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The Stay Safe Board / Re: Diary > Summary - Week ending 22nd August
« on: Tuesday 17 August 21 21:06 BST (UK)  »
Breaking News. New Zealand is in full lockdown after being free from covid for 179 Days.
1 case of Covid was picked up through testing on Tuesday 17 August.  Our prime minister put us all into lockdown while further testing took place. This morning it was confirmed as the Delta strain, with 4 more cases reported. Most of the country is in a 3-day lockdown while Auckland and the Coromandel are in a 7-day lockdown.
We wait and see what will happen next.

Lancashire / Re: Looking for Marriage and Death
« on: Tuesday 10 August 21 23:21 BST (UK)  »
All ordered. Thanks for the help heywood.


Lancashire / Re: Looking for Marriage and Death
« on: Tuesday 10 August 21 23:04 BST (UK)  »
Thanks, heywood I will order the death as I have another death to order.

No marriage on Lancashire BMD.
Sorry, wrong date as you have found. I have it written down in front of me 1855
Off to order certificates

Many Many Thanks
Carol having a senior moment

Lancashire / Looking for Marriage and Death
« on: Tuesday 10 August 21 22:32 BST (UK)  »
Hi, I need help looking for a marriage and a death so I can order the certificates on GRO.

Marriage James Paul / Sarah Jane Hughes 25 Dec 1885 Manchester.

Death of William Paul 1969. Free BMD has 10e line 726 and F.S. has 10e line 19. Nothing on GRO that I can find.

As I am buying them for a friend I want to get the right ones.

Many Thanks

The Stay Safe Board / Re: Diary > Summary - Week ending 18th July 2021
« on: Sunday 18 July 21 01:58 BST (UK)  »
Roobarb; Such a shock to read you have tested positive. Hoping it is only a mild dose and you are back on your feet soon. All the best for a speedy recovery.

A headline from one of our papers online (no link as the article will disappear as new news takes its place)
"Delta is rewriting the Covid rules in Australia as Melbourne outbreak grows."

To everyone else in the UK please take care as your day of freedom draws near.
To those in Australia stay safe.
Stay safe Stay Strong

The Stay Safe Board / Re: Diary > Summary - Week ending 11th July 2021
« on: Sunday 11 July 21 02:04 BST (UK)  »
Hi to all who contribute and read the diary pages. I have done a quick catch-up on most of the posts and this is to let you know I am ok.
So sorry to those in the UK. Was thinking of you all when your lockdown did not end on the 21st of June (My Birthday).

Happy belated birthday to Mowsehowe and Jeff and others that have celebrated.

RTL, tazzie, lousia maud, my sincere condolences on the recent loss of your loved ones.

Caroline, sorry to read of your husbandsí illness. Wishing him a speedy recovery.

Well, this pandemic has taken a lot but also through these pages brought new friendships. The diary has allowed people to express their inner thoughts when there was nobody else around. It has been a support to many. It has made many much stronger.

My Diary;
Thursday the 8th of July was vaccination day for me. 2nd dose on the 30th. (Pfizer). No side effects, not even a sore arm.

In April I was asked to stand for President of the club I belong to. I agreed thinking it would take a miracle for me to get the job. In the 52 years, the club has been going, the top job always goes to a Male Bowler (indoor). I was neither. Our AGM was held in May and after the meeting, I was the new president. So I am learning bowls, something I never thought I would do. It is a big job so learning all ropes over 6 months. 122 members and a hall that we rent out to different groups to help pay the bills. Still running cards on a Monday and now learning how to run a bowls session. Long days and not too much time at home. (Fridays and Sundays this week and next)

My son is in remission but has decided on no transplant and no more chemo. He has acute myeloid leukemia. The good news is he gets married on the 21st of November this year.

It is great to see you all heading for the new normal. Just take your time and do it your way. 1 step at a time.
Stay Safe Stay Strong
edit; Roobarb, pleased you are now hugging safely. It brought a tear to my eyes.

Lancashire / Re: Missing Marriage Completed with thanks
« on: Friday 02 July 21 07:30 BST (UK)  »
Many Thanks. That's a great help. I need to stop speed searching and look at what is under my nose.

Lancashire / Re: Missing Marriage
« on: Friday 02 July 21 03:56 BST (UK)  »
Many Thanks. I looked at all the sites but could not find them so thank you.
Much appreciated

Lancashire / Missing Marriage Completed with thanks
« on: Friday 02 July 21 00:56 BST (UK)  »
Trying to help a  friend with his wife's tree. The information I was given is as follows;
looking for the marriage of Thomas Henry PAUL and Charlotte POUNDER 9 July 1877 Collyhurst St James Lancashire.
I have searched for a week and can not find anything. I am only on the free sites.
Any help would be most appreciated

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