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Yorkshire (North Riding) Lookup Requests / Obituary Lookup Please
« on: Saturday 23 October 21 05:00 BST (UK)  »
Hoping someone can look up an Obituary for me, please. The first one I have found a reference for in all my years searching. I do not qualify for the free lookups anymore. I am moving house this week so no spare dollars at the moment.
Details are as follows;
Yorkshire Gazette
Page   3
Publication Date   7 Jan 1865
Name   Roger Stonehouse and he is a  Merchant
He died aged 98.
Your help is much appreciated

Lancashire / Looking for Marriage and Death
« on: Tuesday 10 August 21 22:32 BST (UK)  »
Hi, I need help looking for a marriage and a death so I can order the certificates on GRO.

Marriage James Paul / Sarah Jane Hughes 25 Dec 1885 Manchester.

Death of William Paul 1969. Free BMD has 10e line 726 and F.S. has 10e line 19. Nothing on GRO that I can find.

As I am buying them for a friend I want to get the right ones.

Many Thanks

Lancashire / Missing Marriage Completed with thanks
« on: Friday 02 July 21 00:56 BST (UK)  »
Trying to help a  friend with his wife's tree. The information I was given is as follows;
looking for the marriage of Thomas Henry PAUL and Charlotte POUNDER 9 July 1877 Collyhurst St James Lancashire.
I have searched for a week and can not find anything. I am only on the free sites.
Any help would be most appreciated

Technical Help / Help to delete unknow contacts from e-mail
« on: Tuesday 02 March 21 20:18 GMT (UK)  »
Hi, I use Gmail. When I send an email at the bottom it has "sent from mail for windows 10"
My problem is when I put the first letter of the person I want to send an email too it shows me a list of contacts. Only 1 or 2 are my contacts so how do I get rid of the extra's as many of them seem to be spam accounts.
I have checked my contacts through Gmail and it tells me I only have 42 contacts. After checking them this is correct.
Hope you can understand what I want to do. I am not a techy person so simple instructions would be appreciated if you can help

I am trying to help an elderly gentleman with his Mum's side of his tree. I have hit a Roadblock.
This is the information he gave me;
Annie Beresford Green b 1906 married 1st Micheal John Patrick O'Connell than married Sydney Howard Edwards. Annie is buried in Wellington. He gave me 2 Address for Annie, 1; Karori Electoral Roll 137 Kelburn Pde under the name O'Connell 2; Island Bay Electoral Roll 33 Roy St Newtown under the name Edwards. ( No dates).
I have found Annie Beresford Green born 18/10/1906. Annie Beresford Green married Ernest George Crombie on the 25th of Jan 1927. They divorced in 1935 and the file is on Archway. Ernest George Crombie died on 22 Sept 1981. His probate file is on Archway. Annie Beresford Green married Micheal John Patrick O' Connell on the 3rd of May 1939 using the surname Green. Micheal John Patrick O'Connell died on the 1st April 1948 aged 49. In an Archway Document, Annie is noted as Annie Beresford O'Connell of Wellington, Widow. The year is 1953.
Now Sydney Howard Edwards (the only one I can find) was married to Annie Christina Preece in 1928. This Sydney died in 1952 in Timaru. He is buried with his wife in Timaru. So can not be a husband of Annie Green.
Annie Beresford Edwards died on the 1st of Jan 1990 at Wellington Hospital and was cremated in
 Wellington on the 8th of Jan 1990. Annie left a will and was noted as either retired or a pensioner her last address being 33 Roy Street Newtown. Her executor was Kathleen Margaret Louis (died 1998). She left 2 vases to a Helen Maret.
I have spent hours at the library going through marriages to find who she married. I tried Green/Edwards, Crombie/Edwards and O'Connell/ Edwards and can not find a thing.
Can anyone break through my roadblock? This gentleman has spent a small fortune on certificates already so one more may break the camel's back.
Any help much appreciated

New Zealand Completed Requests / Wellington Archives
« on: Tuesday 29 December 20 22:49 GMT (UK)  »
Was just playing around on Archway and found this record;
What would be in this file? It has restricted access.
Do I have to write to them to get access to my father's record?
And this one;
I do have his naturalization Certificate But that is just one piece of paper.
Happy to write to them if I have too.

The Common Room / Invalid email
« on: Saturday 14 November 20 22:35 GMT (UK)  »
I have been using for 3 months as I got it on a deal I saw on here. Two weeks ago I cancelled as I did not want it to auto-renew. It ended last week. So far so good.
Yesterday I decided to do a free search to check some information in my tree. So I logged in to and was redirected to .au. Not a problem till I was asked to log in again. I tried to log in 3 or 4 times but each time it told me I had an invalid e-mail address and would not let me log in. I could still log in to .com but kept getting redirected.
I rang Ancestry on its free phone number after checking their operating hours, only to be told no one could take my call and to ring back in business hours. But I was ringing in business hours. Ok, ill send them an e-mail which I did explaining my invalid e-mail problem. Hit Submit and then thought how are they going to contact me because they would have to send the reply to my invalid e-mail.
Yes, you guessed it within a few seconds I had an email from Ancestry with my case number.
I still cannot log in to as I have an invalid e-mail.
I await the reply with interest.
Stay Safe Stay Strong

Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / Born in Cork but where.
« on: Thursday 12 November 20 22:58 GMT (UK)  »
I have a snip from a New Zealand death cert. Can anyone tell me what is written under Where born? It is then written  Cork, and then the word I can not work out starting with I think an S. Many Thanks

New Zealand Completed Requests / Wellington Archives lookup Please
« on: Sunday 08 November 20 22:27 GMT (UK)  »
Inwards letters and registered files [record group]

I am interested in Louis Thornhill and Catherine and Annie Nelson.
What information would this file give me on the Children listed?
I have Louis and siblings arriving with their mother in 1874. I have only been able to find the oldest son. This is the first sighting off Louis. I also believe that Catherine and Annie could be related to another family member.
I am hoping Spades may be able to look this up for me for which I would be most grateful.
Stay Safe.

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