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Free Photo Restoration & Date Old Photographs / Removal of Frame Mark
« on: Friday 09 July 10 08:10 BST (UK)  »
Hi Restorers,

I wonder if you can remove the mark where the frame has been, and get rid of the spots, also, do any of you see a ring around the gentlemans eye? I can't tell if this is just a shadow.
I hope the size is okay, its a scanned copy that i have had for years, I guessed it was about 1880, but I am not too sure.

Many thanks

Kincardineshire / Re: Mackie & Mackay Surnames - Benholm Parish
« on: Thursday 11 February 10 10:44 GMT (UK)  »
Sandy, I also noticed this, I have a few OPR'S from Benholm, where the clerk has made mistakes too.
I have a Margaret Robert, and she is listed as Helen on a few of her children's OPR births, with no other mention on census etc, of the name Helen, so I was not sure if the mistake lay with the Parish clerk or the registrar when it came to the Mackie/ Mackay surname.
I guess spelling was not important in those days and things were left as they were.


Ross & Cromarty / Re: Kilmuir,Wester Inver - Forsyth
« on: Thursday 11 February 10 10:32 GMT (UK)  »

Yes I think we have been in touch before, I am still hunting for them too!!

I even followed a Duncan Bain b. 1812 ( Mary sibling) through all the census, only to find it wasnt him ::) I dont know why we cant find these families, I even thought they might have immigrated, but found nothing, ah well.. someday!!!


Kincardineshire / Re: Mackie & Mackay Surnames - Benholm Parish
« on: Wednesday 10 February 10 12:45 GMT (UK)  »
Hi Sandy,

My gt grandparents were, David Stephen b. 1873 Johnshaven married Ann Gordon Mackie b. 1875 daughter of Robert C B Mackie and Elizabeth McArthur, Johnshaven.

Roberts full name was Robert Carnegie Black Mackie.

I had only got as far as Alexander Mackie married Elspeth Clark, so this is very interesting.


Ross & Cromarty / Re: Kilmuir,Wester Inver - Forsyth
« on: Wednesday 10 February 10 11:04 GMT (UK)  »
I am interested, as  Alexander Forsyth and Elizabeth Graham are part of my tree also.
Did you find them in 1841?, as I have tried for a few years now and have not managed yet.

I dont know if I have spoken to you before or not, but John Forsyth and Mary Bain are also my line.


Canada / Re: 1955 Regina Directories
« on: Wednesday 10 February 10 10:11 GMT (UK)  »
Hi Lisa and Susan,

Thank you both for your help, I thought the address might be his employers, he must have had a career change as he had been a farm worker for many years, I will have a look at the co-op refinery history, and might get some more clues.

Thanks again

Canada / 1955 Regina Directories
« on: Tuesday 09 February 10 11:04 GMT (UK)  »

I have found my gt uncle in 1955, but I am still not sure if this is his address behind his name or not, I have not used a directory before, and hope someone can help, the entry reads:

Scott David J R (Dorothy) emp Consumers Co-op refy h 2137 Queen.

I am trying to find out how long he had been in Regina, and where he lived.


Fife / Re: North East Fife memorial inscriptions pre 1855
« on: Monday 08 February 10 15:01 GMT (UK)  »
Hi Didddy,

Thank you for your help, you've made my day ;D


Kincardineshire / Re: Mackie & Mackay Surnames - Benholm Parish
« on: Monday 08 February 10 13:05 GMT (UK)  »
Hi Sandy

I see we are researching the same Mackie family, my gtgt grandfather was Robert C B Mackie, I was very confused at the start of my Mackie research with the different spellings.
Have you managed to get any firther back with this Mackie line?


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