnes Phillipson born circa 1854 in Durham according to the various census returns.  She married William Moynagh on 07 November 1880 in Toxteth Park, Lancashire (her condition being given as Spinster) her fathers name being given as Thomas Phillipson (deceased) Master Marriner.  They had their first child, Mary Agnes Moynagh, on the 25 September 1875 the birth being registered in Thanet in the county of Kent in the sub district of Margate the mothers name being given as Marion Agnes Moynagh formerly Phillipson even though they were not married at the time.  I have failed to find any records before this birth for Marion.
Any help will be appreciated

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