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Somerset / Re: CHICK Milverton
« on: Sunday 23 May 10 11:05 BST (UK)  »
Hi Kris

Had a look at all that and it makes sense. Thank you for your help. Much appreciated.



Somerset / Re: CHICK Milverton
« on: Sunday 23 May 10 10:52 BST (UK)  »
Hi Kris

Thanks so much for your interest. I am certain of the Charles Chick in Edgebaston. He is mine. He married Mary Ann Smyth in 1857. Her father was Samuel Smyth, a policeman. On the marriage cert Charles has not listed a father.....I have assumed the 15 year old servant then is my Charles. In 1851 he is a servant in the house of the Curate of Stogumber. The Curate, a Mr P Otto Trevelyne signed the marriage certificate. 1861 Charles is in Weston-Super-Mare as a coachman.
My Charles was 30 years old, born in 1827 according to his marriage cert. His wife was 22. 
I think we have the answer given Charles had no father on this marriage cert!

Somerset / Re: Chick Milverton
« on: Friday 21 May 10 14:38 BST (UK)  »
Stan thanks for the work. I agree this looks like the man, however on there is a record posted by David Cheek lisitng a Charles Chick with parents James and Mary Burston with birth 5 Dec 1829 but in all other respects the notes are different. My Charles married Mary Smyth, the other Mary Tucker. Mine married in 1857 in Wilton, the other 1853 in Milverton. Some residences in Stogumber are the same but mine moves to Edgebaston of which I am certain. I'm going to go with your suggestion I think.

Somerset / CHICK Milverton
« on: Friday 21 May 10 14:07 BST (UK)  »
Hi all

Trying to find out more about my Somerset roots. 2nd Great Grandfather Chales Chick apparently born in Milverton in 1828 married Mary Smyth of Sallins, County Kildare and moved to Edgebaston Warwickshire in 1862. His parents are eluding me at the moment. There seem to be a couple of Charles Chicks about, none of which fit all that well. Got the 51,61 and 71 census.

Any help would be appreciated


Wiltshire / Re: Sussanna AMOR
« on: Sunday 09 May 10 01:20 BST (UK)  »
Hi Vaz, thanks for taking the time to look at this. I appreciate your help.
Re references
1841 Census Birth date:  abt 1816Birth place:  Residence date:  1841Residence place:  Astley, Worcestershire, England

1851 Census living in Astley Worcestershire birth Whiteparish, Wiltshire

1861 Census living in Astley WOrcestershire aged 48 years, birth WIltshire

1871 Census  Birth date:  abt 1814Birth place:  White, Wiltshire, EnglandResidence date:  1871 residence place:  Astley, Worcestershire, England

She was a bit vague about her birth date. There is a Susanna Amor born 23 March 1800 in Milton Lilbourne Wiltshire? I wonde if she might have been telling a few little stories about her age?

Armed Forces / Re: Uniform help please
« on: Wednesday 05 May 10 23:11 BST (UK)  »
Thnaks Isanlwana

Ken replied to my post about the Life Guards and said he had found Overton's in the Boer War in the Lancers. That might fit, although I don't know of any family who went there on my Dad's side.

Armed Forces / Re: Royal Horse Guards
« on: Wednesday 05 May 10 23:05 BST (UK)  »
Hi Ken

Thank you for taking the time to help.

I had an idea the photo might be Uncle Arnold in the Worcs Yeomanry Cav but never thought about the Boer War. They look a bit disorganised uniform-wise. The helmet might fit with Lancers. I have not heard of any Overton's of mine in the Boer War.
I will check on Findmypast. Not heard of that before. John A Overton died in service of an "effusion of blood on the brain". Presumably that means a stroke or aneyruism. I forgot to say in my earlier post that John A was a Corporal in the Royal Horse Guards which think later became the Life Guards?  The Overtons were all big men over 6' and good with horses by all accounts. Still are funnily enough.


Armed Forces / Uniform help please
« on: Wednesday 05 May 10 15:13 BST (UK)  »
can anyone tell me to what part of the cav these men belong? I belive they could be Worcester Yeomanry Cav.


Armed Forces / Royal Horse Guards
« on: Wednesday 05 May 10 15:05 BST (UK)  »

In 1861my 2nd Great Grand Uncle John A Overton was living at St Pancras Barracks where he was a Corporal. I was wanting some details about his service if possible but not sure where to look. Any suggestions? His brother Arnold was reputed to be a fine horseman and was in the Worcester Yeomanry Cav (Captain) before immigrating to New South Wales Australia to join the mounted police in the outback.
His nephew Francis C Overton was also a trooper in the 1st Life Guards at Combemere Barracks in 1901. Would love detail about that as well.
All are from Astley Worcestershire where the family were millers and its is believed the Earl of Warwick facilitated their recruitment.

Any help or suggestions appreciated


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